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Six Factors to Think About Before Buying Genuine Leather Handbags

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Six Factors to consider Before Buying Genuine Leather Handbags

Shopping for a leather handbag tends to be confusing. The market is flooded with cheap, fake leathers, low-quality craftsmanship and hardware that breaks down after a season or two. Which is why, careful shopping with knowledge of leather handbags is necessary.

When it comes to buying leather handbags for women, you need to be extra careful. Read this quick guide to make sure you are buying the genuine leather handbags or Purses for your buck.

Yes, there are several factors to consider, but at Brands Shoppe, we are passionate about ensuring that you get what you need and what you want out of a genuine leather bag.   

Read on the six factors to buy genuine leather handbags.


There are many who think faux or PU leather is enough to meet their requirements. But, if you want something that will last longer and age gracefully, there is no substitute for genuine leather. Get a hard-wearing material, such as crazy horse leather, and get the peace of mind that your bag will be with you for the long haul.

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Women’s handbags or purses come in several styles, which include cross body bags, hobo bags, satchels, clutches and others. Select a style of women’s handbag that fits your personality and matches your choice of wardrobe. Make sure you also choose a style that you feel comfortable carrying. Length and width of the straps are also essential features to consider. You need to check out if the handbag is giving you the comfortable feel on your shoulder or you would like to buy a handbag that allows you to carry hands-free across your body. Handbag weight is also important, because the comfort of carrying it depends on its weight.

Straps and Accessories:

If the bag has any traditional strap or accessory, you need to examine them. The integrity of any buckles, snaps and zippers need also to be checked out. It means if the zippers are easier or if you like the snaps or buttons. Also check if the interior area for a laptop or tablet is well padded.

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Look into the inside of the handbag as carefully as the exterior. Quality stitching intensifies strength and durability of women’s handbags overall. That’s why you need to look at the seams and stitches. If those are straight and neat, it is okay. If not, pass it over.


Ensure that handbags you want to buy are made of genuine leather as opposed to faux or imitation. Check with the finish of the bag by gliding down your hand across the body of the handbag. If you feel it’s smooth to the touch or free from any imperfections.


If you want to buy genuine leather handbags, you will find those cost more than those made of non-leather materials. There are different types of leather, such as full-grain, top-grain and they tend to vary in cost. Plus, popular brands cost more than other brands. That’s why you need to first fix your budget for your handbag and then go shopping. Fixing what you want to spend will help you narrow down the type you are able to afford.

In Conclusion:

The last but not the least! It is the warranty of the bag, because genuine leather handbags tend to represent a significant monetary investment. Which is why, you should check to see what kind of warranty you get as you buy genuine leather handbags from a store.

Learn also the best care methods for leather handbags, because depending on how you care for it will determine how long your bag will last. To learn similar tips or to buy genuine leather handbags online, visit this store.