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Buying Sunglasses? Follow the Guide to Find the Best Fit

Buying Sunglasses? Follow the Guide to Find the Best Fit

Buying sunglasses sometimes seems confusing when you gotta select from range of sunglasses. And why it shouldn’t be confusing? Every sunglass has varying design and each design features fascinating style appeal. Whether men or women, the sense of fashion entirety is described by the uniqueness and aesthetic appeal that sunglasses offer. Sunglasses aren’t simply an accessory, rather a reflection of one’s taste and sense of fashion characterized by its appeal. An appealing look sure turns the gaze while wearing a sunglass that simply matches. So, let’s not make it more confusing, we’re here to guide the most short sighted aspect that people barely pay attention to while buying sunglasses.

Sunglasses Guide for Different Faces


Events or Occasion is one thing, but the most important thing is facial features. Since everybody has varying facial features, every sunglasses may not be the best choice to select. Therefore, be aware of the shape and color before you buy.

ROUND FACE; sunglasses are often broad and with frames wider than cheekbones. Though it’s a personal preference, but wear sunglasses with angled and standard rectangular frame.

Similarly, SQUARE FACE; is an all fit for sunglasses, usually people with square face have wide forehead and square jaw line that matches with many popular sunglasses frame. If you’re looking for sunglasses, try Aviator, or Rounded Frame sunglasses to find out perfect fit.

For OVAL FACE; just gotta select the sunglass you like the most, it’s like having a universal fit. However, being a little thoughtful is always helpful! Hear your heart out and select sunglasses that fit your face, not smaller nor broad.

For people with wider cheekbones than jawline and forehead, the best fit would be square aviators or broad sunglasses.

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