FREE SHIPPING. All items New & 100% Original
FREE SHIPPING. All items New & 100% Original

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Brand Shoppe | Houston TX

Is it possible to sell department store quality brand New / Original Handbags and Purses, Watches to USA & Canada customers with the same super customer service but at a fraction of their retail price! These products must be branded, of the same supreme quality, be New, Authentic and 100% Original. To fulfill that idea, Brand Shoppe was born.

Crossbody Bags | Handbags for Women

Established as a family run online shop, Brands Shoppe was registered with the Secretary of State Texas and City of Houston. Our product line includes top brands Gucci Bags, Gucci Clutch, Prada Bags, Michael Kors Handbags, Gucci Handbags, Prada Handbags, Furla Purses, Gucci Crossbody, Piquadro Rucksack, Furla Crossbody, Tory Burch Crossbody, Versace Jeans Handbags. All our products can be purchased online and are available to everyone, anywhere in the USA and Canada.

Brands Shoppe Competitive Edge

As an online store, we take pride in being at par in quality but very competitive in terms of pricing. We do make it a point to ensure the authenticity and the quality of the Sunglasses | Watches | Handbags we sell, and we’ve devised a pricing method that ensures the best possible price when compared to department stores and other online shops. So, customers are assured that what they are buying from us is 100% authentic, New, and with the best price possible. It is a triple-edged advantage that all our customers enjoy.

Customer Satisfaction is Our Top Priority

Luxurious products like Handbags, Crossbody Bags, Shoulder Bag, Shopping Bags, Watches, Sunglasses that we are offering, are synonymous with sophistication, an elite lifestyle, and great reputation. We take pride in providing the best customer service possible by having full refund policies to anyone who purchases our products. Our confidence in the quality and authenticity of our products allows us to extend this offer for returns, in case there are any customer concerns, however big or small they may be. We will be glad to accommodate these returns because our main priority is always the utmost satisfaction of our customers. Offering this return policy is our small gesture of gratitude towards our patrons. On top of all that, every order, no matter the brand or quantity, comes with full satisfaction guarantee. Our efforts to make every purchase as secure and worry-free as possible is part of our main aim to achieve the best customer satisfaction possible.

Shopping Bags | Shoulder Bag | Rucksack / Backpacks

As we increase the number of products we carry, rest assured that the quality of service we provide will never be compromised. We continue to maintain and even strive to surpass the level of customer service that we provide towards our customers. This complements the nature of our product line—giving customers the promised triple-edged advantage in authenticity, quality, and price.

So, when you are looking for designer luxury Crossbody Bags, Handbags, Shopping Bags, Shoulder Bag, Rucksack / Backpacks to complete your fashionable look, check out our full products line. We are confident that you will find an item or two that you can add to your own luxury collection. We’re pretty sure you won’t leave our store without adding anything to your cart, as each of our products are new, authentic, high quality, and are being sold at the best prices possible.

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