Are Gucci Sunglasses Worth it?

Are Gucci Sunglasses Worth it? An Honest Review!

Hey guys, welcome back to shade review in today’s video we’re going to be talking about if Gucci Sunglasses are worth the money? So in today’s video, we are reviewing the Gucci GG0044SA Sunglasses and this is a pair of Wayfair-style sunglasses. So, of course, it’s a 100 authentic pair of Gucci Sunglasses, however, they’re, actually not made by Gucci. Gucci doesn’t actually produce any of their sunglasses at all over the past 20 years and has actually been contracting them out through different companies. A lot of people think that Gucci is owned by Luxottica but they actually are not the maker of Gucci sunglasses. As of right now is actually currying eyewear and they make sunglasses for some other really high-end brands as well, but gucci does not actually produce their own Sunglasses, they actually sell the rights to make them to other optical companies now

As far as dimensions go, these Gucci GG0044SA Sunglasses have 53-millimeter lenses and an 18-millimeter bridge. And I really like the styling of the sunglasses on the face, as we can see here in the top left corner of the sunglasses. They actually do say Gucci here on both the left and the right-hand side. Now, these Gucci sunglasses actually have polymer lenses which help keep the weight down. I really wish these did have glass lenses. I feel, like they’d, be a little bit more premium and nice, like a pair of original ray-ban wayfarers. Those all have glass lenses.

These Gucci GG0044SA Sunglasses having polymer lenses feel a little bit cheaper than the ray-ban wayfarers. However, the frames on these sunglasses are absolutely gorgeous and they’re actually made from optical material. Now, for those of you who don’t know, Optrel is a material that is 20 lighter than acetate but has a lot of the same properties. As far as the look and feel go, I’m not going to completely get into what Optrel is, but there are some really cool features that I do want to talk about. Because I actually haven’t reviewed a pair of sunglasses with OptoFrames before so one of the really coolest things about these is if you drop them on cement, you get that big old scratch or scrape here on the top of the frames, you can actually remove that because they have self-healing properties. So if you heat them up to 212 degrees, Fahrenheit to 260 degrees, Fahrenheit, they will actually self-heal and they will get rid of that scrape.

These frames are also UV resistant and that’s really cool. So for example, a pair of acetate sunglasses over time are going to degrade with UV lights. Frames are going to fade and they’re eventually going to chip and be very weakened due to that UV exposure. These optical frames actually don’t have any issues with that whatsoever. Now, what makes these a lot better than nylon?

They have much truer two acetate looking tortoise frames, for example, ray-bans, tortoise nylon frames, really don’t look good, they look very fake and they look very cheap and feel cheap as well. But here with Opto, you get much richer colors than you do with nylon. However, in my opinion, you really can’t be the actual look of a tortoise color, any color, really in acetate. I always think the acetate has better colors, but these are a very, very good compromise, and the last thing I want to talk about here is the fact that the sunglasses actually don’t have to have a metal stem that runs through these Gucci sunglasses.

So, with a pair of acetate sunglasses, you really want a metal sun that runs there for rigidity purposes, but here with Opto, the frames are very, very strong and you can actually fully adjust these, like you could, with a metal stem and a pair of acetate sunglasses. If you heat these up to again 212 degrees, so you can easily adjust these to your face. When I actually got these in the mail, they were way too wide for my face. So all I did is, I heated these frames up and then I just bent them in and now they fit my face extremely well. These sunglasses are also going to have a Gucci logo here in the top right corner of the lens for authentication purposes.

These Gucci Sunglasses also do have all-metal hinges that feel very premium when opening them up and when closing them. These sunglasses are made in Italy, so say Gucci made in Italy. Here in the inner left temple of the sunglasses and over here in the left-hand side, we can just see they have the serial number information lens size and bridge lift and then, after that, they do say Opto there, because again these do have optical frames. Now, as far as pricing goes, these are going to run you around 400 dollars, which is a lot of money,  considering what you are actually getting. I think there are about two hundred dollars.

I would call it Gucci tax here, where you’re paying an extra two hundred dollars, just because of the name on the pair of sunglasses rather than the actual quality of the frames. Both. That being said, you can actually frequently find Gucci sunglasses much cheaper online, so sometimes on Amazon, for example, you can get these sunglasses and I actually did as well for only 200, and I think for 200 is a very good pair of sunglasses. And again they do Have that Gucci name on that which does definitely add some extra value, if you’re into that type of you know, branding and designer you know, goods and over all things, a decent pair of sunglasses that you guys are definitely going to enjoy. And again, I really do like the styling, and I also really do like the beautiful colorway of uh the frames as well.

Video Source: Shade Review Youtube Channel