Birkin Bag Hermes – is this REALLY worth 10K?

Birkin Bag Hermes – is this REALLY worth 10K? Review

Hey guys, it’s cassie, and today I’m going to be talking about my Hermes Birkin Bag in the size 25. This is going to be a full review pros cons. Would I get another one? How do I feel about having safe everything about this bag? I’m going to be going through the Hermes Birkin Bag review today, guys if you are new here, my name is Cassie. I’m a self-diagnosed luxury addict. I put out videos on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. So if you like luxury fashion, then you’re probably gonna love it here so head down. There subscribe turn on the bell become a member of our luxury addicted family. When are we going to rehab, never guys? Are you ready for fun?

Let’S go so I’m going to have time stamps below on when I’m going to talk about pros and cons, and then I’m just going to do a section which is like general thoughts about the Hermes Birkin Bag, protection accessories. What I think about getting another Birkin Bag! All of that business, okay. So I got this Hermes Birkin Bag in December. I’m not going to go through the ins and outs of how I got the Birkin Bag and all of that, because I kind of covered that in the like, reveal video. So I’ll link that below I feel like I’m in a place where I’ve really kind of have understood what’s great about this Hermes Birkin Bag and, what’s not so great about this Birkin Bag and all of the things to consider is it worth the money spent and all of that business.

So, let’s dive into the introductory details about the Birkin Bag, and then I’m going to get into the nitty-gritty. So this is a Birkin Bag 25 in the Togo leather in the color bamboo with palladium hardware, so the 25 size is the smallest size that they do. I think, outside of like rarely,  they’ve done like a couple of very limited pieces, smaller in the Birkin Bag style, but generally this is the smallest perk in size. I really like this leather, but it’s definitely one that is going to soften and relax over time. I really like the look of Togo. I really like the grain of it. I personally live and die by this color. Okay, if you’re a seasoned subscriber. You know that I love my greens, my blues, my little pops of color being orange once in a while. So to me I always wanted a Birkin Bag that was in a pop of color, so let’s go into the pros.

Birkin Bag Hermes Pros

One big pro for me is the size. I said this is the 25 and although it is the smallest Birkin Bag, she has a lot of room inside of her okay. You can really pack her and fill her to the brim due to the shape of the Birkin Bag. Anyway, there’s no like, oh you know, weird nooks and crannies that you can’t fill. You can really feel this to your heart’s desire.

So I really love the size, but the other thing about it. Am I really like the way it looks against my body personally, I’m five foot, five, which I would say is like an average kind of height and I just love the proportions of this Hermes Birkin Bag against my height. I think that it, you know, I love a Mini Designer Bag anyway, so I was not going to like a 25 because the Birkin Bags are so elusive and mysterious. It’S like you can walk into a shop and say hi, I’m thinking of pursuing my Birkin Bag or kelly dream. Can you bring me out all the sizes, so I can see what it looks like you know.

Sadly, this is not a privilege that we really have unless you’re lucky enough, that they’re, like oh we’ve, got 25 and a 30 here. For you decide between or whatever right you still get that it’s still very much has that cute and adorable factor, but the practicality Is there as well because you can really feel her? The second pro is the quality. Now I had bought a couple of Hermes pieces before this, and obviously, the quality is something that people talk about a lot to do with Hermes. But I feel like the Birkin Bags is where you’re really going to see it because it’s something that you use often. So you can kind of measure up the quality against other Luxury Bags. You have, but also you’re, just like up close and personal with it anyway, to judge this is just like absolute perfection.

Every corner like she is just crisp and fabulous, and you can feel the quality as soon as it came out of the box. All of the hardware has like a weight to it. You know you feel the money through the Birkin Bag, which is great because these are a lot of money so I would like to be able to experience that you know. Another thing is that these Designer Handbags were really built to last. Okay, like this is a generational flex piece.

We know this pass it down through generations. We love that, but you can really feel she is made for years and years of being by my side serving the looks you know. The third part that I want to say is that I think it’s a very easy Designer Bag to style the shape and the style of the bag is extremely simple. You’Re not gonna come here and gonna get something out of the box in avant-garde generally to style and use. It’s very easy, but I think the main thing with this one is the color.

I don’t know if it’s just because of my wardrobe and the colors I usually like, and all of that I haven’t found this difficult to style at all. I wear a lot of neutrals, a lot of all black, and all of that I mean I’m sorry. It’S a book and she’s going to be the focal point of the outfit anyway, so she may as well, have the starting spotlight shining on her as the fiesta resistance of a look, especially the 25 size. I know that people have said that you know like. Oh, it’s small enough that it can be an evening bag and I think for some people that work personally, I wouldn’t personally.

This is like a day bag only. I don’t know if it’s because of the style and everything else I don’t know if it’s because I have like other bags that I prefer to use for the evening personally. For me, I just think that it’s a little bit too, like big and ever so slightly bulky for an evening moment. But that’s just me now.

Birkin Bag Hermes Cons

let’s talk about the cons because, as with all bags, even a Birkin Bag there are cons – so con number one. Let’S talk about closure or lack thereof, I do not close the bag, because of the hassle of taking this main flap outright putting her down here getting her across the knots of the twillies. Let’S pull her in from the side. Remove this out of the way. Let’S then thread this stair, it’s an absolute effort, which is why the majority of the time that you go about dear Hermes Birkin Bag out in the wild. She is open because nobody has the time to close it. So the closure isn’t the great size of the handles okay.

So this is a small Birkin Bag, but my hands maneuver into the holes here right, look right. My watch is resisting me. If I go in with this hand, we’re fine right, but then any such small bit of resistance, you know a sleeve or anything. You know, then, it gets a little bit annoying, there’s only top handles there’s no way to use it as a Crossbody Bag. This isn’t the Kelly, where you have a little bit more options that way it is a top handle, or you know, you’re going to scooch your wrist through and she’s going to hang off a little bit, I mean look, this is not a comfortable situation.

You know you can’t really do a crook of the elbow thing that easily with this Hermes Birkin Bag. That is a problem with the 25 sizes. If you want to hold her on the crook of your elbow and everything else like that, keep that in mind. Okay, another con is the safety aspect and this isn’t to do with the closure. This is just because it’s a Birkin Bag right, um, because she’s still quite fresh to me.

This is my only burping right so I feel very protective over her, and so I am a little bit more aware. Definitely more aware than I am with all of my other eggs, all my other Luxury Bags. I will use them in any which situation really the like thought of, like somebody might rob me, for this is really at the back of my mind with this I’m a little bit more aware of it. It’s not even about the bag.

No, take the stickers off because if you leave them on for too long, the glue starts to tarnish the hardware, and then you have to send it off to Hermes and get it done and all of this business right and I cannot be bothered with that. Also, I have no intention of selling this Birkin Bag. So I don’t know why in my head at the time I was like, I mean I’m always going to be protective of this Birkin Bag, but at the time it was like. Oh my gosh, she needs to stay in pristine condition, but why, like it’s meant to be used, this Luxury Bag is for me, she’s staying with me.

You know to sod your Thelma and Louise and your Bonnie and Clyde it’s your Cassian ivy, okay, so I did get rid of those. I think the only stickers I still have are the ones on the feet. Um. I thought that there would be like a company that makes tiny, really thin rubber covers that you can put on there, but I can’t seem to find any so I’ll probably remove the stickers on the feet soon. But that’s obviously where there’s going to be more scratches also on the topic of protection.

I did just want to discuss inserts and the inside of my Hermes Birkin Bag, so I knew straight from the get-go when I got this, that I definitely would get inserts for it um. But one thing that I’m very conscious about, especially with it being Togo leather, which you now has a tendency to really soften up, I didn’t want anything that would push too much against the outside of the Birkin Bag. I’m happy with, like my inside space being eaten up a bit just so that you know if anything’s spilled or anything.

I don’t want to have stains on the inside and all of that so I have been through two bag organizers. So I went on to Etsy. I found a bag organizer used it, here’s a thing too thick. It was pushing against the sides of the bag and I was like I don’t like how that’s going. I couldn’t even scooch these clothes that easily because it was kind of pushing against the sides. So then I continued my hunt and um Zamora. Actually, doing this isn’t sponsored by them or anything, don’t think they know to exist.

They do two versions for the Birkin Bags. They have a thicker one and a thinner one, and I went for the thinner one and it’s perfect. It doesn’t push against the side. It literally just gives me a lining for the inside, and that is all I want. There is um another Birkin insert company 7 Rue Paradis, which tends to be you know the creme de la creme of Birkin Bag inserts in all of this business. I was absolutely not going to spend 300 euros on a Birkin insert it’s actually 425 euros. No. Thank you. I don’t know if I’m stingy, I don’t know if it’s like you, pay seven grand on a Luxury Bag, then why won’t you pay 300 euros on an insert?

I do have them partially as a protective aspect to the Birkin Bag and also because I don’t know I’m kind of here for the vibe of it. It also means that you know, maybe in time you can change it up and do different colors and whatever right. They were, I think, 145 pounds each. So another interesting thing that happened when I got my Birkin Bag was people were assuming that it’s like, you’re, only going to be interested in Birkin Bags now and all of this business. Just because I have a Birkin Bag doesn’t mean that I don’t find other Luxury Bags that I loved before just as attractive.

I bought the Prada Re-Edition 2000 Crystal Bag after I bought this Birkin Bag, and I fully intend to buy loads of other brands and whatever really takes my fancy. I’m not just going to box me up into just looking at Birkin Bags right. So that leads me on to, would I get another? Yes, no, if I would what specifications and what all of that business! Okay!

So would I get another Birkin Bag? Yes, I know I kind of had it easy when I got this work in because I didn’t have to do too much of the jumping through hoops situation and again I don’t want to be buying Hermes stuff, that I don’t want just to be potentially offered a Birkin Bag and there’s really not much on my wish list. I don’t know, maybe something comes out that takes my fancy, but at the moment it’s really not okay. I kind of think that my best bet to get another is in Paris when it’s possible to go or whatever. I think that that might be my best bet, instead of going through the whole process again and everything else I would like. I, I kind of thought that I would want a Birkin Bag 30, but I really do like the 25 sizes, so I’d be happy with it.

I mean I’d be happy with anything a 25 in a blue if I could get it with gold hardware, that would be amazing or mini kelly with that kind of like um pocket, strap. And, finally, is this Birkin Bag worth the money? This is the most expensive Luxury Bag I own. Do I think it’s worth the money and the hype, and all of that and all of this business right if you do it purely from a quote-unquote investment, this channel is not about stocks and shares and everything else right?

So don’t leave a comment saying no, I’m talking about investment when it’s to do the bags right step aside. But if you want to talk about resale value and all of that business, then it is definitely worth the money. I can’t find one with palladium hardware, but let’s just take this one in gold currently selling for 25,000 dollars on the resale market, just as a Birkin Bag with the price of bags right now, I think so I mean, if you look at a Chanel Bag and the Price increases and everything else I mean they’re, not far off slash, they’re the same price. I personally think it’s worth it. I personally would get another should the opportunity arise.

Should I be worthy if you’re thinking about starting your Hermes booking journey or whatever totally go for it and just sodding try like so much of it is just trial and error and luck, it’s crazy, but there you go? Let me know if you have any more questions about the Birkin Bag.

Video Source: Cassie Thorpe Youtube Channel