10 Amazing Backpacks to Everyday Carry

10 Amazing Backpacks to Everyday Carry Review

In this video, we’re taking a look at 10 Amazing Backpacks to everyday carry. I am Tom from Pack Hacker your guide to better gear. You can throw your items into and head out for the day whether you’re commuting to work exploring a new city or venturing into the great outdoors. It shouldn’t be too big. We aren’t looking at travel backpacks here, but it does need to be large enough to carry all the gear that you need every day in this video we have bags ranging in size from 13 liters all the way up to 28 liters.

So there’s sure to be a size for you to take a look at this. Video is sponsored by backcountry who carry all the bags mentioned in this video, along with a bunch of other gear they’re, also offering a discount on your first purchase, but more on that later, as always, the picks content and opinions are our own. We have also done full reviews on some of the bags mentioned in this video, so be sure to check out our website for those we’ll leave links to everything down below.

Mystery Ranch Urban Assault 21 Backpacks

Let’S dive in kicking off this round-up, we have the mystery ranch urban assault 21 Backpacks. Folks, serious about their gear, whether it’s for personal or professional reasons, choose mystery ranch for their dependability and durability. The harness system on these Backpacks is seriously comfortable, which is great if you’re going to be carrying this bag.

Around every day, I took the 24-liter version of this Backpack for Men on a couple of trips and found it to be one of the most comfortable harness systems that I’ve used to date out of testing hundreds of Backpacks. As far as the organization goes, you have this tri-zip design going on in the front that really opens up and gives you access to the inside of the bag inside there’s space for a laptop and small zippered mesh pockets on the sides, there’s also a separate pocket At the top for quick-grab items. One small detail we appreciate is that the velcro loop portion on the laptop compartment is slightly larger than the velcro hook on the strap.

This gives you a little wiggle room to properly secure. The strap doesn’t have to be exact. Sure this is a small detail, but a lot of these small details come together to make a great pack. The main criticism of this pack is that it’s overbuilt for daily carry, but if you’re looking for something durable and dependable, this is a solid pick.

Osprey Arcane Large Day Pack Backpacks

Next, let’s jump into the Osprey Arcane Large Day Pack Backpacks, this steers away from osprey’s usual sporty and outdoorsy aesthetic. Instead, it has more of an everyday look and the feel to it from the fabric choice down to the aluminum hardware, all while keeping that comfort we come to expect from Osprey. We typically prefer darker colorways, but we think the yellow version looks great in this soft-to-the-touch polyester packcloth fabric. All in all, this is a solid all-rounder at a reasonable price.

One thing that makes this bag unique is the low-profile stretchy mesh water bottle pocket on the side. It just blends right in the main compartment has a unique slide-up design. That honestly we’re not the biggest fans of it’s something you’ll get used to, but we’d prefer if the bag opened up a little bit more. There’S a nice admin area inside that’ll fit up to a 15-inch laptop along with smaller tech and everyday items. The key clip is on the side of the bag that doesn’t fully open, though, which means it’s going to be a reach when you need to grab your keys, there’s also a pocket on the front of the bag with ample space. This is a great choice as a Laptop Backpack if you’re looking for a casual no-nonsense Backpack for Men with some thoughtful features.

Topo Design Rover 20L Backpack

Moving on, we have the Topo Design Rover 20L Backpack. This is one of the brand’s most popular bags, which is why they offer it in so many different colors sizes, and styles. When it comes to the look, this is the most heritage-style bag on the list. It just reminds us of the outdoors going on hikes, camping or simply walking through the park. This bag is top-loading, which is great because it doesn’t rely on a single zipper that could break.

In addition to the top flap, there is a narrow, drawstring opening ideal for pouches or larger items. There are two additional pockets on the outside one on the top flap and one in the front of the bag to further separate your gear. There are plenty of other external components on this bag as well, including stretchy water bottle pockets on the side, compression straps to make a skinny bag even skinnier, and nylon loops that cover Topo’s, fastpack travel system that allows you to attach this smaller bag to Topo design’S larger bags. We found this to carry a bit bulky, but it is nice to have the option if you’re looking to pick up any of these everyday bags. Backcountry has all of them and moreover on their website.

Here at pack hacker, we are always testing new gear, while we’re exploring the outdoors and living our everyday lives. We strive to be your guide to better gear and backcountry shares the goal of trying to get you exactly what you need. They have tons of gear heads available 24, 7 via phone email and website chat to answer your questions and help you find the perfect gear for your next adventure. This includes former Olympians and athletes guides and other folks that are just passionate about the outdoors. Backcountry has also teamed up with the nature conservancy to help protect the lands and waters across the world. Some exclusions may apply that’s fifteen percent off bags, accessories, and other gear from your favorite brands, including Arc’teryx, the North Face, and more.

The North Face Borealis Backpack

And, speaking of the north face, let’s get into another great everyday bag, The North Face Borealis Backpack. If you’re looking for value, the Borealis is a great contender from the daisy chains and the elastic bungee system on the outside. This bag has more of an outdoorsy aesthetic with the functionality to match. There may be a bit much going on on the outside for people.

Looking for something more streamlined, but these features are great if you plan on using them coming in at 28 liters. This hits the largest size on our list, which is great if you’re planning to haul around a lot of gear. There’S a soft fleece-lined pocket on the front of this bag, great for carrying your sunglasses, phone, or other delicate items behind that there is a horseshoe zipper compartment that offers plenty of space for tech and your everyday items. Plus there is a big main compartment that leaves room for pouches and other larger gear, with the velcro on top, the dedicated laptop compartment can also hold a water bladder, and this bag is available in Backpacks for Women in a specific size, which is great. We always like seeing that Arcteryx Granville 16 liter zip, is a well-loved bag within the pack community.

This is due to its high water resistance, build quality, and lightweight if you’re going to be heading out into the rain and inclement weather a lot. This is the most weather-resistant Backpack on the list. Technically, this bag isn’t submersible, but the laminated ripstop, nylon, taped seams, and water-resistant YKK zippers get it close. The exterior of this bag is straightforward. There’S a simple harness system with a sternum strap that works well, for a bag of this size, although there’s no added mesh for breathability on the back panel or the shoulder straps. There’s also one small loop at the bottom of the front of the bag for a bike, light, or carabiner.

This bag offers simple organization which we dig, but it’s not as fully featured as some other bags on this list. There’S a front dump pocket with a key clip for items that you want. Quick access to there’s a vertical side, zipper pocket in the front which passes through to a main compartment via another zipper. This is great for stuffing in a jacket, the simple main compartment features a 15-inch laptop sleeve, with a small zippered mesh pocket in front of it for smaller items.

Fjallraven Raven 20L Backpack

Next up, we have the Fjallraven Raven 20L Backpack, a name so nice you’ll say it twice: we’re taking the sleek Scandinavian style of this bag. It looks good and feels great to use on a daily basis due to the materials used and the overall design it’s made with the brand’s g1000 heavy duty fabric, which is 65 recycled, polyester, and 35 organic cotton, which can pick up a decent amount of fluff with Use it’s also coated with fjallraven’s signature, Greenland wax for added durability and water resistance that you can add yourself. More wax equals more weather resistance. As far as organization goes, we think this bag has it just right. There’S a top drop pocket for delicate tech or your sunglasses, a front, slash pocket that offers as much space as the front of the bag.

A horseshoe zip pocket on the front offers a smaller zippered mesh pocket inside and separate dividers for your smaller tech items and, lastly, the main compartment, which offers a small zippered pocket for smaller secure items and a laptop sleeve that will fit up to 15-inch laptops very nicely. One nitpick we have with this bag are the water bottle pockets? They don’t stretch and expand like the other bags on this list, which requires you to fit your water bottle, pocket to the bag versus the other way around.

Peak Design Everyday Backpack 20L Backpacks

The Peak Design Everyday Backpack 20L Backpacks is a great choice if you’re carrying camera gear alongside your other everyday items, just like all gear from peak design, there is a ton of innovative stuff going on. The bag offers many access points, including the top which features peak designs, proprietary, mag, latch, and each Side has a separate, independent zipper as well. The swivel points on the straps enable you to quickly swing this bag around to your front and get quick access to your camera. So you don’t miss that perfect shot.

You can use flexiful dividers to customize the organization. We’Ve had great luck with storing a mirrorless camera in the middle of this bag, so that’s protected from drops and has less fragile items on the top and bottom. We dig the separate zippered laptop compartment here as well, which offers a velcro laptop sleeve, so you can get it to the exact height of your laptop there’s, also space for a tablet and a couple of other pockets for additional tech accessories. This pocket gets a little bit cramped with everything going on these features and design don’t come cheap. This is the most expensive bag on our list. We think it’s well worth it to invest in quality gear that you’re going to be using every day, though.

Timbuk2 Authority Laptop Backpacks

TheTimbuk2 Authority Laptop Backpacks have been specifically designed to carry laptops and all of your tech. The bag features a muted and low profile, aesthetic. The heathered fabric on some colorways and fabric welts that cover up these zippers and sternum strap promotes a clean professional look without losing functionality. when it comes to organization There is a big 17-inch laptop compartment in the back, but it doesn’t really offer a false bottom for extra laptop protection in front of that. A horseshoe zipper compartment that makes up the main compartment of the bag, including a divider pocket for documents, a tablet, or another laptop. If that’s your jam on the front of the bag, there’s an organization panel that offers streamlined organization for your tech and everyday items. Lastly, there are two smaller pockets on the front accessible from the outside of the bag, for your glasses keys and other small items you want to stash away. This is a solid pick for folks wanting to streamline their tech and work for organizations in a professional package.

Rains Backpacks

The 13-liter Rains Backpacks are the most fashion-forward and smallest bag on this list. It has a unique but classic vibe compared to everything else featured. The narrow and slim construction keeps a low profile in crowded areas like the subway. The 50 polyurethane on this bag has water beating right off to note. We have found that this type of material can get scratched up with prolonged use. As for organization, we have a top flap secured by a buckle and magnets that opens up to the main compartment, there’s a velcro-able laptop sleeve in the back and a small zippered compartment in the front that takes about a third of the height of the bag.

On the back of the Backpack, there’s a fancy security pocket, that’s against your back, while wearing it, which is a great place to store valuables like extra cash. The harness system on this bag really isn’t much. We just have two thin straps that feel very similar to the material that the bag uses. This is fine for a 13-liter bag, but if you really load it up with the heavy gear you’re going to feel it in your chest and shoulders.

Patagonia Black Hole Backpack 25L

Last but certainly not least, we have the Patagonia Black Hole Backpack 25L. This bag uses Patagonia’s, tried and tested black hole fabric, which is why I’ll see it used time and time again on a lot of Patagonia products.

It’S made with 100 recycled polyesters, which is lightweight and water-resistant. The fabric itself is shiny, which we think works better in some colorways than others. The outside of this bag looks streamlined, but there are a couple of handy features. We have stretchy water bottle pockets on both sides. There’S a single row of nylon webbing on the front, which is great for attaching additional accessories with a carabiner.

The top of this webbing also has a small handle sewn in which is great for just grabbing the bag and carrying it around. But it is a bit imbalanced. Carry there’s a small zippered pocket on the top for quick-grab items too. As for the main compartment, it has a small zippered opening at the top. That’S a bit hard to see inside with the darker lining.

It’S almost like you’re looking into a black hole inside you’ll, find a mesh pocket and laptop and tablet compartment with proper, false bottoms. For added protection – and this pack is available as Backpacks for Women fit as well, which we dig so there you have it 10 awesome every day, carry Backpacks.

Video Source: Pack Hacker Youtube Channel