Handbags Gucci & other Brands – AVOID 4 Not Losing Money

Handbags Gucci & other Brands, AVOID 4 Not Losing Money

Handbags Gucci and Other Brands Review. Hi guys, welcome back. Today’s video is all about Handbags Gucci and other brands, that don’t hold their value. I’ve done a few videos on resale and investment in Handbags before, but today this is still the most common topic that I get asked about. So, whereas the previous videos were more focusing in on the Handbags Designer that does hold their value really well. Today, I’m specifically focusing on Handbags that don’t hold their value and trying to give specific examples where I can. Because I do kind of feel like there’s a bit of a formula and season Handbag buyers will be very familiar with this kind of knowledge and way of thinking. But obviously, if you’re new to luxury Bags shopping, then it can be very confusing about what is considered an investment Bag. Which brands are good and which models within those brands. Let’s get started so I’m doing in order of the worst offenders, and by worst offenders I mean those Handbags which are both very expensive and also don’t hold their value because it’s one thing to spend 300 pounds or dollars on a Handbag and not to get your money back.

If you wanted to sell it, but it’s quite another to be spending 3000, 4000, 5000 and above so I’m going to order the most expensive ones without higher stake ones right through to content online as well. I also wanted to put a little disclaimer in about buying what you love. Obviously, this video is solely focused on resale value, but I’m a firm believer that you should always buy what you love regardless of other factors. I absolutely like to look at resale value when making my Handbag buying decisions, but even then I have bought and owned many Handbags, which I know won’t have good resale value. I’ve done that because I just really love that Handbag.

I know I’m going to enjoy it. So it definitely doesn’t paint the full picture and I’m a firm believer that the biggest factor is – if you love it. So first up is Chanel Bag – 31 Rue Cambon. Many people think of Chanel as one of the best, if not the best background to buy in terms of resale value. Not only do they have very frequent price increases, but they’re also very, very popular on the resale market. Due to the fact, Chanel Bag doesn’t change the style of their classic lines very much.

That said, even though classic flats have amazing resale value that other Handbags do not have such good resale value, and here I’m really talking about their seasonal Handbags or even their annual collections. So they have many Designer Luxury Handbags in addition to their classic flats, which they release on a seasonal basis, and a lot of these don’t even have kind of well-known names, they’ll just be general season or models at that they’ll put out there. One example that I do have – and I don’t own many seasonal Handbags at functional, but one that I do own is the developed out again – 31 Rue Cambon Paris. Many people would even think of this as a classic. It’S not considered a classic from Chanel, and I imagine once it stops.

Selling so well, they all stop producing it, and this is a good example of a Handbag that probably isn’t going to hold its value that well. The only thing that kind of protects – something like this from having terrible resale value is the fact that it’s a very popular shape. So it is a tote Handbag and, generally speaking, classic styles and shapes will still do a little bit better than kind of more unusual shapes. But even so, I don’t anticipate this to be worth a ton of money in about ten years’ time. Every single season Chanel will release a wide array of different Handbag styles, in addition to their classic flaps, but every now, and then they will also do a big, larger release behind one particular Handbag style.

So at the moment that is the cabriole Handbag style. A few years ago it was the Chanel boy Handbag when it was first released. Obviously, the boy Handbag is still in circulation and still very popular a few years before that it was the man was our line of Handbags, which was fronted by Blake, Lively. All of those Handbag releases were kind of the same, in the sense that it was a new Handbag style. Chanel put a lot of resources and marketing spend into launching it, but they had a very different outcome.

So I have my boy Chanel Handbag here, which is still very very popular. They still release it in a lot of different colors and fabrics, and I can’t imagine that they’re going to stop anytime soon. That was also very popular when it first launched, but then popularity really quickly fizzled and they stopped producing it fairly soon after I do think that the Gabrielle line is going to go more of the way of another line than the Chanel boy Handbag styles. But only time will tell generally speaking, though I would say that the Chanel boy Handbag is the exception rather than the rule. Usually speaking, the kind of Cecil Handbags at Bernard don’t hold their value very well. And even then I don’t imagine that the Chanel boy handbag value is going to be as strong, as it is now again only times will tell. But if you’re looking for a sure thing, I would definitely say to look at the Chanel classic flaps, maybe the Chanel mini bags as well, but always stay away from these C’s – If you want something, that’s going to have stellar resale value in ten years time,

My next offender, there is a Hermes bag now. Obviously, everyone is very familiar with the Hermes styles, the Hermes Birkin and the Kelly, which continue to have absolutely amazing resale value due to the fact that they are so difficult to find and buy. I don’t imagine anything changing with that. I also think that a few of that other styles will continue to have amazing resale value, such as the constants and a couple of that other styles, that Hermes just like Chanel, do a ton of different Handbag styles, and really unless they’re those few models. They will not have a good resale value and they’re also very, very expensive.

So if you’re looking at a Hermes Bag, this is easy to say that Kelly is the obvious choice – may be the Hermes Constance, if you like that style as well, but even if you look at the Hermes website and on it now, they do so many Different Handbag styles, which really aren’t very well known at all, and how well-known a Handbag style is really is an indicator of how well it will do on the resale market now, obviously, any Handbag store has the potential to become very popular, but let’s face it. The vast majority of Handbag stalls don’t become as popular. So if you are looking at spending this much money on a Hermes Handbag and all the ones, I’m looking on the website right now at three and a half thousand pounds plus a lot of them are six-seven thousand pounds still extremely expensive Handbags. But they will not hold their value in the resale market anywhere near a Hermes Birkin or a Kelly does.  So definitely something to keep in mind that just because it comes from Chanel or Hermes doesn’t automatically mean it’s going to have great resale value.

Now I wanted to talk about It Handbags. What I mean by It Handbag is a Bag of the moment that is super popular in that particular period of time. You can find many examples of this, but a good example right now is the Gucci Marmont Bag, and now there will be different opinions on how popular this Gucci Bag still is, but by all means that Gucci Bags is becoming an incredibly popular luxury brand, even more so than it was before. Gucci Handbags definitely still seems to be building on the success of the Gucci Marmont Bag line, but I still absolutely do consider these to be a hit Gucci Handbags. I don’t think it’s going to have amazing resale value in ten years’ time.

I don’t know that for sure, and I don’t think anyone does about having a crystal ball and looking into the future, and this could very well be the next Chanel classic flap. I don’t know, but if I had to put my money, either way, I would say that this Gucci Purse definitely has a few more good years left in it. But I don’t think this is going to be a classic. Gucci Marmont Bag is still going to look in style and command a good resale value in ten years’ time, and typically, that’s going to be true of all It Handbags.

Now, I wanted to mention contemporary Handbags. What I mean by a contemporary line of Handbags is a Handbag from a line that is considered contemporary, and by that I mean Marc Jacobs, Tory Burch, and Rebecca Minkoff. These kinds of brands are all considered contemporary and they all release Handbags, which all usually do pretty badly on the resale market. There are some Handbags that do better than others, but usually speaking, they won’t do that. Well, and that’s usually due to the fact that they don’t tend to have classic models that they rerelease on a yearly basis, and also you can usually find them on sale as well, which is never a good thing for resale values. So, if you’re looking for a Handbag that is going to last very well and has an amazing resale value, this is definitely the one that can turn people on.  These Handbags are really great for having a more accessible price point. If you did want to buy one, though I would always say to wait for a sale or otherwise buy pre-loved because you can pick up absolutely amazing bargains. But I would never really advise buying a contemporary line Handbag at full price because you could start to lose a fair bit of money. 

I can think of five Handbags, and those are the Chanel classic flap, the Hermes Birkin, the Kelly, and maybe the Louis Vuitton speedy and they’re full. And apart from that, I really can’t think of any Handbags that really do have a great resale value to the extent where, if you wanted to buy one and then use it and then sell it in five years’ time, you could still get your money back. That hardly applies to any Handbag brands, and so, unless you’re interested in buying those very particular Handbag styles, I wouldn’t really get too hung up on resale value and again, what I mentioned earlier is just to buy what you love. It is a sliding scale, of course, and that’s kind of why I touched upon it with my It Handbag narrative, which is, that It Handbags are still possible to buy and sell as long as it’s within a set time frame and still recoup it of your money back. One more thing I wanted to mention is that just because a Handbag doesn’t have a good resale value and as I mentioned hardly any Handbags, do you have a hundred-percent resale value? It doesn’t mean that it’s not a good classic Handbag that you’ll be able to wear for many years.

It does stand true that all of the Handbags I mentioned do you have any good resale value. Do you still look very current and fashionable and all that kind of stuff, but there are plenty of Handbags which don’t have a hundred percent resale value, but you still will be able to wear them for many years and it’ll still look very in fashion. All that kind of stuff there are many, bad brands that do this. Do you, or is one of them? Saline is another which has many beautiful styles, which I still think look very current and beautiful Marberry is another example of this.

You definitely don’t only have to buy those five Handbags. If you want a beautiful classic handbag, you just have to adjust yourself to the fact that it may not have a hundred percent resale value. If you’re interested in learning more about the backgrounds which I think have read classic models, then I do have a whole blog post on this. So I will leave a description section if you’re interested in checking that out, I will list all the models from my favorite brands, which I think are very classic and again they may not have incredible resale value, but they still definitely will look Apart for many years, and finally, I wanted to leave you with in this will buying guide. So if you weren’t interested in buying those five Handbags that I mentioned, but you still wanted a bit of a guide as to what makes the best purchase – and I do have full points to consider if you are thinking about buying a luxury Handbag – and you do Care about resale value, so the first one is, if the background has sales frequently and if they discount heavily. So you won’t ever find a Gucci Bags on Sale anymore, at least not an official Gucci one because they put a ban on all discounted sales. 

The third thing to consider is if it’s going to be a discontinued style. This is what I mentioned earlier, but if you hear about something being a discontinued style, I will definitely say to not buy unless you are absolutely in love with the Handbag and have no intention of reselling it or otherwise. If you’re looking to buy on the pre-loved market, but if you’re buying something for resale value, then you stay away from discontinued models. If my last point to consider is the actual shape and style of the Handbag. There are some shapes that are just enduringly popular and, as a result, will do much better on the resale market of Handbags.

Here, I’m thinking of things like the camera Handbags, which are released by pretty much every major Handbag brand out there, because it is so popular. Another good example of this is also the tote Handbags as well. And one particular example is the Chanel vintage tote Handbags. Handbags always do very well. A lot of these were carried by lights Nicole, Richie a few years ago, but they are very, very popular still up because one, it’s a very, very iconic shape and something that’s so useful and functional as well, and also Chanel, obviously very good at protecting their brand Identity and their logo also combined means that Chanel vintage totes are still very very popular whenever they do appear on the resale market. So definitely something to consider is the shape and style of the Handbags. 

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