DO NOT BUY Citizen Watch before Watching These 4 Reasons

DO NOT BUY Citizen Watch before Watching These 4 Reasons Here

Very excited about today’s episode, because maybe just it will silence all the people complaining about me not talking about Citizen Watch enough. That’s right! We are going to talk about Citizen Watches today.

Let’S get down to business,  so according to the internet, Citizen Watch was founded in 1930 by Japanese and Swiss investors. Interesting now it does seem like Citizen Watches do not get the accolades, it doesn’t get the appeal it doesn’t get the love from watch collectors like some other watchmakers. So we’ve actually gone over why that might be in another episode. If you want to click up here, watch it but okay, here’s the deal guys, there’s still an argument to be made. That Citizen Quartz Watch deserves more love within the watch world within this world.

But what’s so special about Citizen Watches? Well, I’ve broken it down into four things: number one being Eco-drive right, that’s kind of an easy way to start Eco-drive is one of the most robust light-powered movements. Notice, I didn’t say, solar-powered because Eco-drive, like some other. You know light-powered movements that have come out since then can gain energy from natural or artificial light sources. I’ve literally charged a nighthawk just by putting a flashlight on it simply, not only that eco drive is incredibly affordable. Most of their eco-drive Citizen Eco-drive Watches are very, very well within the affordable entry-level market for budding watch collectors.

It’S also incredibly convenient, like I said I’ve charged them with flashlights your eco drive citizen is always going to be running period. The next thing that I think is truly special about Citizen Watches for Men or Women is that they own some pretty interesting watchmakers and we’ve gone over that in that prior episode, Frederique constant Alpena, Bulova, Arnold, Arteliers Demonaco, Le Jour, and Miyoda. So the last two were movement makers, but we’re gonna talk about that. You know guys when we think of microbrands, we often think of Seiko instruments right with their NH35, their NH series, or maybe even their Meca Quartz series.

If you’re, a bigger spender. You might think of Salida Watches, but now you know, Citizen acquiring Miyoda has allowed Miyoda to flourish within the microbrand sphere. A lot of watchmakers are utilizing this pretty impressive premium. Miyoda movements have the 28 800 vph sweep that has hacking and hand wind. Isn’t just you know an overly simple rubbish movement? No, Citizen Watches allowed them to do their thing.

Another thing I want to bring up is that uh, even if we’re looking at exclusive Citizen Watches Catalog, not all of them are created equal and yes, this makes Citizen Watches for Women and Men very special. You see most Citizen Watches you’ll find stateside are well under that 1 000 threshold, but the JDM Citizen, Chrono masters, which is their premium series of watches, are actually attempting to compete with grand Seiko Watches and I’m not talking about you know these highly complicated, precious metal, grand Seikos. No, I’m talking about you know grand Seiko’s, more affordable offerings, but still these citizens Chrono masters, you can take a look at them. We have a catalog here.

You can definitely see what they’re going for all right. These are some pretty highly finished, watches that are definitely taking a page out of grand Seiko’s book. You can see some power reserve indicators on the dial and the average price of these watches is three thousand dollars. That’S a pretty penny for a citizen.

Now I’ve never met anyone that actually owns one of these pricey uh Citizen Chrono masters, I’m gonna have to get one for review, but guys this is. This. Is special citizen isn’t just this entry-level watchmaker that we thought they’re actually coming out with some pretty heavy-hitting watches and they have been for a very long time, they’re, just not very common here in us and the fourth and final reason. I think citizen is Truly special in that they’re one of the only watchmakers okay, now I’m gonna cut myself off here real quick. This is very important to me as a left-handed person. Citizen is one of the only watchmakers to release an affordable, left-hand diver with multiple dial variants.

I still don’t own one, though that’s right, the Citizen Fugu Watches named after the very ooh delicious, perhaps deadly tantalizing. I just want a taste of danger: the puffer fish. You know there’s like a certain percentage of people in japan that die every year from trying to prepare fugu themselves, guys, don’t dance with the danger that way. There are other ways to get your kicks and giggles like making a less than stellar post about the Vostok wobbly Crown on some message board online and that’s dancing with danger: let us mention Tudor and Rolex in the same sentence and that’s dancing with danger, but preparing fugu by yourself when you’re not qualified to do so. You don’t it’s like a neurotoxin that kills you terribly, but back to Citizen Watches, okay, the fact that citizen has a really interesting left-hand diver. What do I mean by that?

Well, the crown is on the other side and they have multiple variations of it. It’S just really cool. It’S an affordable, left-hand diver with a bunch of different colorways to choose from a lot of watchmakers give you know us the option of having a left-hand, uh watch they’re. Typically, you know thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars and if they do release one there’s usually like one to choose from so it’s cool that citizen has a few different versions of this Citizen Promaster Fugu. So when we look at citizen, I do think a lot of watch guys might kind of overlook them, but you simply cannot overlook what citizen has done in regards to acquiring other watchmakers and actually allowing them to flourish.

Maybe the swatch group could learn a thing or two. So I may not say it enough citizen, I think you’re special, alright guys there you have it please leave me the name of your favorite citizen watch now I know some clever people are going to be like I named mine, bob. No, the model you knucklehead and if you want to learn more as to why Citizen Watch might not get the love they deserve in compared to comparison, excuse me too, like Seiko again, I’ve made that episode. I already linked it on screen. 

That’S the number one place to find affordable, vintage luxury watches and a bunch of really cool merch. Alright, guys, I will see you next. One stay happy stay healthy, stay blessed, I’m joy goodman of the time. Telling always remember I didn’t invent time. I just tell it.

Video Source: The Time Teller Youtube channel