How Can You Buy the Best Sunglasses in 2021 from Top Brands

How Can You Buy the Best Sunglasses in 2021 from Top Famous Brands

How Can You Buy the Best Sunglasses in 2021 from Top World Famous Brands? So, what’s the difference between cheap versus expensive sunglasses, I’m going to show you how to choose the Best sunglasses by reviewing the different types of lens options that are out there different lens coatings and tints, as well as other cool technology that you probably just didn’t know existed in finding the best pair of the Best Sunglasses. Let’s take a look. What’s up everybody, this is dr. Allen. Here from the doctor’s eye health show helping you learn about the eyes, vision, and finding the best vision, products, and I’m really excited today. This is about the exact two-year anniversary from when this channel first started and if you go back and check out that first video is all about sharing tips on finding sunglasses.

So things have finally come about full circle and I’m really excited because I got to team up with one of my favorite Best Sunglasses for Women brands out there. That I think personally, is this one of the highest quality brands. You can find so a big. Thank YOU to Randolph engineering for making this video possible, sending me out a few lenses, so I can show them to you guys and show you what high-quality sunglasses are all about, but even though this video is featuring, Randolph sunglasses keep in mind all of these tips can be used and applied for finding any good brand of Best Sunglasses for Men. Now being a huge fan and collector of sunglasses myself – and I have a pretty embarrassingly large collection of sunglasses, there’s a couple of things that I always look for in trying to find a really good pair, and yes, they’re going to be more expensive.

But the money was well spent now the first thing. Of course, you need to pick out the Best Sunglasses Brand frame style and design whatever it’s gonna fit for you. I know a lot of people will say that you have to match it to your face shape. That is not necessarily true when it comes to sunglasses,  it really is about the style, the vibe, and the attitude you want to portray, and really as long as they’re, not too tiny for your face, then they’re, probably gonna still be able to pull them off.

Randolph Best Sunglasses for Women

Just as a tip for you, if you are not sure what size you need to pick, if you can’t get to an optical to try them out – and you do have maybe a pair of sunglasses yourself or maybe somebody in your family or a friend does.  You can go ahead and put them on and if they fit well look on the side on the inside of the temple, you may be able to see some numbers there. If you can match those numbers up to something similar that you can purchase, then likely they’re gonna fit just fine, and the cool thing about Randolph Best Sunglasses for Women is that they do have different frame sizes available. Plus, you can even add different lens finishes. I personally, like the cobalt finish, the best that one’s my favorite now, the next big thing for picking out the best pair of sunglasses really has to do with the lenses, and I know if you’re, not in the optical industry. You probably don’t know that there are different types of lens materials, not just for standard eyeglasses, but for sunglasses as well.

If you go to the store, just like a gas station, you pick up a cheap, really cheap pair of sunglasses. The lenses are not gonna have very good quality and you can probably tell that pretty easily. These lenses are usually made of what’s called polycarbonate. This is one of the cheapest lens materials.

That’s out there. It does have the advantage of being a safety lens material. However, the optical quality through the lens is very poor. It also has a very low Abbe value. I’ve never heard of that in the optical industry.

Every lens material has an Abbe value that describes how much aberration you’ll experience, especially with colors, so a lens material such as Crown glass which we’re gonna get into, has the highest Abbe value can have, which means very low color distortion. Giving you crisp clear images with natural viewing of colors and again cheap lenses made of polycarbonate have the lowest Abbe value can get, and you just don’t see things as sharply. In addition, polycarbonate lenses are notorious for being very easy to scratch. Now, as long as you do your homework and research for really good brands of sunglasses, you’ll find that most offer some type of mineral crown glass lenses. Now at Randolph, they offer crown glass lenses of pretty much any type of frame.

What is really cool about crown glass is that it gives you the best optical quality you can get. Glasses used to be made of this, but now they’re pretty hard to find because it is a little bit more expensive and it’s a little bit heavy. However, it gives the best optical clarity and if you have never experienced it, I strongly suggest you try it because I know myself and other people in the optical business. You try pair of plastic lenses, polycarbonate even CR39, and then you go into something like glass. You can just tell that images pop out and look so much sharper. I mean consider the lenses in your camera.

These lenses are not made of plastic they’re made of glass. The same glass, that’s used in these types of Best Sunglasses and another added benefit is that glass lenses are very scratch resistant, not even to include the fact that they can add anti-scratch coating, but because mineral glass is a hard type of material, it’s harder to scratch. So if you just happen to be somebody who has the tendency to scratch, things then definitely consider glass lenses, but what, if you’re, not into glass lenses? That’s okay. There are other lens materials beyond polycarbonate that I think work better and one of those materials is called nylon lenses.

They have a higher aberration value or a B value. That means it’s very similar to glass. You get better optical quality through those lenses and because they’re nylon, they are also more scratch-resistant than a lot of the other plastics. But one of the benefits of having a glass lens like nylon is that it’s much lighter than glass lenses. So if you’re, somebody who wears your sunglasses all day long and you just want that improved comfort of a lighter lens, these lenses have about a 40 % decrease in weight compared to glass lenses.

Now, once you’ve considered the lens material glass versus plastic. Now you want to consider the color of the lenses now I know most people probably will just fall into the category of getting the neutral gray color. This is Randolph’s American gray. These are really the standard sunglasses lenses that work for most people and pretty much any condition whether you’re driving you’re flying an airplane, such as something with Randolph. Being that these are the standard-issue sunglasses used for the US military.

The Air Force the Navy, as well as even used by different astronauts and space X, and were recently featured in their launch. It’s kind of cool to check that stuff out now. These lenses are category three lenses that makes them the highest quality Sun lenses that you can get per European standards, which I should say, is way stricter than American standards, and these lenses are also made with something called a luminous transmissivity, which has to do with the amount Of light coming through the lenses and it’s set at 17.5 %, which is ideal for allowing the viewer to adapt to changes in color and brightness. Okay, I’m sorry.

I know I’m just Nerding out a lot, but it’s really cool stuff now other than the grey lenses you have pink and blue, but you also have another color like green lenses. Now, myself, I’ve really loved green lenses, even other competing brands have their own specialty green lenses. These ones in particular, though these are the Randolph AGX lenses, the green lens, really kind of heightens your difference in yellow and green sit brightens those up, and it helps sharpen contrast just a little bit and overall, it’s very soothing gives you just an excellent vision. Through these lenses, this particular pair also happens to be made of their glass lens and they’re even polarized, so it helps a lot with the contrast and reducing glare overall, if you’re thinking about getting a pair of green lenses, they work in pretty much any situation. I love these lenses for my Best Sunglasses when I’m driving or if I’m going outside for a walk.

I think golfers often like to use green lenses because it lets you see the grass and the different kind of contours in the grass, as well as just see the foliage and the green trees just a little bit better. And it’s just it’s an overall, very soothing lens. Now it’s a third option for lenses, if you’re, just not sure, consider getting a brown or a tan tinted lens in that these often in heighten your contrast in your distance just a little bit and oftentimes people report that they see just a little bit sharper with A tan or brown lens these again heighten some of the Browns, the yellows and even some of the green tones in your vision and funny enough. Randolph even calls this their Instagram filter because it kind of makes things overall seem a little bit brighter and almost happier now, I’m not sure if you can see it here, but these gradient lenses from Randolph. What do they call their sky force air?

These also have a blue shimmer on the front, which is what they call their Northern Lights lens. So it has a brown on the top and that in gradients down to clear, but that blue shimmer on the front just gives kind of a cool look. But I’ll have to pass that on to you guys. Do you think this is a cool look? Do I pull it off yay night love to hear your feedback know the other cool features about this lens here, which is kind of a cool option for you.

If you’re, somebody who also likes to drive a lot but also likes to be able to see the dashboard really clearly or if you’re somebody who likes to sit out, maybe like on the beach, and you also like to have a book or look at your phone At the same time, this lens has a gradient tint to it. That means it has more of your tint for the sunglasses at the top of the lens and then toward the bottom of the lens. It’S just clear. It still offers UV light protection throughout the entire lens. So, even though it’s clear at the bottom you’re still getting sun protection, which is really important, especially for me as an eye doctor, you want to be protecting your skin around the eyes and the eye itself from that harsh UV light, but with the tint again, you Get the nice contrast of decreasing all the incoming light from the top, but you also get that clear image through the bottom.

So again, if you’re looking at a book on your phone, you can see clearly. Now last few tips I want to share with you. There’s special technology additives that are put on two lenses that are very high: quality versus the low cheap quality pairs that don’t have These sort of benefits now the first thing I’m gonna mention – is a really big deal to me when it comes to sunglasses and you’ve probably heard me mention it in other videos, and that has to do with sunglasses having a backside. Anti-Reflective coating, cheap sunglasses like these, you can see if I hold it up to the light. You just get a complete reflection of the light. But if you have a good pair of sunglasses, they will have a backside, anti-reflective coating. So here, you can see these multicolored reflections, that is, that anti-reflective coating.

Otherwise, if you are just wearing the cheap pair of sunglasses, without that you’re gonna see reflections of images of things that could be behind you, certainly sunlight images of cars and other things like that. You don’t want those distracting images and it’s unfortunate because a lot of good and even famous sunglasses brands out there. They sometimes forget to put an anti-reflective coating on the back surface of their lenses and I’m just like what are they doing. But in addition to just anti-reflective coatings companies like Randolph and other producers of high-quality lenses, not only have the anti-reflective but they put in anti-scratch anti-oil and anti-water coatings on the surface of the lenses so that they’re easier to clean. They get dirty a lot less, and so, if you do get a finger smudge on there, it rubs off a lot easier.

So hopefully, after all of this, you now know the difference between a cheap versus a very high-quality pair of sunglasses.

Video Source: Doctor Eye Health Youtube channel