GUCCI BAMBOO HANDLE BAG – Buy Hot Handbag 2022!

GUCCI BAMBOO HANDLE BAG – Buy The Hot Handbag 2022!

New Season Gucci Bamboo Handle Bag

Gucci Bamboo Handle Bag Review, the hot Gucci Handbag. Welcome, my name’s Dayle, and the Gucci Bamboo Handle Bag Unboxing video is by Dayle’s addiction. You might have an idea of what is in this Gucci Bag unboxing. Now I am just going to make this a super snappy, quick Gucci Bamboo Handle Bag unboxing. If you are new here, please consider staying around. If you like this kind of Gucci Handbags video and I’m sure you’re gonna like this one, give it a thumbs up. This is the first time I saw this Beautiful Gucci Bamboo Handle Bag in person. Yes, it’s a Designer Bag and because I said it’s a Gucci bag in the video description right, so let us stop delaying. The first time I saw this Luxury Bag in person, I tried to talk myself out of it before I even saw it in person. And I do this because I think this is not what I should be spending my money on and then actually I watch.

I watched Autumn’s video and she talked about the fact that she had enough Gucci Handbags in classics and it was time to have some fun. I thought it is time to have some fun. So this Designer Gucci Bamboo Handle Bag is fun and I hope you like it. And if you don’t like it, I don’t care because I love it. So here we go. Okay, what’s inside people come on, you should have guessed by now. I might have put a little hint. I might have done possibly is that really noise comes in this little bag? It’S a teeny, tiny little dust bag. I’d like to present to you storytimes in the vlog, my green  Gucci Bag.

This is the Gucci Bamboo Handle Bag Green in the mini size. In the green, I found my green Gucci bag. This thing is supposed to keep the bamboo in shape. I just need to take all of this stuff out of it and just show it to you in all of its glory. This Gucci Purse one is a brand new one. It wasn’t a display model. I did ask if they had another one. Let me just put it together: oh my god, look at it! Isn’T it stunning. This Gucci Bamboo Handle Bag was referred to in my Instagram polls as a green apple bag. But I have to say that seeing this Gucci Bamboo Handle Bag in person compared to pictures on the Gucci website is something else and I’d love to. Thank the ladies who sent me pictures of them trying it on, because you really helped me, and then, when I went into the store to see Gucci Bamboo Handle Bag for myself, I kind of already thought, I knew how it would fit. But it was actually much more flattering than I thought. 

And, oh my god, this Gucci Bamboo Handle Bag is green, so it’s going to be a statement. My phone doesn’t fit before you ask. My phone doesn’t fit, but it’s fine because, on the day that I was shopping, my Designer Bag of the day was my Fendi Nano Baguette, which was absurd. So you can see in here you can fit a key holder, a cardholder, some lipsticks um everything, but a phone. I could probably squeeze my phone in, but it would be a tight squeeze for a pro, definitely not a pro max.

Maybe in this little front slit, but I don’t know why you would want to try and bend the Gucci Bamboo Handle Bag out of shape. I just thought green was going to be a statement and I’ve always wanted some bamboo. And every Bamboo Bag is a statement bag, and I honestly could not be happier with this really. It reminds me of the vibes I got when I bought my Fendi Nano Baguette bag because it’s just so fun. The beauty of this Bamboo Handle Bag is that it comes with two straps, so it comes with unlike Louis Vuitton Alma, which I did try and reject. A couple of times it comes with a green leather, strap that is adjustable, and it has many adjustments I like to put it on the longest one, but considering that this literally just came out of them wrapped very heavily packaged like.

I think people talk about Coach, doing a lot of packaging on their Coach Bags. Well, Gucci does the same if you were to get a Gucci bag that had not been on the floor already or unwrapped, so I’m just going to. I know, I look like I’m being really rough here because these are coated leather. They do need a little bit of time to just soften up. So I will be just hanging this Bamboo Handle Bag somewhere in a sunny position so that it does loosen up a little bit and get some of these kinks out of it. Because you can see it’s a little bit kinked, but the finishing on this Gucci bag is stunning. Look at these little clasps with the Gucci written on there and then they just kind of slide over these little thingies.

So Bamboo Handle Bag got like an extra little ring on there, so it doesn’t attach to the handle itself and you just slide it on, like so they’re. Actually, quite powerful little things like my hands are a little bit weak in terms of putting it on there right, okay. So there it is with its green strap and I will do some mod shots of that for you, but just take a look at the finish on this thing. It is just beautiful to look at this bamboo and it’s all different because each piece of bamboo is heated and then bent into shape and that little rubber thing there is to help it stay in shape. Underneath it looks like an accordion style, but it’s actually just one main compartment really, this is an all over the place. Unboxing, I’m sorry inside has one single card slot in the green leather there, oh my goodness, it’s so cute.

Now the benefit of this Bamboo Handle Bag. I tried on the larger size as well –  it does come with a webbing strap. This green Gucci bag comes with navy, blue and red webbing, and it has green leather tabs on the edge with again the beautiful Gucci gold hardware. And this is fully adjustable and works great for the curvier girls and the smaller girls, and this Bamboo Handle Bag looks great With both straps. I see this Gucci bag being just as good for an evening bag flex or a lunch flex. Just carried by the top handle as Gucci Crossbody Handbags Designer for a bit of a shopping moment or even more casual with jeans, like. I just think it’s got so many options and when I kept going back and forth between Louis Vuitton and Gucci, I just want you to know what this is. Is it just the bag? I was tossing up between the white bag, which was a bigger size, but I thought I’d already got a white bag.

I’ve got my Fendi Peekaboo. Here we are, I’ve got my Fendi Peekaboo in the white. I don’t need two white bags. Well, I’ve got my Murakami, but that’s different, and then I also thought that the white might be at risk of being superseded by this one because they’re both light-colored, neutrals and I’d – probably pick this one more. So this is totally different from anything else.

I have it in my collection, meaning that it doesn’t have to compete and I think it can go with so many of my outfits because it doesn’t go with anything which is perfect right, so this bag cost. This Gucci Bamboo Handle Bag was three thousand six hundred and sixty-five dollars, and the next model up was about four thousand eight hundred or something so quite a big price difference, and it only came in limited colors. This is the mini. The next size up is small, but isn’t it just glorious? I think it is, I think it’s beautiful.

I will take up take some close-up shots of the Gucci Bamboo Handle Bag so that you can have a look at it and I’ll show you the full details of these Gucci Bags. I see myself wearing this, as I said day tonight. I just wanted to get it out and open it up and start using it, because I don’t know when I’m going to get a chance to do the mod shots. Again it was a really fun buying experience today because everything was so quiet because of the pandemic – and so it was nice to just go in and have the place to myself. So look, thanks to everyone who contributed to the conversation, I think once you see the mod shots of the alma and this hopefully, you agree with me that I made the right choice for my perfect green Gucci bag. I hope you do.

Video Source: Dayle’s Addiction Youtube Channel