BEST DESIGNER CROSSBODY BAGS from Chanel and other Brands


Hey everyone welcome to another video. I realized that I haven’t ever spoken about my favorite Designer Crossbody Bags that I think are actually worth getting. One of these is also new that I’m gonna show you, I think some of you may have seen it in a vlog I did a while ago. But I haven’t actually formally shown it, yeah and the thing is with it: it’s my first ever pre-loved purchase that I got from Vestiaire Collective. I’ve never bought from Vestiaire Collective previously, and the experience was good and bad.

Chanel Boy Bag

It wasn’t terrible, but it’s worth talking about the first bag has to be the Chanel Boy Bag Medium. There are pros and cons to these Designer Crossbody Bags brands. The thing that I hate about it in this case anyway, is the material. It’s made out of the lambskin, and it marks up really badly because of the design of this bag, where it’s got. These quite sharp corners there, the first thing to go, doesn’t matter how much you take care of this bag it wears through I’ve done loads of videos on it. I have got techniques that I use to improve the condition of the bag, but over the course of time it happens, but the reason why this bag is in here is that it’s actually, strangely practical, it’s under Designer Crossbody Bags but on it is quite a decent length.

I’M pretty tall, and I find that sometimes some cross bodies can end up being a bit on the short side, or sometimes they can be a bit too long, but this is pretty perfect. You can also double up the strap from where it is just on your shoulder. If you don’t want to do a crossbody thing with it, but the good thing about it is: its return on investment because the Crossbody Chanel Boy Bag now has been around since 2012. I remember when this first came out.

I loved the aesthetic look of it, but I didn’t want to rush in and buy it in case it was a bit like you know. You know the girlfriend bag, someone it was cold. It was really unattractive and it was something that came out and then they stopped doing it or even the Gabriela bag is not what it’s called. I get loads of. You asked me what I think of it.

To be honest, I don’t love it, but I think the Chanel Gabrielle Bag could end up going down the same route as the girlfriend back. They both to me looked fairly similar, but if money was no object and I really like something – I’ve gone by it, but when I buy something I like to feel safe and the knowledge that I can sell it and get some decent money back. So, for me, this is a winner. It looks classic. It looks amazing when you wear it, it’s good in this colorway because it just goes with so many things.

This is the old size large, which is the new medium. It’S really practical. I don’t know how much this is now I dread to think, but I will put the price that I paid for it. I got this in November 2014, I’m gonna mix things up a bit and I’m gonna include this, which is its nondesigner in so much as that. It’s not a Chanel or a deal.

I guess you could argue that it is one-of-a-kind designer Browns. This is Aspinal of London Bag. You will have seen this a couple of weeks ago. I did a video where there was like three new bags and I included this in it, and this is one of my Designer Crossbody Bags that I’ve been using so much recently.

I’m gonna compare it in size to the Chanel birth for two there, as you can see it’s a little bit wider and a bit taller. It is a fraction bigger, it’s probably actually more like the Jumbo. Should I compare that? Yes, it is pretty much the size of a jumbo, isn’t it if you want to get a crossbody bag that isn’t gonna break the bank, but is impeccable quality? I have to recommend this.

So I just mentioned this is from Aspen. I love London. I’ve done a pretty much decent review on this, which I’ll link to below the lining on the inside is lovely the quality of the bag. So nice, the leather is so nice. The hardware has got a really good weight behind it, which makes it feel substantial and quality when you use it on the inside.

It’S got a zip pocket, unlike the Chanel Boy Bag, which is one open section with one of those zip pockets that you get that you could put like a credit card in, but this is sort of a lot more structured. It’S got two sections to it with that zip bit down the middle. I absolutely love this bag. It’S particularly good on days where I’m going somewhere and let’s say I want to take a smart-looking bag, but I don’t want to take anything super expensive or even if you like bags, you like quality, you don’t want to spend thousands. This is good.

This is called the lottery bag and you can also get it in a slightly smaller size as well. Also, I know it’s not the thing that you carry around with you, but for me, when I buy a bag, it’s the packaging that comes with it. It’s the whole experience and with the Aspinal products they come in, like this beautiful box, they have the lovely dust bag. The whole thing feels like a theater. It feels like part of the experience, so the new bag shock, horror, you’re, not gonna, believe it.

I know I said that I was never going to buy a saleroom bag, but I did it. Let me explain why I have always said that I don’t believe these are good in terms of buying them and selling them for more than you paid, and I still stand by that. However, I had seen this bag on a lady on Instagram, whom I follow, and every time she wears this bag, I’m like honestly, it goes with so many different outfits. I love the simplicity of it, but I also like the fact that the leather is quite hard-wearing. It’S sort of you know it’s that sort of the same size as the boy bag, but it’s not as fragile.

I do like the old logo as well. I, like the look of it, it sort of got that heritage behind it anyway. It was playing on my mind and I knew that there was zero way I was ever going to go and buy it for full retail. So I just was having a look around for it on second-hand websites. I looked on eBay loads on there for a really good price, but because I’m not okay with the brand, I didn’t want to risk buying something on eBay that could end up being counterfeit.

So for the next Designer Crossbody Bags, I went on to Vestiaire Collective Bag. I came across this. One came with the boxes box-fresh, had the receipt literally had everything, so I went ahead and bought it. Guess how much I got this for 800 pounds, and this is how much it is new. Is over a thousand pounds?

This is the case with pretty much all Saleroom Designer Crossbody Bags. that I was looking at when I was going through trying to find this to buy. There are a few items that people have listed for like the retail price, but they aren’t selling. Realistically, they’re not showing, however, you can buy pretty many new items and there are good 200 pounds less than retail, and that’s exactly what I was saying in previous videos is that you look at something Chanel Designer Crossbody Bags that look flea-bitten a worn out and they end up being Sold and actually selling for huge prices, whereas brands write this sort of still struggling. And I believe the reason why they struggle is that for some reason this brand, certainly when I think about online retailers and department stores places that sell this brand, they always end up In the 10% off or more sale. And I really feel like that damages the brand because for me personally, even if I was going to go into a shop and buy it, knowing that they have ten percent off a couple of times a year, I’ve never bought a full retail price and wait for the ten percent off day anyway. I’ve got it pre-loved. I got it for a good price.

I’ve used it a couple of times. I like it, there are some pros and cons with it. The thing that I don’t like well, the good thing about it is under talk about the good thing. First of all the handle, the strap on it is pretty good because you can totally adjust it and there are quite a few different loopholes. So you can adjust the length on the inside what I like about it is this bit here.

It’S got quite a narrow pocket and this is really good because if you have an oyster card or if you carry your cards around and in a cardholder, it’s super handy to keep everything in there. Because can you see it’s quite narrow, its stretches open? Quite a bit there’s like give there, but I personally use that section to keep cards. I like the quality of the leather. It doesn’t scuff, it’s very hard-wearing.

What I don’t like about it, it’s first of all this it’s doing it right now, but when you try and close it you’ve really got to line that bit up. It doesn’t just snap back closed again. The other thing I don’t like, and it’s going to do it now – I’ve just lifted it up, and can you see what the handles do it doesn’t when you lift it up, it doesn’t sort of readjusting itself. You’Ve got to manually sort of pull the handle in place in order for it to sit straight, and that is surprisingly annoying because the number of times you’ll be out and you’ll put your bags down or whatever, and you go to pick it up. And it’s all in a twist Okay, so briefly to talk about the Wester, collective experience.

It wasn’t terrible, but the thing that did frost me about it is, first of all when I was making the purchase at Whitley. I found the website quite frustrating to use in terms of the status update. So after I paid it felt like ages, and I hadn’t heard anything and in fact, it was two weeks before I heard anything, and I found that frustrating because I didn’t know what was going on. I was like you’ve taken my money and now what? But.

In addition to that, when you go onto the website to try and find out the status, it’s hidden away, it’s like you don’t go to your account and it’s like latest orders or whatever it’s in your account history and it’s a tab within. Like your account history and it’s really weirdly hidden away, it’s not an intuitive place that you would think to go and find out. Where are my Designer Crossbody Bags after ordering this it took about a week and a half to three weeks for them to arrive? That’S not actually their collection’s fault, it’s the seller. So one thing that I came to learn is that, after you pay for the item, the seller has to forward it to Vestiaire Collective and it doesn’t look like there’s any particular deadline or urgency for them to do it.

So, in my case, the lady took two weeks to send it to Vestiaire Collective. Then, when dressed their collective got it, it took them around about between two and four days to turn it around to verify it and then to send it out to me when it turned up, it had tags on it that have been signed by Vestiaire Collective to confirm that they checked it and it was the real thing it came in its packaging, but the packaging was basically what the seller had put it in. So it was the original box, but then it came in a Vestiaire Collective, an actual sealed box itself, it wasn’t a terrible experience. It was just frustrating in terms of the amount of time that it took to get the Designer Crossbody Bag, and I certainly wouldn’t have thought it would have taken any more than one week. But when it sort of rolled into two and then into week, three, I just remember thinking stretching it a bit really now the final bag.

This is the best out of the lot for a couple of reasons. It is the Chanel Jumbo Bag. For me, this is the best because of its return on investment. I mentioned earlier that when I buy something unless it’s something that I buy, knowing I’m not going to get my money back on it, I just love it. I’ve done with a couple of Designer Crossbody Bags before I know they’re complete duds, but I just like them, and so I know that if I ever sold them, I would struggle to really get too much.

I’m delighted to own Long Lost Crossbody Bag. I got this for my birthday last November. It’S a bag that I’ve wanted for so long. It became one of those things that I kept putting off and I had quite a lot of you saying: why’d you keep putting it off it. I put it off because it was expensive and that I knew they always had it, but another reason why I postponed it is that my birthday’s in November – and it coincides with when the Chanel Cruise Collections get launched each year – I’m a fan of color and every year That cruise collection literally has beautiful classic pieces in it crazy colors, like the purple Chanel boy that I had and I always get more tempted to buy them than I do the classic items.

Even though I want the classic items as well last year was fairly easy because I didn’t love a lot of things in that Cuba collection that came out. So I thought perfect, take the opportunity to bite the bullet and get this. It’S versatile, it’s durable. The price of it, although it’s a pain if you’re paying for it when you eventually come to sell it depending on how long you leave it the thing I don’t like about it, and actually it can be said for any of these Designer Crossbody Bags. Because this is a Crossbody top flap issue is the top flap itself when you’re at the checkout and there’s someone behind you and they want you to like to clear off so they can get seen. It’S really annoying when you’re trying to close this again and sometimes if you overfill it the top, can pop open.

Even if you twist this closed, the capacity is really good, and one thing that I like about this over the others is that the capacity size is good, but there are also lots of sort of cubby holes in the bag. Lots of little places that you can store things right from the pocket on the back, which I personally used to put my mobile phone in through to the lipstick compartment in the middle that you can either put lipstick or sometimes I put like a pen, make sure you have the lid on the pan before you do it. If you could only buy one of these bags out of all of them. I would hands-down recommend this. It’S an extortionate price, but out of all of them when it comes to an investment angle and how much you can seek to get back and it being something that you can pass down.

Video Source: Sophie Shohet Youtube Channel