Gucci Purse Women – 10 Purses to BUY Now!

Gucci Purse Women – 10 Purses to BUY!

Gucci Purse Women Review. Hi, this is Liz. Welcome to my channel today. I’m going to be sharing with you, my Gucci Purse Women collection. I just wanted to quickly mention that for those of you that have subscribed, thank you so much. I appreciate all the love. I’m going to share everything in Gucci Purse Women that I have accumulated in the past 10 to 11 years. Some of my older Gucci Bags, I did get rid of, I sold them off to Fashionphile, but have replaced those Gucci Purses. And I think, you’re going to see a consistent theme here of the type of Gucci Purse Women I like to purchase from Gucci before I start showing you my Gucci Handbags & Purses. This is going to be only my Gucci Bag collection. If you’re interested in seeing accessories, I have some Designer Belts and Luxury Wallets.

Let’S start this video off with the Gucci Purse Women that I wear the most in my Gucci Bags collection. And that would have to be this guy here, it’s the Gucci Marmont Matelasse Bag, it’s in the mini size and it retails for a thousand one hundred dollars. This is the Gucci Purse Women that I grabbed the most. It is very elegant. Looking it’s very carefree and it looks very nice with most of your outfits. I mean there’s nothing that you cannot, as it’s from the color Gucci Bags Black. And the gold hardware is like that aged hardware, so it looks very nice when you’re casual and just running around doing your errands.

The next Gucci Bag is in the same Gucci Purse Women category of everyday carefree, Grab-And-Go would be this guy here. It’S the Gucci Children’s Belt Bag. I found it on the Gucci website. I was just looking through and trying to find a Gucci Bag that I could wear every day when I’m going to the gym when I’m going to the grocery store. When I’m running my errands – and I just want to carry my phone – maybe my card case and that’s about it. It’s small like I said it’s from the children’s department, it retails for 420 dollars and I usually wear it around my waist or I carry It here on as Shoulder Bag, you know just like that, and it’s enough, it’s very carefree. I don’t have to be precious with it and what I love about it the most are all the little hearts, so with your different workout looks. It goes really nicely with It, makes you still look put together and polished, while you’re getting your workout on.

The third Gucci Purse Women, I’m going to show you today is the small size of the Gucci Marmont Matelasse Shoulder Bag. It retails currently for 1,390 dollars, and this beautiful color is dusty pink. I purchased this bag visiting Rome in 2017. It was an anniversary trip with my husband and what I would have to say about Gucci in Rome is, it’s very crowded and everybody feels like they’re gonna get a good deal because Gucci Purse Women are cheaper in Italy than in the united states, because of course, these are made there. So this was my souvenir for going on our anniversary trip, but another thing I wanted to mention about when you enter a Gucci store for those of you who have shopped or are planning to shop at Gucci Is that there’s a certain vibe when you enter, it feels like you’re at the hip nightclub? All of the things are a little bit more relaxed. The music is different than if you were in a Chanel Bag store or a Louis Vuitton. I just feel it’s like you’re at the trendy nightclub and you’re picking up the it-bag. All the designs are a lot of fun and different from maybe what you already have in your classic collection.

Okay, now we are on Gucci Purse Women number five and this Bag Gucci, I will have to say I was definitely influenced by Instagram. Because every girl that was stylish put together was carrying this Gucci Dionysus GG Bag. So I went into the Gucci store and I checked it out and ended up coming home with this version of it. Do you see a theme? I love mini Gucci Bags. This is the Gucci Dionysus GG Supreme Mini Bag and it’s retailing currently at 1,890 dollars. I couldn’t even believe I owned this Gucci Bag because it had such beautiful details and I was so excited to get it. I am very careful with it because it has suede. So I mostly tend to bring it out during the holiday season and for the fall because of that suede little piece. But it’s definitely a stunning Gucci Bag, and I am definitely glad that I purchased it.

This is Gucci Purse Women number six and I picked up this Gucci Purse on Sale because I did like the original look of that classic Gucci, 70S vibe, but I didn’t want anything too big. I love mini Gucci Bags for Sale, so I decided to try out the trend with this mini Bag Gucci. It’S called the GG Ophidia Mini Supreme Bag and, right now it’s currently retailing at 950 dollars. I’m gonna show you all of these Gucci Bags on Sale, so you can see what they look like on me. I’m five feet two inches and a hundred pounds, and I’m going to include all of the shots of the modeling shots of what they look like on me.

The next Handbags Gucci I wanted to share with you is the supermini Gucci Marmont Matelasse Bag. It’S in the red color,  it currently retails for 890 dollars. This is it right here. It has a very long chain. It’S really tiny, but it’s just enough to fit your phone and your card case and you can manipulate the strap making it shorter or longer to the height you want. If you want to wear it as a Gucci Handbags & Purses or if you want to use it as a Shoulder Bag. I’ve seen it made into a belt bag also, so you can definitely play around with this one. The reason I purchased this red Bag Gucci was that I wanted to try what it felt like to have a Gucci Purse in red color.

I always thought red bags were beautiful, but I always felt like, can I carry off a red bag? Those are tension-grabbing bags, but then I started to think you know red can be neutral too. You can wear it with denim. You can wear it with a beige outfit, with a black outfit, with a white outfit for definitely a pop of color. And so I started off small. This is my first and only red bag. I definitely would like to get more red in my collection, but this is what I have for now. It’S the supermini.

The next two Handbags Gucci I am going to be showing you are my most recent Gucci Bags purchases. Those happened during the pandemic. For those of you who have watched my earlier video about my quarantine haul, you would have seen these Bags Gucci. For those of you who haven’t watched that one, check it out. It gives a lot more detail about why and when I bought those two Gucci Bags that I’m going to show you right now.

So the first one is called the Gucci Backpack Eden it’s in the size, small. The price is 1,490 dollars and looks: how fun is this Gucci Backpack. It’s black, so it’s easy to match with everything, and it has that classic Gucci print and I love it. There’s nothing about this bag, I don’t love. I love how easy it is to wipe down for those of you who have small children. My children are teenagers now, so that won’t be happening for me, but I lived that life. I know what that’s about to need to easily wipe off the juice or sticky fingerprints. This is the perfect material because it’s a canvas – and this is beautiful, stunning.

The next Bag Gucci is the Ivory super mini Gucci Dionysus, and this is the one that I purchased to attend my older son’s high school graduation. It is definitely a statement piece. This is a beautiful bag and the price is 860 dollars. Look at that. Definitely a statement piece. It’S beautiful. The next two Gucci Bags I will be sharing are two of my oldest bags. As I mentioned earlier in the video, I have three other bags that I sold off. Two of them were Boston bags, and one of them was a disco Crossbody Bag in black. I can tell you that it’s a Gucci Disco Crossbody Bag is a beautiful bag, but it loses its shape, the disco Crossbody Bag.

Now I’m going to be sharing is this one here, it’s a small Boston bag. The name of it is the Gucci Mini Joy Boston Bag. I don’t have a price because it is an older bag, but it’s a very cute Gucci Bag. My husband and I have our anniversary on valentine’s day, so he did gift this to me because he walked into the Gucci store looking for an anniversary gift during that season, and this is what he came up with. I know it’s a little quirky and maybe doesn’t even look my style anymore, but I think it’s so cute when you’re wearing a denim dress or when you’re just very casual with a white sweater on you. It does have a little pop there, very, very pretty. It has This little charm that comes with it.

The last Gucci Purse Women in today’s collection, it’s called the Gucci Soho Shoulder Bag,  a leather Shoulder Bag in the ivory color and I don’t have the price. I believe it was like a thousand eight hundred, but no longer this Gucci Purse on Sale on sale at the Gucci website. So there’s no way of telling you what the price is. I am sure you can find something like this. If you were interested in this bag on the Fashionphile, I have seen them, but I’m going to show you in the cutaways what it looks like right now. It’S stuffed so it’s hard to see how it falls and but it is a squishy bag. Soft leather and I still pull this Gucci Bag out and wear it out. It’S just very classy, very beautiful, and it has the Gucci in the front.

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