GUCCI BAG My Entire Hot Collection RANKED 2021

GUCCI BAG Entire Hot Collection RANKED 2021

Gucci Bag, Review. Hi guys, today’s video is an entire Gucci Bags and is a Gucci Bag Collection video. I’m going to be sharing with you every single item from Gucci Bag that I own. I have been thinking about parting ways With some of the Gucci Women PurseGucci Bookbag, and Gucci Crossbody Bags. So I thought I would do this video now before I did that. Just in case any of you are interested in any of these Gucci Bags, Gucci Crossbody Bags, Gucci Backpack – I’m going to be giving a lot of reviews of each one and saying how I’ve been getting along With them and how much I like them. So, I hope you guys enjoy the Gucci Bags presentation. Let’s get started okay. So I’m going in order of my favorite right Gucci Handbags through to my least favorite, and my favorite is just such a no-brainer.

Gucci Marmont Small Shoulder – Gucci Bag

For me, it is the Gucci Marmont Small Shoulder Bag in a nude color. Ever since I got this, this has been a firm favorite, not just in terms of the Gucci items I own, but just in terms of my general Gucci Bag. I really love this Gucci Bag so much. I’ve gotten so much use out of it. It’S really a go-to for me what I don’t know what else to carry ought to bring with me. I use this Gucci Bag a lot for traveling as well. I think it’s such a wonderful Gucci Messenger Bag. I find it very comfortable to wear it fits a decent amount. It goes with pretty much everything, I wear it all year round. You know in winter and summer because it’s such a neutral color, it seems to go with everything, but I can’t say enough good things about it in terms of wear and tear it’s done it really.

Well, we don’t tend to wear this a lot as a Crossbody Bag just because I know that can make the top very pointy. So I tend to avoid wearing too much Gucci Bag Crossbody, although I do sometimes, in terms of the other wear and tear the only thing. I can really speak of is a little bit of wear on the flap right here and that’s about it. It’S done it really. Well, apart from that, I find it to be very scratch-proof, so it doesn’t take a lot of maintenance at all, and yeah. I just love this Gucci Bag. You can also get the shape, as I don’t actually have a shaper for mine. I might think about getting one, but to be honest, it’s done really well in terms of shape and I haven’t babied this too much.

As I mentioned. I take this Gucci Marmont Bag traveling with me and it kind of gets you know fun around when I pack in suitcases. I do everything with this Gucci Bag and it’s just done incredibly well, and I think it looks you know not quite good as new, but almost see I actually love this. I really think it’s been one of my best and I have ever just in terms of cost per wear and how much I love using it and yeah. This is undoubtedly a favor for me and I would still recommend this to anyone. Looking at it, because I just love it.

Next up is my Gucci Cardholder Bag / Wallet. I got this Gucci Bag for Christmas and I’ve been obsessed with it pretty much ever since. I love it so much and for me, this just takes so many boxes. I think it’s absolutely adorable to look at. I love the color. I love the leather, the hardware just everything about it, aesthetically I also find it to be very functional. I also think it’s priced very well as well, even though it’s obviously still a luxury item and priced accordingly compared to what else is on the market.

I think this Gucci Bag is priced very fairly. I do think you get a fair amount for your money. It just opens up like so you have card slots on either side a little area of coins and then also an area for notes as well. And for me, they’ve, really kind of crammed the functionality of a much large Gucci Wallet into this dinky little cardholder super Cute. Obviously, I haven’t had this Gucci Bag for ages, so I can’t speak too much about wear and tear, but I’ve not had any issue. So far a few people have mentioned the button closure as being an issue, but I’ve not found that to be true myself and overall. I just think it’s such a great item so would definitely recommend it if you’re looking for a small but functional cardholder.

Gucci Dionysus – Gucci Bag

And the joint third is my Gucci Dionysus Bag, just because I couldn’t decide, which one I liked more. This has been such a grower when the Adonis’s line first came out. I really wasn’t too fussed about it at all, and then I tried one on quite a while later completely fell in love with it and when I bought it, I obviously liked it a lot.

I feel like I like this Gucci Bag so much more now than I did even when I bought it. It really has been a grower every time I use that I seem to like it a bit more. I just think it’s a great Gucci Bag, so I’m a huge fan of this. I love love, love the chain lengths. I tend to wear it just kind of on the single leg and for me, this is comparable to my Chanel Jumbo, which is difficult to really explain.

Why? Because I know they don’t look the same, but in terms of the slightly larger flat bag, which has a longer drop. Really, it’s only my Chanel jumbo that has that kind of style, and this is just how I like to wear them. I think that the height that it sits – that is, I know I just like the way it looks more and I’m not a huge fan of the kind of doubling up and then wearing it quite high. So I like the fact that these drop down a lot more.

I do find this Gucci Bag comfortable to wear. I know, lots of people say it’s a heavy bag and it’s definitely not light, but I’ve not found it to be an issue. I love the look of it. I find it to go with pretty much everything I teen it with. I guess because the monogram canvas is a bit of a neutral. I think that the kind of clasp and the hardware is so cool-looking just a very distinctive bag, and the only thing I’d say is that on the inside it is all suede. So I would say that it does attend to mark a bit more than other material would. And then the compartments mean that it can’t fit a ton in it, so I wish probably that they wouldn’t have the middle compartments. I do feel like that, would free up the space bit more, but that is really my only bugbear. I love it. Apart from that – and I just think it’s such a great Gucci Bag – so I do think these will be around for a little while longer. Yet I really love mine yeah. I would definitely recommend this Gucci bag.

Next up is my Gucci Chain Wallet. This is the newest addition to my collection. I’ve got to say in the short time I’ve had it. I’ve completely fallen in love with it. It’S such a great little Gucci Bag / Wallet, and it really is dual-purpose. It works very nicely as an elegant evening bag, but I also think it works really well as an adorable crossbody today as well. So it’s really great. I obviously love the combination.

This Gucci Chain Wallet is the same as my cardholder, so just the pale pink pebbled leather with gold hardware. It opens up with button closure and what I really love is the mirror on the inside so useful and such a clever design feature from Gucci. You do have the chain strap, which is very easily not adjustable, but you basically take it on and off right easily and then on the inside. You have a decent amount of space and you also have an area for your notes or kind of any piece of paper, some card slots, a zippered pocket, and then also a front pocket as well. So it’s very functional.

Gucci Chain Wallet is a tiny bit bigger than the Chanel Wallet and tray as well. It’S also much cheaper as well. It’S quite unusual to find a wallet on chain from a luxury brand, which is under a thousand pounds now, and this one is under a thousand, I don’t say the price, because I’m probably gonna get it wrong, but I think it’s around about these 700 pounds Mark so definitely a much more cost-effective down Chanel. I do think it’s really really beautiful, so very happy with this. So far, I think it’s such a gorgeous floral chain.

Gucci Marmont Black Bag

Next up is my other Gucci Marmont Black Bag. This is actually the very first one that I got and what kind of kick-started my whole obsession with the line. I do still really like this. I’ve got to say ever since I got my nude one. I use this a lot less, just because I do find it to be a little bit less versatile than my nude one. You know I wear this Gucci Bag every single season, whereas this is really only more suited for dark-colored outfits. So because of that, I don’t get as much use out of this. It still looks fantastic though I did use it a lot begin with before I got my nude one, and despite that, it looks really bright. It looks better than my nude one, obviously, because I have used it a bit less, but the leather is story puffy. It looks really shiny store.

There is no wear and tear on this on the flap of the Gucci Marmont Black Bag. I think it did really really well, so I do so like this. i’m debating whether to keep hold of it, though just because it doesn’t get nearly as much use as my nude one. If you are more into black bags and you were siding between the two there’s, nothing wrong with this at all, it’s done really well. I do too really like it. I just think it’s a really great bag. Very functional, very cute goes with a lot of outfits, and yeah. I just love this line, a lot.

Gucci Soho Disco – Gucci Bag

Next up is my Gucci Soho Disco Bag this is the oldest Gucci bag. In my collection, it’s the very first Gucci bag I ever bought, and this is definitely being well-loved. I use this Gucci Bag a ton when I first got it. It was my go-to travel bag and I still only have really good things to say about it. It’s a great option: if you do want a casual daily Gucci Crossbody, it’s very light and very comfortable square. I always get asked about the color, so the one I have it in is in pink and I don’t know any other kind of official name other than pink, but unfortunately, this isn’t a permanent color that you do seem to bring this back every now and then. But I haven’t seen it for the past couple of years and at the moment I think the nearest they have is like. I think it’s called Rose beige or something like that, but it’s not nearly as pink as this, unfortunately, but the other colors are beautiful too.

It has caved in a little bit here. I keep it stuffed, and so it does keep its shape a lot better. But apart from the shape issue, it’s done pretty well in terms of leather wear and tear. It is more of pebbled leather, so it does seem to fare better as a result of that and you do have the adjustable strap as well – and this is super roomy, so you can actually fit a ton inside, which is one of the main reasons. Why I think it’s such a great travel bag, because not only is it very comfortable to wear and quite durable, but you can fit so much so I will definitely recommend this if you are looking at for this kind of bag at the camera bag, it is Fantastic, but it’s just not one that I reach for myself a lot.

Gucci Velvet Mini Bag vs Saint Laurent: And it’s flying down to my last three items, and these are all kind of tied in last place. I’m not gonna kind of pick, my least favorite out of them, because I don’t get a lot of use out of any of them. I don’t think kind of one is worse or better than the other, and so the only Gucci Bag included in this little trio is my Gucci Velvet Mini Bag and there’s nothing particularly wrong with it. I just haven’t gotten a lot of use out of it. I did a comparison between this one and my Saint Laurent Velvet Bag. I do think that the velvet quality on the Gucci Bag is worse than the YSL velvet quality, which I found to be very plush and just a lot nicer and, I would say, kind of wear and tear.

But I haven’t used this pad enough to have proper, wear and tear over, but the Gucci Velvet Mini Bag was like this when I got it so it just looks a little bit bare in places. So I see it on the kind of edge of the flap and then on the bottom as well, and this is the kind of wear and tear I would expect to see after kind of many many times. But again it was really like this when I bought it, which again I just don’t think it speaks to great quality. I haven’t gotten any worse. I suppose that’s a good thing, but I do think that the quality on this could be a bit better, whereas I’ve not had any issues with the leather styles.

I do wish I’d gotten this in a different color. So if I was going to do it again, I’d probably get it in the blue. I think that blue is absolutely beautiful, but I went very safe and went for the black and yeah between my black leather version, which doesn’t get a lot of use now anyway, and also my black sailor on sunset bag. This really doesn’t get a look-in, so I think I am going to let go of this one. Nothing particularly wrong with it. Apart from that – and I do think its structure holds a lot better than the small size in the leather, and so it just seems kind of a lot more round shape on the top, and it is a very cute Gucci Bag.

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