My Top Gucci Crossbody Bag NEW Collection 2021

Gucci Crossbody Bag My NEW Collection 2021

Gucci Crossbody Bag, Review. Hello guys and welcome back to my channel. You wanted more Crossbody Bags Gucci collection series videos and it’s been a while. So I’m happy to be back to do another one on Gucci Crossbody. Today’s special one is my Gucci Crossbody Bag Hot Collection

Gucci Fashion House is one of the brands that I had a fond affinity for. I got my fashion habit a little too early on in life, so that was good. She was definitely one of the first brands I became aware of, and they have another illustrious history. I have quite the Gucci Crossbody Bag collection over here that I’m excited to show you guys, but first, let’s talk about Gucci Brand. Gucci! Oh, Gucci! He worked in London and in Paris in hotels and kind of the inception of the brand came when he noticed how much people were spending on their luggage. Beautifully crafted these luggage pieces and Gucci Purse for Sale was, and he thought he could get into that business. So when he went back to his hometown of Florence Italy. He started his first boutique and after they opened his shop, I think in Milan and Rome. Gucci Stores featured finely crafted leather accessories like Gucci Crossbody Bag, Gucci Handbags, and shoes – especially their ornamented loafers.

Gucci Stores also did silks and knitwear and, like this beautiful signature, the pattern came instantly recognizable – thanks to the GG logo. Throughout the 50s and 60s Gucci kind of gained international acclaim because anyone that was anyone, yeah we’re wearing Gucci Crossbody Bag, Gucci Handbags, and other fashion items. Unfortunately, when the 80s came around a lot of family disputes started erupting over ownership of the brand I’ll spare you the details. Let’S fast-forward to my personal favorite era of the brand, the Tom Ford era, I believe he became a creative director or at least partially in 1990, and that was the start of not only an incredible sort of creative stint for the Gucci brand but also business-wise. Gucci started acquiring other brands like East and Bottega Veneta Stella McCartney Balenciaga.

Am I forgetting anybody a lot of really great wonderful brands, Tom Ford even started designing for YSL as well. What like iconic collections, especially his last one and came a Frida Giannini, which I often regard as like my favorite Gucci Designer Bag / Gucci Crossbody Bag for a long time, which I know is like a weird and popular opinion. All of the collections including the Gucci Crossbody Bag, I saw from Gucci growing up. They’re a bohemian ton of gold hardware very luscious and rich and jewel tones came from her Alessandro Mikaella, of course, took the helm of the house. I think that’s how you say it I mean you could say Michele, but I feel like that’s wrong. Beautiful super novel whimsical, out-there pieces brought back a lot of life and color to Gucci Crossbody Bag, so that was my little cliff notes of Gucci’s illustrious history.

And without further ado, let’s get cracking into little Gucci wonders I’ve collected over the years, so I never really know what Order to do this in. But because we were talking about Alessandro Mikaella, why not crack into the Gucci Dionysus Bag? That kind of made him famous before Gucci Marmont Bags came out. There was, of course, the Gucci Dionysus Bag. This is my Dionysus baby. My mother actually was the first to acquire the Gucci Dionysus Bag in our family, and I stole it at an award, a ton. She had a little mini with that beautiful. Well, of course, the classic Gucci canvas with those little pink blooms all over.

I thought it was absolutely adorable and I kept my eye out for a piece that I wanted to get for myself from you know a new aspiring designer I thought it was really cool and when I saw this particular Gucci Dionysus Bag with the bamboo top handle. If you know better, then all right, it was kind of reminiscent of those classic super popular Dionysus bags, the one that Rihanna wore with the sequins and the lips. You know what I’m talking about. It was a little bit more classic and different. I felt like this would become more of a staple in my collection, it’s classic Gucci colors. I wear a ton of red, so this guy comes in handy. 

Next up is another Gucci Crossbody Bag / Gucci Purse for Women. I think it’s considered a python. Maybe I was obsessed with this pink sort of snake print. I thought it was so girly get so edgy I saw one of my favorite bloggers is wearing not this exact Gucci Crossbody Bag, but the class sort of Marmont version of it and I couldn’t find it anywhere. So when this came across our Montreal store, I crushed on it immediately. I love it’s kind of like a big disco Gucci Crossbody Bag a little bit in the back. You have there’s a lot of really beautiful quilting, which kind of gets lost amongst all this cool snake work, but there’s actually, as you can see, a little stitched Gucci logo in the back of this Gucci Crossbody Bag.

It has super practical tons of space in here, which I love. Even the Shoulder strap has a little snake detail, which is really nice that gorgeous gold hardware, as always, and that classic GG logo. As someone who wears pink all the time, I got a ton of wear out of this guy, still love it so much. I love how muted the pink is. It’s easy to style with a lot of different pieces though she hasn’t come out recently that much. I don’t plan on parting with her anytime soon, all right, let’s switch it up and go back in time a little bit before we keep going into this Alessandro Era, because a lot of my bags from Gucci are from like the early 2000s, when I first fell in love with the brand.

Now, this little wonder is actually kind of like current. I could probably wear her out now. It’S that classic again Gucci canvas logo in the black on black. As a girly girl. I of course fell for the hot pink Gucci racing stripe sort of look. Unfortunately, she obviously came out to the bar once or twice, because she’s got some best. Look in the back didn’t make it super well, unfortunately, but this is like a prized possession of mine. I love that classic also Gucci sort of bamboo chain. I consider this one of my most prized possession Hearst loves, always your truest love. That’S not the thing.

What do I keep saying that, for you always you’re? Never your first love never dies. I don’t know if yeah, you know, anyways love this guy, another fun tiny Gucci Clutch bag. I got it from Gucci. Is this tiny little clutch with this big statement jewel? It’S kind of a champagne silvery gold, so you can kind of wear it with any kind of hardware if you’re, not a big mixed metals person, and this was actually the bag. I wore to my prom my graduation, so soft spot for this one. For obvious reasons, tiny evening bag, not much to it, I mean she’s gorgeous it’s like a little. It’s like a little jewel. 

I have a Gucci Fanny Pack Bag, you wanted a fanny pack. I think they still make these same identical models and two sizes. This is the smaller one, of course, classic Gucci, red and green around the belt. I could tell how big it was because I feel like I used to wear them super low, like back in the day. You know by the way I pray to God that, like nothing, low-waisted ever comes into fashion because, I just can’t, handle that right now, there’s too much going already recently to a fun sort of 90s event. We went last summer to a bachelorette party. I went head-to-toe Gucci I’ll try to insert it here if I can find it so yeah. This guy still definitely comes in handy also, a great theme park bag unzips in the back.

Okay, let’s take a break from the vintages and continue on the fanny pack wavelength with like Gucci bum bag. This was a great purchase. I don’t even know I don’t have any bad things to say about it. I got it when it was first released, so the price point was also better than it is now. They have it in black, white, red, the pink they made a bunch of colors. Since then I really like the way it lends itself to a lot of differences. Look at this, of course, we’re doing wonderfully together again, I wear a ton of Reds, so every time I see this kind of quintessential Gucci stripes. 

Now, let’s dip into a little bit more of a novelty piece, my Canadian flag, Gucci sort of speedy bag, I’m not sure what this model is called, but it definitely resembles the shape of a speedy. I actually got this at the outlet store and I couldn’t help it. It was a great price point. I thought it was so much fun that Gucci was representing my homeland a little bit. I love that the Gucci canvas was Navy with white leather. I thought it was really pretty, especially with this big Canadian flag repin on the side. I wear this one every year on Canada Day a great for hockey games. If I ever go to the Olympics, you know what I’m packing. It was just a really fun purchase. I do not regret it speaking of fun purchases. I do not regret it, I’m not sure that’ll be a popular opinion. B

Gucci has a great return policy, so you can always bring it back and when it came in, I just couldn’t justify this 3d printed again. It’S beautiful. It feels it feels like a piece of art again, not something I would necessarily wear out of the house when I get back to that later, but it felt definitely like a beautiful piece, but I could not justify the price point for it. It’S also hand-painted, which is really really pretty anyways fast forward. Peter goes to the Gucci store with it to return it for me. When he pulled this Gucci Bag out of the bag, apparently the whole store got into a tizzy. Everyone was gawking at it saying, oh, my God, why are you returning this and it’s so hard to find? He comes back home with the bag, but this bag is still in the bag and he’s like I couldn’t return it. 

I was still considering returning it and it sat in its garment bag or its dust bag at the door for a long time, but I think I don’t know I just couldn’t part with it. After all, I thought it’d be a great great, great piece for kind of our shelves. I just think it’s so special and beautiful and kind of a fun piece of Disney Gucci history. Little did. I know that and what would be coming next. It’S downstairs on our kind of beautifully curated shelves that I really take a lot of pride in and I actually took it to Disney once. I would not recommend it, the bag feels fragile to me. It’S probably not, but I like to take great care of it. So it is kind of a fashion artifact in our home that I love staring at and yeah all right. Well, we’re talking Mickey!

Next, we will talk about the Gucci Mickey Bucket Bag? I kid you not. When this collection, first was released on the internet over a hundred of you did message me that day saying you have to get this. My mother and I headed to our local Gucci store And kind of tried on everything they had absolutely every piece I had such a wonderful selection. The SA was so lovely, so I tried on all the clothes look at all the leather goods and though I did kind of want them all like. I know myself better than that and I find that buying something in excess, often you cherish your pieces less. If you get one piece from a collection that you love, you will definitely love that Designer Bag a lot more. So this is the one I selected.

It is the Gucci Micky Mouse Bucket Bag. I just love that it was a big Mickey centerstage on that fun, sort of vintage Gucci canvas logo. Also, bags this color, I don’t own a lot. I was really happy to see that they took a really fun sort of 70s vintage take on their leather goods. I showed this to you guys in my Disney, the most recent Disney Hall. If you guys want to check it like Disney style, haul, it’ll be here and yeah, I do not regret this Gucci Bag. It is great again to go to the Disney parks.

I have a matching pair of sneakers and dress to wear with it too, so I did that was crazy. I’ll put it here. If you want to see it, but definitely a look to remember and I look forward to getting tons more wear out of this bag in the future, all right, let’s take another trip down memory lane, shall we for three of the bags here very distinctive of the Era: early 2000s – I first up this one. This is my second Gucci bag ever remember this, like this was the style like the banana band. Those pink touches always caught my attention. I love the gold bamboo detail such a moment in history. 

Then you know next up another bag from that same era, but this one I find a lot more timeless, this sort of Gucci boho bag, this bag kind of screams, those Nicole Richie, Rachel Zoe years, everything bohemian and LA and big oversized sunglasses. You know the bigger the bag closer to God. We all went through it. I wear this bag, a ton and I still love it. I think it’s still a beautiful Designer bag. I would definitely still take it out. I think it’s just a classic monogram moment that will definitely never leave my collection. I wore it a ton.

This is my last Gucci bag. It also happens to be my favorite Gucci Crossbody Bag. Have I said that about any of these, yet I don’t think I have because good, because I would have been lying, because this may be a goody Bag? You probably have seen it before in other bag-related videos on the channel, but here she is my very favorite Gucci Marmont Bag. I call it my Sailor Moon bag. I absolutely fell in love with this one similar to the other, but this was like a true sort of love. It wasn’t just lust. This was a really really hard Gucci Crossbody Bag to get a hold of.

I wear pretty much. I’ve said that often before but red pink baby blue, like I’m good to go, that’s pretty much, that’s repertoire. So this prising lee enough went with a lot of what I wear on the daily. You always can get me with a little heart touch. A little pink touch as you could see throughout the collection, so I still get so much joy. I just looking at this one. It’S definitely one of my favorite Gucci Bags that I own so prized possession right here and on that note thus concludes my Gucci Bag collection series.

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