Dior Bag vs Chanel Bag Detailed Comparison

Dior Bag vs Chanel Bag Detailed Comparison for Investment Purpose

One of you wrote to me the other day and mentioned that you had Handbags Collection that you’re building up and you are predominantly by Chanel Bag and looking to add your first-ever deal to it, mainly the Lady Dior Bag. I think this is what you said, and you were asking for my opinion on whether I actually have a preference for either brand and whether I think what bag, I actually think, is worth getting from each brand Chanel Bag or Lady Dior Bag? Now. A lot of you know that I mainly buy from Dior Bag, but actually I think you’d be surprised to know that for a pretty big reason for me, I prefer Chanel Bag. If you’re looking at a once-in-a-lifetime bag, one bag you’re gonna buy you don’t plan on buying any others and you’re thinking yeah. These are two Top Designer Bags that I’d really think about which one is actually best to go forward.

Then hopefully, I’m gonna be able to cover that here. There are six things I’m gonna cover. The first one is which designer bag do you get Dior bag or Chanel and why? The second point is which size bag do you buy? The third point is an investment. Considerations are one better than the other, and when I talk about investment, I’m actually going to give you some actual examples.

That kind of there’s a few of you that have sold luxury bags and you have made the money back, which is definitely a thing and there’s a few of you that haven’t done that and so you’re thinking. Is it really true? Can you really make money on this Handbag? Five is about color, which colors are best to go for, which are safer longer term, and then I’m going to cover at the end. What I think my true, you know my true honest thoughts on each brand and what my kind of final verdict is and what I think.

I’m going to start with Chanel Bag, and I’m going to give you a really really brief history of the Chanel brand. Because I think that’S going to in part, explain what my logic is for this Chanel Bag and what my logic is actually for what bag you should buy out of the lineup of Chanel Bags.

You know Chanel Bag got the Gabrielle, the trendy CC, the Chanel Boy Bag, the Chanel Classic Flap Bag, the Chanel Reissue Bag. I’m going to talk about why? I think that this or the Reissue is the better bet to get there. You go I’ve kind of given it away. So I think the brand was actually born around 1909 so a long time ago, and there were Designer Bags being made by the brand up until that point, but nothing that really took off.

It was in 1955 that the first bag that really made Chanel Bag popular – it was the Chanel 2.55 Bag, not the Chanel Reissue Bag, I’m going to come into that in a second. The Chanel 2.55 Bag, when it came out in 1955 called 2.55 because it came out on the 2nd of February 1955 What made this bag so special. And I think this is why it plays such an important part in your decision process today, is that bag has been around for so long that that is one of the major reasons why it is historically one of those classic bags, where if you buy it in 30, 40 years time, you can still dig it out, you can still wear it. They are still gonna make it the reason why the bag was so popular in 1955 is that it was so different from the Luxury Bags that were in fashion at the time. Now, if you think I actually really like the style of the night, the silhouette Of the 1950s bags because they’re all based on this sort of trapeze shape. So if you look at things like the um, the Airmed’s Kelly, based on a trapeze shape and all of the bags with that kind of shape, you wore them either in your arm or in the crook of your arm. Nothing before has been created that looked like the 255, where it was one of the first bags that you could actually wear on your shoulder and the shape of it.

This came about in 1985 by Karl Lagerfeld. He took the 255 and he sort of gave it a bit of an 80s Karl freshen up. If you will – and one of the main changes was the shape of the flap here, but also the addition of the double CC logo on the front, and when i think about it, I can imagine why this was probably quite popular back in the 80s, particularly If you look at the 80s Luxury Bags, because that logo is actually quite a bit bigger, um 24 karat gold plated as well, that quality looked a lot better than now. But if you think about it in the 80s, where you had sort of like yuppie culture, big logos with the thing it was all about sort of flashing, your successful lifestyle. I can imagine why the bigger the logo, the bigger the business, you know, I think, that’s probably anyone who was living it up in the 80s.

Please let me know, but I would imagine that’s probably why I am going to cover sizes in a minute because i think that the size that you get plays a really important role. In my opinion, on the longevity of the bag, the wearability of the bag and the uh safety of your money when you’re buying the Chanel Bag, then, finally you have the 2.55 reissue. The 2.55 Reissue Bag was a freshened-up version of the 2.55 and it was freshened up by carl for the 50th anniversary of Chanel and it was launched in 2005. For Dior, it’s quite a different story, so with Chanel that kind of first hero bag that first Chanel Classic Bag that really stuck around and is still here today was born in 1955.

Lady Dior Bag was actually born in 1995. On the Dior Bag, can you see this print here? This print is actually said to have been taken from the chair covers used on the chairs at one of the first-ever launches uh of the spring-summer collection back in 1947. I think it was and when they recreated this Lady Dior Bag in 1995, they pulled that forward, and I really like that and that that has sort of become the monogram print.

If you like, in my um opinion, also with this Designer Dior Bag, you will notice a couple of things here. You will see that the deal logo is a kind of chance that has been done on purpose. Christian Dior was someone who was very superstitious. He was very into sort of zodiac um. That’S why there’s a lot of star consolation designs now in the new Maria Grazia Chiuri collection, and he was also very into lucky charms so when they designed this Dior Bag, these went on there kind of, like that, it’s almost like here’s, the bag and there’s like some Good luck for you up until 95 deal was really well known for ready to wear, but when it came to his accessories it wasn’t really standing out.

They didn’t have that signature hero bag, they had other Dior bags on the market, but there wasn’t that one thing. This actually was born as a result of Princess Diana and actually someone else, Bernadette Chirac. Now all the way back in 95, Princess Diana had a trip to Paris coming up visit and Bernadette who was the wife of the former French president Jack Chirac. She wanted to gift. I really like this.

She wanted to gift Diana a handbag on her visit. I love that, because normally would you get gifted, you know some flowers or a bracelet, but to actually say no, I want to. I want to give her a handbag, not just that I want to give her one that doesn’t exist. So Bernadette spoke to the house of Dior. This bag was created, it wasn’t on general release, it was just a one-off.

It didn’t even have a proper name. At that point, I think from what I found out the kind of internal name that they called it was the Choo Choo. I think that’s how you pronounce it. This bag was obviously one that Diana really liked because all over the press, as you can see in some of the images here, she was seen using it quite a lot, that’s a little bit of history Now.

Why is it that I think you really need to think before you buy either a Chanel Bag or a Dior bag? if you’re looking to buy a once-in-a-lifetime bag, do you want to buy one? You know it’s going to be pricey, but you want to buy it drop the money on it, whether it’s vintage, whether it’s new. What which one do I think, what’s this important that you like the brand, I actually think it’s more important than that. You pick a shape of Chanel Bag or Dior that is most suited to your lifestyle. I’m going to give you an example: this bag can be worn on the shoulder.

This is the jumbo size, the size, large, honestly with yourself. If a shoulder bag is not something that you enjoy wearing because they fall off the shoulder and all of the rest of it, if it’s not your thing, although that’s a really worthy bag – and I would say out of everything, I’m going to show you the size Medium in the classic flap in black, with either silver or gold hardware is the safest option out of everything. But it honestly, you think it looks great, but I’m going to find that shoulder strap quite annoying because I want to be hands-free or anything like that. I do think that’s one to avoid, because, although it’s just brilliant and it’s the safest option, that’s not a bag that I use very often because I love it and I’m so glad it’s in the collection um for a financial reason that I’m going to come on to but it’s not a bag that I use as much as this, because I find when I go out, I like to have some. I just put it, particularly with the mini.

I just wear it on my wrist and I’ve got everything that I need in there. Investment considerations are one better than the other. Yes, a lot better, but the two are catching up. Do you know in a way there are certain bags that if you buy them, you blooming well know you’re safe with the money when you buy something that has been around for years and years and is still being made now? Even I see Lady Dior Bag on pre-loved websites or Chanel bags, beaten up old 1980s bags and they’re two three four five thousand pounds because there is still an appetite for them and the way this works is essential, you buy your bag, their crazy money, but all They are ever doing is going up in price.

That’S all the brands do Chanel, and I think this is probably one of the reasons why I lean more to Chanel Bag than Dior Bag when it comes to the safety of money, is that their price rises are so crazy, and yet the demand is so high that they are something that. If you put your money into it, leave it a couple of years and you can walk away with 500, a thousand pounds profit more. So, for example, I bought this in 2016 and it was four and a half thousand, and I do believe at the moment. How much is this bag now 5 000, or something maybe even more? If I were to sell this now, I haven’t even used it. It’S like brand new.

I would definitely depend on the market. It might take me a bit of time to sell it, but I would definitely get my four and a half thousand back because the price of them has since gone up so whoever’s buying. It is actually still getting a discount, but I’m making a profit with Dior Bag, and possibly with the rise of social media on this brand, this is catching up historically and even right. Now I would actually say to any of you if you’re wanting to buy a Lady Dior Bag and you don’t mind vintage or pre-loved, I do you think it’s worth you having a look at pre-loved websites because you can make such a saving on them. Now I’m going to talk about sizing because sizing plays a really big role as well when it comes to which bag.

I think you really need to consider and also that investment point because the size of the bag dictates how much you can resell it. The 255 reissue comes in four sizes: the classic flap comes in five. The Lady Dior comes in four sizes, although, if you’re going to include the nanosize which is technically sold as like a child’s Dior bag, I’ve actually seen a lot of people wearing those and they look quite cool anyway. There’S four or, if you’re, going to include that there are five different sizes currently the way the market currently is when it comes to resale the mini, seems to be the one out of kind of heads and heads with the medium. The mini seems to be one of the ones that make good money resale and I think that’s probably because at the moment I feel like there is a trend for mini bags, the smaller the bag, the higher the price points.

My final thoughts, my personal preference. I prefer the look of the Lady Dior Bag. I love the look of that Dior bag for my lifestyle, I, like the top handle I like the size of it I just like the shape of the Designer bag. However, if it were to come down to um buying something that I know my money’s safe in, I would always go for Chanel Bag, but I wouldn’t do the boy I wouldn’t do the Gabrielle. I wouldn’t do any of those.

I will always be someone that likes to make a saving, and I like to buy something that I know and you know if times get hard. You never know what’s going to happen in the future. Fortunes can change. If I end up back in a corner someday, I like to know that hey, you know I can sell this and there’s 5 000 in it. I like that, and that’s just that’s, I’m quite into investing and stuff like that, and that’s just what I’m like as a person I like to know that I’ve got a safety net and I’ve got savings and I’ve got stuff like that.

And although I have bought bags that are definitely short-term as like the book tote, you know that’s the trend bag for sure, um, and but I make sure I use it so I get that cost per wear when it comes to the bags I buy. I do generally speaking like to know that I’ve achieved that with them value getting your money back, Chanel, lesser sodium quality. I prefer Dior Bag to Chanel, although both are very very close. If I could only have one, it would be really difficult, because I know I wouldn’t probably wear this as much, although if it was the only bag I had, then I probably would – and I would go for this in the size medium if you’re thinking of buying one of these bags – I do personally think both of them are brilliant. I love them.

Video Source: Sophie Shohet Youtube Channel