Crossbody Bags, comparison. Hello, everyone, and welcome back to my channel. I am Shea Whitney, I have 10 designer Crossbody Bags. I love them all, but some are better than others and we’re gonna be ranking them, and I have some criteria here. Today I will be ranking my designer Crossbody Bags from best to worst. I think the worst Crossbody Bag might be a little shocking to you. I have 10 designer Bags including Gucci Crossbody Bag, Saint Laurent College Bag, and Louis Vuitton MM Crossbody Bag. I love them all, but some are better than others and we’re gonna be ranking them, and I have some criteria here…

Balenciaga Crossbody Bags

That is important to me: ease of use, comfort, how much it holds, style, season, and durability. I’m not going to be going over every single criterion for every bag. You guys know I like to cut to the point I like to cut to the chase so I’ll be going over the highlights and the lowlights of each bag and what makes them the best and/or, the worst. I’m gonna go, get the first bag. I don’t know if I mentioned this yet, but I am going to be starting off with the best and working my way to the worst, just because it’s more fun that way, so I’ve got the best one in my hand, and I think it’s probably going to surprise many of you. I’m sure a lot of you will not agree with me, and that is okay, but it is my Balenciaga Crossbody Bags and, oh my gosh. I just love this bag so much.

It meets all of the criteria to perfection for me and I just love how it fits so much. It’S so comfortable fits right on my hip. You can wear it crossbody. You can also wear it top handle. I love how I love this.

In Balenciaga Crossbody Bags, I like a little compartment right here, it’s just the best place for your cell phone, and so it’s just convenient for me. I love how it is black and white, so I feel like I can wear it around the winter, but it’s just classic black and white. So I can wear it year-round and I also love it house a little bit trendy. I know that you know people love classic bags and it does have a classic shape, but it’s definitely more of a trendy piece and I just feel great carrying it. So if you do love a more classic bag, you could go for the Louboutin Alma, which is the same shape as this. This Bag has been a fantastic purchase and, right now it is by far my favorite Crossbody Bag, crazy.

Saint Laurent College Bag

The next one on my list might again surprise you because it is another pretty recent purchase, but I’ve been loving it and it is my Saint Laurent College Bag. I love how it’s grey. It’S such a beautiful gray, color with this gunmetal chain. I just love it so much, but it’s so again durable and that’s very, very important to me.

It’S just carefree. I don’t have to worry about it when I grab it. It’S very similar to the Pichette Matisse, which I also really like so spoiler alert this. That’S all coming, but this did beat that out for several reasons, but it also has this very convenient little pouch back here. I didn’t realize that was so important to me, but it really is it really.

I also like how it’s a magnetic closure, so it’s really easy to get in and out and it does hold quite a bit. I have my stuff packed in here right now, so I did it carry this bag this morning. So, overall, I just really like the style, the color, the durability, the ease of use just again, a lot of my very, very important criteria, at least from my life or met with this Designer Bag. So if you’ve been considering it keep considering it maybe buy it. Okay, so as we go along guys, there are going to be some negatives kind of creep in so the first two bags I at least from my lifestyle.

Louis Vuitton Favorite mm Crossbody Bag

Here is number three Crossbody Bag. So there is a little bit and I’ll just tell you what it is: it’s the Louis Vuitton Favorite mm Crossbody Bag and if I would have filmed this video probably a year ago, this would have been my number one. I have been obsessed with this bag for so long. It really is amazing, it’s so again carefree and easy. This magnetic closure guys this.

That’S what sold me on the bag. I just grab it and I go I can get in and out of it super easy. It’S it’s just. It’S really great bag, but over the years it has started to wear a little bit, especially on this metal piece right here, which can be expected. So I feel like you know, that’s definitely a lot more scratch than it used to be, and then also it’s just a little bit flatter.

It’s a little like a pancake, it’s not too bad. I just feel like with some outfits. If I’m casual, I feel like it’s fine, but if I am a little bit more dressy, I feel like I can’t grab this because it does kind of pull-down. My whole look just because I do feel like it looks a little bit more, a little bit more worn, and this was a really expensive bag. And so it just kind of doesn’t make sense that an expensive bag would kind of bring down my outfit.

But it’s kind of my fault: I wore this Louis Vuitton Favorite mm Crossbody Bag to death. It’S still a great bag, highly recommend it. I do have the monogram strap to go with it. I bought this separately. It was a great decision. If you can get your hands on these, two together really recommend it, because it does come with a Vachetta strap which you kind of has to worry about in the rain. Some people don’t mind, but I really do like these two things together. So, overall love this bag highly recommend it, but if you’re not careful, it does get a little bit flat.

Gucci Marmont Velvet Crossbody Bag

Okay, guys, we’ve got the good old Gucci Marmont Velvet Crossbody Bag in purple color. I love this Gucci Bag. I love it. You see right when I do it like that. That’S the color that it comes off in real life, but it’s velvet. So as far as durability, you kind of have to think about it. When you grab it, you have to plan your day. Is it going to rain? Is this Gucci Bag going to be ruined and that’s kind of the only downside when it comes to this style, color I feel like it elevates your entire look, it holds so much. You can wear it in many ways.

It can definitely be a Gucci Crossbody, but you could also be a Gucci Shoulder Bag because of the chain. It’S really easy to get into it. You just hit this little button here and it’s just it’s. It’S beautiful. It’S like such a pretty bag. Another downside is there has to be something in it to close it, you see that is it closed? No, I guess it’s closed anyway. It does seem like there has to be structure to it, a little bit inside for it to work shouldn’t hit it overall. Love it it’s just it’s velvet, so we’ve got to be careful.

Louis Vuitton Metis Crossbody Bags

Already so we’re on to number five and we are going to talk about the beloved and hated push-up Louis Vuitton Metis Crossbody Bag, and I personally really love mine. There are some negatives to it, but overall I do love this bag. First of all, there are there’s a lot of drama going on with this. Louis Vuitton has had so many issues with this, so many design flaws. I don’t even know if they’re still making it. I’m not sure I should be more up to date with that whole saga, but mine has been great mine, I haven’t had any problems with the glazing or anything like that. Some things that I have noticed because of this you know metal part right here.

I do really like the little push lock in these Crossbody Bags, but it does get very, very scratched. It’S because you’re kind of have to find the little hole and push it in and it’s pretty scratched and that’s okay. There is this Vachetta little handle here, so you have to be mindful again of the rain. I did use Apple guard on mine, so it’s been great. I get a lot of questions about an update on that and, as you can see, I think it looks great i-i’ve never had to respray it.

I’ve only sprayed it once. I think I did two coats, though, and it has kind of darkened, but overall I think it’s been fabulous and then, as far as the inside, I do actually have to store the strap in the front when I store it because it won’t close unless there’s something In the bag, so it’s very similar to the Gucci Marmont Crossbody Bags that I just showed you so that’s kind of weird, so I put the strap in there to close it, but it does hold quite a bit. It definitely holds a lot more than the Saint Laurent Crossbody Bag that I showed you at the beginning of this video, so that definitely is a pro to this. It holds quite a bit, but as far as the style goes, it definitely, in my opinion, has more of a casual vibe, whereas Saint Laurent, it’s just full spectrum, I feel like it – could be dressy. It could be casual.

Everything in between this, for me, is very casual and I do dress very casually most of the time. So usually it’s fine, but that’s just something that I do have to think about when it comes to dressing, but overall I do really like it. I guess I would say you know be kind of cautious because obviously there are some problems, but overall I do like it. I love it. I mean, let’s be real, the next bag on my list.

Chanel Filigree Crossbody Bags

You guys are probably going to be surprised. It’S not higher, but it’s actually my Chanel Filigree Crossbody Bag, and while I do really love it, there are some things that do bother me about it. So the first thing is well. First of all, I do love how it has the Chanel logo right here. I love how it’s a mix of neutrals black beige, I feel like it does just scream Shae and when I unboxed it I was so excited and I still wear it fairly.

A lot like I do really like it, but it just doesn’t feel like as good of quality Chanel as it should, in my opinion, so I feel like the chain strap. It just feels a little bit chancy, I feel like I shouldn’t even use the word. Chintzy when it comes to Chanel, it’s just not as good as Chanel Jumbo Crossbody Bags and some of like the Chanel boy bag. When I feel that version like this, just it feels I don’t know just quite up to par or up to standards. There is this magnetic closure, which usually I do like magnetic closures because it’s easy, but for Chanel, it’s just very classic to have the turnstile lock.

But I do love the colors I feel like it is durable because it’s caviar leather, it’s not lambskin. So I really don’t have to worry about it that much and I haven’t had much color transfer at all. I feel like there was one day I had. I saw like a shadow and it kind of freaked me out, but I actually just kind of wiped it down with some paper towel and blot and water in it, and it came right off. So I think it’s fine, but that did kind of freak me out.

Coach Madison Shoulder Bag / Crossbody Bags

The next bag is this Coach Madison Shoulder Bag / Crossbody Bags, and this is whoa. This is the only contemporary designer bag on this list, so this was still pricey, but not nearly as expensive as the other bags that I show today, it’s still a little bit lower on my list, just because it is a very springy summery bag. It’S white, so I really do have to be careful about the color a little bit. It has held up very very well, but it does have a flower on it. I don’t know. I just feel like a lot of the months. It just kind of sits there and again it is.

It is very, very small, and the inside, though I love that color like I love the inside color. Anyway, I really think the quality is surprisingly amazing and I feel like so many people for the longest time we’re dissing coach and you shouldn’t disco. Because I’m telling you the quality, you can’t tell that this is like a cheaper bag compared to the other bags that I showed today. So I do want to give it points for the price point and the quality, and then with this, this change strap just feels great. I do really recommend Coach seriously look into them I’ll link. I, like everything, that I showed today down below some new versions and pre-loved versions. But if you think, like really high-end designer is too pricey, which it totally is consider coach, because it’s kind of impressive.

Chanel Mini Rectangular Crossbody Bags

We have made it onto the tenth and final designer Crossbody Bag, and it’s the worst one. It’S going to be shocking. It’S gonna shock, you guys as it shocked me, I’m sorry! It is my Chanel Mini Rectangular Crossbody Bags in lambskin leather.

I don’t need to embrace the fact that I’ve grown it’s just really hard because wow, it’s so bad. So anyway, I do really love the bag. I like how it is. Chanel has the good parts of Chanel. It has the turnstile cross, lock thing it has. A very good chain strap here. It’S amazing so much better than the filigree, it’s classic lambskin. So you know that’s where Chanel started. You know. I should love it, and I do love this.

It’S just it is lambskin, and while in my own video, I said how lambskin is a lot more forgiving than what everybody says. I think that is true because I do think lambskin has a terrible reputation with if it’s just gonna be terrible. You know it’s gonna get super marked up and, and while I don’t think it’s as crazy as what people say, it does still get marked up. So, when I did that review video, I had the bag, for I think three months, those stupid You can’t do a review on a bag when you are when you’ve had the bye for three months. I have just grown to love caviar, leather. Let me just get my caviar back.

This is my Chanel Jumbo Crossbody Bag in caviar leather. I personally, everybody has their own opinion, but I have grown to love caviar leather. This is lambskin and while it looks more luxurious, you do have to worry about it, and this was a freaking, expensive bag. This was very expensive and so because doesn’t hold that much and I have to worry about it. I don’t I don’t know.

Video Source: Shea Whitney Youtube channel