7 BEST Everyday Carry EDC Cool Backpacks

7 BEST Everyday Carry EDC Cool Backpacks Review

We have categorized our Cool Backpacks into seven different use cases because there’s no clear winner and everybody has different needs. These are one two three four five, six seven best every day carry EDC Cool Backpacks and I’m not just reading this off of some Amazon list, I own and have tested every single backpack on this list. And the best part is that each one of these Cool Backpacks that we’re talking about in this detailed review has its own independent review. So you can find out more information on each Backpack / Rucksack that you’re most interested in. Real fast before we jump into the video, what is an everyday carry typically an everyday carry. EDC Cool Backpacks are obviously BackpackS that you carry around every day, but it needs to check certain boxes to be an EDC. For instance, an everyday carry, in my opinion, can’t really be any bigger than 28 to 30 liters, but it’s usually best to have an EDC Cool Backpack.

Nomatic Backpack for Tech Gear

That is somewhere between the 15 to 25-liter range that ensures the designer backpack is not too bulky. It’S not sticking out too far and that you’re having a seamless day-to-day travel experience, whether you’re commuting to the gym to work wherever you go usually smaller and more compact is best. The first Cool Backpacks for Adults on our list are the best backpack for tech gear, business people, digital nomads. The Nomatic Backpack backpack is basically what i refer to as a digital, nomad mecca. It has an organization for all of your tech gear and the sleek and modern, and sexy look makes it perfect for business professionals. Some of the specs of the nomadic backpack are as below.

It’S a 20-liter backpack that can expand to 24 liters. The primary exterior material is tarpaulin, which is a smooth and leathery feel, and it’s great for water resistance, but it does get a little scratchy. And all the zippers for the main compartments are PU coated, which means they’re waterproof, which means that your tech gear is going To be super safe. Nomatic is a company, that’s very famous for its features and organization. In that main compartment, I showed you, but then also this little organizational masterpiece right here is great for tech gear, all your tidbits just to kind of keep you organized while you’re on the move.

Con number one for Nomatic Cool Backpacks is going to be the hole going into briefcase mode, the back panel. Actually, pops out – and you can slide the shoulder straps into here, therefore stowing the shoulder straps away and going into like briefcase mode. I don’t think it works that great though. Con number two is that, while the tarpaulin material is great for its water resistance, it does get scratched. You see that scratch right there, I’m not sure if you guys can make it. Oh yeah, you see that scratches on this thing are gonna be somewhat of a permanent look.

AER Duffel Pack 2  Backpacks

Okay, Cool Backpacks number two on our list is the best everyday carry for the gym. The AER Duffel Pack 2 is a perfect cool backpack for anybody who works hard and works out hard. The reason I say that is, we got a dedicated laptop sleeve right here with a bunch of pockets for your tech gear laptop nice and secure in there. But then you also have the gym aspect with the duffel look where you have the main compartment and then you’re in, like duffle mode, throw your towel in there throw your protein shake in there. Maybe a couple of Gatorade and the cherry on top is that we all know you need to change your shoes for the gym.

So at the bottom of AER Duffel Pack 2, you have a ventilated shoe compartment. And ventilated shoe compartments are very important because the last thing you want your backpack is to smell. Like your smelly, ass gym shoes, this pack is made from premium materials which include YKK weatherproof zippers, Cordura ballistic nylon on the exterior, which has a really nice smooth touch to it. But it’s actually incredibly durable and also included is some of AER’s signature, comfortable padding. It’S like a mattress. Some other specs are that this guy comes in at 25 Liters, it’s pretty minimalist. You just got basically the main duffel compartment, the laptop compartment, and a pretty dope side panel, which we’ll talk about real fast. I love this side panel for additional organization. It’s an easy to access great place to keep things that you need to access quickly and the zipper is very smooth.

Now some pros and cons about the AER Duffel Pack 2. Pro number one is going to be all the premium materials I’m talking about, the Cordura ballistic nylon, the YKK zips. We got some Duraflex hardware. Pro number two is going to be the next-level comfort. For me, this is one of the most comfortable backpacks I have ever worn. The padding is fantastic and the long shape of the backpack fits my torso very nicely. And finally, pro number three is going to be the dope tech compartment with all of its sweet ass pockets in there and actually is very functional. And it’s made with pretty high-quality materials as well.

Peak Design Everyday Backpack

Okay, backpack number three is our best everyday carry backpack for photographers. The Peak Design Everyday Backpack is legendary in the photography and travel gear game they’re very thoughtful with their design. Hence the name Peak Design. This iconic backpack is raised like a Kickstarter and is incredibly feature-heavy. It’S got a very futuristic modern design and they always include really cool and unique features, some of which, being like these magnets on the shoulder straps love that for keeping the bag nice and tidy, and what makes it a great photography backpack is the side access as well as peak designs, included flex, full dividers, which basically work as like a cubby system where you can organize all of your gear.

We have got a swivel system at the top. This is ideal for photographers as you’re trying to bring your bag around. It helps you get easier access to those sides, pockets where your camera is and another great example is this mag latch right here, which is custom made in-house by peak design. It makes a pretty awesome carrying experience with some quick specs. It is a 20-liter backpack that can, theoretically, if you lift this higher, go to 23 liters, but you’re not really gonna want to, because it doesn’t always fit very well. It doesn’t always look great, but if you’re rocking it just as a 20 liter, it’s perfect peak design, zippers are also made in-house, and one cool thing about them is that they are lockable check. It just goes ahead and unlocks right there.

Boundary Supply Prima System Cool Backpacks

It’S the Boundary Supply Prima System Cool Backpacks. What I mean by creative is like, if you’re the type of person who has a film camera, you know that you take photos with and you like to shoot videos on your youtube channel and you draw a little bit. You got like 10 moleskin notebooks. This is your guy one of the coolest things about this. Boundary Supply Prima System Backpack is just the way that it looks. Look at it dude, it’s so cool. We have got all those black sleek, modern backpacks, been there, done it before Boundary. Supply premium system really takes a different angle with its design and it looks smashing cool. It’S got that IndianaJjones, like an adventure. Look at it.

This Boundary Supply Prima Backpack is loaded with features from the double Fidlock buckles on the top, easily my favorite opening and closing system for any backpack, any top loader backpack that I’ve ever used. Ah, that’s so much fun, but it’s so good for creatives because of all the things that actually come with it, for instance, in the tech compartment. This backpack comes with this. It’S a field space which is basically like a portable office, good for your notebooks, some tech gear, pencils, pens, it’s a perfect size for a sketch pad. So this is all your like creativity, stuff right there, but it’s like a dude.

If you want to see more, but on the flip side, there are definitely a few cons with this backpack. Con number one, I feel this way about all boundary supply backpacks – I don’t find the shoulder straps comfortable. In fact, I find them really uncomfortable they’re, durable, which I understand, but they’re, really coarse and really rough when you’re putting the bag on and taking it off. It can really irritate your arms and con number two is going to be the compromised ability to get into the actual main compartment. You got to kind of work for it, you got to undo the fit locks and, if something’s on the top, that’s fine, but if you got to get really in there, you got to do one of these and it’s just one centralized zipper getting to the bottom. Can be a little bit of a nightmare.

Bellroy Classic Backpack every day carry for College Students

Next up on our list is the Bellroy Classic Backpack every day carry for College Students. We actually get a lot of questions and comments from college students asking for recommendations on backpacks, and I think that this is your best option. The reason being it’s pretty affordable compared to the other every day carries Cool Backpacks, but also just got like that kind of classic school academic. Look at it you’re not trying too hard, but it still says: I’m smart we’ve got some really nice materials. We have got like a weatherproof polyester here. It feels a little coarse to the touch, but it’s very durable, YKK zippers are not weatherproof for the main compartment, but weatherproof with a waterproof lining on the laptop compartment.

Let’S talk about some pros and some cons of the Bellroy Classic Backpack. Pro number one is that it’s actually a super minimalist backpack, there’s not a lot of hidden features and pockets and all that stuff. On this, it’s just a really basic backpack that’ll, which gets you around from point a to point b. Pro number two has got to be that smart, look, love the leather tabs, love sort of the classic, retro-style design. And pro number three is actually this pocket right here, really great functionality, it’s kind of hidden. You know I actually forgot to even talk about it for a second, but it’s also easily accessible, and it’s got a key ring. Holder loves this pocket.

On the flip side, a few Cons of Bellroy Classic Cool Backpacks are:  I wouldn’t say this bag’s uncomfortable, but it’s definitely not the most comfortable bag. I’ve ever used shoulder straps are fine, but there’s a kind of lack of a back padding that has ventilation it’s better than a basic Jansport Backpack. But it’s not as good as some of the other Cool Backpacks that we reviewed on this channel. Con number two is that this little flap right here is designed to sort of protecting this zipper and give the bag a sleeker look. But sometimes when you’re opening it, It kind of gets caught on the corners a little bit. See right there, I’m getting caught you’ll learn how to use it, but there’s a bit of a learning curve with it.

Modern Dayfarer Backpack

Next up on the list is our best everyday Carry for urban people, it’s the Modern Dayfarer Backpack. This is one of the newest backpacks in my arsenal. I just reviewed it and I was blown away by its build and the features that it has. It’S got a really interesting, boxy look and a sleek sort of urban design, but it’s not specific necessarily to one kind of person.

This Modern Dayfarer Backpack is an 18-liter backpack that can go to 22 liters kind of all of which is done by this Fidlock magnet, which is like the most important thing of this bag. I think really great hardware Fidlock makes the best magnetic hardware in the game, and it just clips right in clips right out really satisfying the Cordura ballistic nylon is the same that the air backpacks use smooth to the touch but quite durable. We have also got some PU-coated zippers, most importantly protecting your laptop in the tech compartment. But yeah all those things considered as to why I kind of made it like its own category for this bag. I wanted to include it. This is just great for somebody who lives in an urban environment does lots of different things and needs a backpack that can sort of do all those things.

Cons of Modern Dayfarer Backpack: this backpack has got a little bit of strange comfort to it, see how we have like these three panels. These guys are great for comfort in ventilation, but this one’s a little bit strange, not very common on backpacks, took me a while to get used to.  And con number two is that, while it’s a top loader, you got to really be careful about the way that you close this guy. Because, if you’re just kind of packing it in like these little flaps will stick out and it looks off. So you gotta like see, so you gotta pay extra care that when you’re closing it everything is folded inside nice and neat.

Wandrd Duo Daypack

And the last Cool Backpacks on our list are the best everyday carry all around the Wandrd Duo Daypack. The water duo is 20 liters, which is perfect for an all-rounder. Everyday Carry 20 Liters is just that sweet spot as to where the modern-day pharaoh was kind of like a good urban all-arounder. This is like a true all-arounder backpack. Do you live in a city and take urban photography? This backpack can do it. Are you hiking on a beach? It’S literally waterproof. Do you get a business meeting boom? It’S got a sleek enough look. This guy can accompany you. It just can do a little bit of everything and, on top of it, it’s just so well designed. The main exterior material is a high quality, tarpaulin great for water resistance and it’s actually more scratch-resistant than other tarpaulins.

Pro number one for Wandrd Duo Daypack: going from the tech compartment to this pocket right there, and then these absolutely amazing lens holders that can really hold anything, this is awesome. Pro number two is: what they did with just the materials where it’s like this sleek black, modern, looking backpack that you can also take to the beach. Pro number three: it has actually got a pretty sick front pocket right here, super easy, super basic, but it just accomplishes the job. That’S all you needed to do.

But I got a few cons with Wandrd Duo Daypack. Con number one is: I don’t think it’s the most comfortable backpack I’ve ever used. The back panel is very durable, but it’s really firm, almost too firm. I’d say the same thing about the shoulder straps. Con number two is that the materials are so waterproof and so airtight and the black materials. So what I’m saying is, if you go to the beach, this is in the sun whatever’s inside gonna be kind of like an oven in there, something to keep in mind. You could slow cook a beef brisket in this thing, no problem into the beach sunny day pop the beef brisket in there it’ll be perfectly tender in about five to six hours.

Video Source: Nomads Nation Youtube Channel