Authenticate a Gucci Bag, Crossbody, Backpack, Gucci Book bag, Purse 4 being Real!

Authenticate Gucci Bag, Crossbody, Purse, Backpack, Gucci Book bag 4 being Real!

Gucci Bag, Gucci Crossbody Bags, Gucci Backpack, Gucci Bookbags, Gucci Purse Authentication. Here you will learn, how to Authenticate Gucci Bags and Gucci Handbags for being Real or Fake!  I’m Chloe and welcome to another episode in the Bags authentication series. Today I’ll be going over my four-step guide to authenticating a Gucci Bag. By the end of this video: you will be able to authenticate your own Gucci Bags, Gucci Backpacks, Gucci Purses, Gucci Shoulder Bag, Gucci Crossbody Bag, and Gucci Book Bag. if you’re buying it on a reseller site or if you have one in your closet, and you want to just go check and make sure it’s authentic you’ll be able to use this four-step checklist. 

Okay, so for today’s Gucci Bag video I’ll be going along and authenticating the process as we go with the four-step checklist and I’ll, be using this Gucci Bag. The Gucci Ophidia GG canvas Shoulder Bag. I will be using this Gucci Bag and we’ll get a real First hand, example of everything I’ll be talking about in the Gucci Bags Authentication checklist. Okay, so first up on the checklist is the material of the Gucci Handbag, either leather or the canvas, that’s usually going to be the go-to’s for the Gucci Handbags. So, for example, the one that I showed you just now, this one is the canvas material right here, as you can see, it has the GG print it has the classic green and red stripe, and you see the logo right here as well with The double G’s, so something to note about this canvas material.

If you want the G’s to be facing each other it’ll? Be that a repeating pattern? It’S not to get confused with the older prints that Gucci Bags used to have, which were the diamonds, the Gucci diamante style, so that was in the very beginning. If you see one Gucci Bag with that, it’s still real, it’s just a vintage style. But what we’re talking about today will be the GG canvas. You’ll just see this repeating pattern. Okay, so for the canvas on this material of this Gucci Bag, you’ll be having the G’s. They should face each other with the left hand the G facing to the right and the right hand the G facing to the left, and so. When this is replicated incorrectly, it’s really sloppy, and easy to spot a fake. So you just want to really pay attention to this. The Serifs of the G’s should be long and elegant, so the part that extends into the G should never be longer as well as the part that extends towards the opposite G.

They should not be blurry, they also should not look modern or too chunky, but rather slim and elegant, as you can see, and also the rounded part of the g should be a perfect oval. It shouldn’t be pointed in any weird place or direction, and then something else to note about the pattern is there will be these two dots that will be interconnecting the G’s. And this is something to look out for as well like where the spacing is and how many dots there are because a lot of times you’ll see counterfeiters, who will get that wrong. They’ll have either too many little dots in between or they’ll, be weirdly spaced, so just really pay attention and look at an authentic Gucci Bag. These details and just keep that in mind when you’re looking at other Gucci Bags as well to try and authenticate. So it should just be really clean, not sloppy at all, and just have those two dots in between each of the G logos. Another thing to note is that this logo in Gucci Bag should be woven into the canvas.

It should never be printed. So if you look closely as well, you’ll be able to tell if it was printed or if it was woven. And another thing to note is just if you can feel the Gucci Bag when you’re authenticating it. It helps a lot. It feels so much more real. I think you can tell just by everything like the stitching and stuff. The Gucci Bag stitching will always be very tight and just nice and like even won’t, be messy at all. Really they take such good care of these details in a Gucci Bag. It’S really important and yeah you’ll just be able to really tell and feel the canvas should be like a little rougher and just you know, feel like canvas and over time it can soften.

You know a new Gucci Bag is going to feel a little stiffer when you’re first buying it. I forget these leather Gucci Bags. Another common print is the Gucci sima logo, where it’s, the classic GG print, and it’s embossed onto the leather. I’ll show a picture as well on the screen. So you guys can take a look and see, so that will also just be very well defined. It won’t look messy or sloppy you’ll be able to really see the actual print of this Gucci Bag and the G’s and the designs. So it will just be very clear as well.

Okay, so next up on our Gucci Bag authentication list is to check the hardware. So hardware can be a really big giveaway and a good go-to to look at when you’re trying to authenticate a Gucci Bag. If you’re looking and the hardware is like hollow feeling or just kind of like just tarnished or just, doesn’t feel like high quality, then that’s a really good giveaway, because the Gucci Bag hardware should be very sturdy and solid feeling. It’ll actually be pretty heavy like this one. When I have this Gucci Bag on my shoulder, it will lean a certain direction where both of them, the hardware zippers, are because they’re just so heavy and solid okay. So for the hardware also, it will be metal, it will never be like plastic or a different type of material, and a lot of the Gucci Handbags, Gucci Backpacks will have Gucci engraved on the zipper. So you can look for that and it should be clear and legible.

It’s not going to be sloppy at all. That’S a pretty good giveaway that it’s a fake and then with the actual, the zipper part it’s always going to be metal. So, as you can see here as well, it’s just going to be metal and on some of the newer Gucci Bags, Gucci Purses. It just depends on the style, but you’ll have this right here as the zipper pull and as you can see, it’s very weighty and metal. It’s a little heavy, and so this one looks like it checks all the boxes for the zippers it’s not tarnished or anything.

It looks like pretty good quality. Okay, so now talking about the hardware, with the logos on the Gucci Bag, the logo used to be with the two G’s overlapping and facing each other. I will also put an image on the screen and also an example of a vintage youtube wallet where you can see the logo very clearly with the two G’s that it used to be. But then in 2016 Alessandro Michelle, the new creative director for Gucci – and he still is today, switched around the logo. So that’s why you’ll see some Gucci logos on Gucci Handbags.

That is a little different than what you’ll see on some of the newer Gucci Bags, Gucci Crossbody Bags, and Gucci Bookbags and that’s okay, it’s just because the logo was updated. So now, on a lot of the newer Gucci Handbags, you’ll be seeing this logo right here and, as you can see, it’s two G’s still, but they’re overlapping and they’re facing the same direction. So just really paying attention to that and the way that their arms curve right there and then so. You will also see on some of the other Gucci bags like Gucci Dionysus, you’ll see leather or it will just be plain Leather. It won’t have embossed on it and then you’ll have some that are the canvas material as well and the on the flap. For the closure, I’ll put a picture up. You will see the clasp is a tiger, so it’s like a fun little clasp to close this Gucci Bag. So that’s really common as well to see. They have a lot of different types of styles that came out with Alessandro Michelle and another really popular Gucci Bag that we’ve seen over the last couple of years.

This Gucci Bag has really stayed in style, and is the Gucci Marmot bag? So it’s a leather bag with a quilted pattern on it, and then it has a very big Gucci logo with the new design of the overlapping G’s and it’s really sleek. So almost the top of the G curving over it’s a little thinner than the other part of the G. Okay, so so far this Gucci bag has checked off the list. Completed our two authentication items so far, so let’s move on to the third.

The third authentication item is, the Serial Number Tag, and this is a really good indication. A lot of people think to spot the real Gucci Bag from the fake Gucci Bag. So this will be found. It’S a leather little tag and it’ll be found inside of the Gucci Purse, and it will either be like a square or a slight rectangle shape with some curved edges. It will not be all the way sent down into the bag. I will pop a video on as well to show you what I found in this Gucci Bag right here. So, as you can see it flaps up and that’s where you can see the serial number code and it will be between 10 to 13 numbers in total. If you’re interested in buying Gucci Bags make a point to really study this. So they include the trademark symbol at the top of the tag although occasionally it will be missing from like older Gucci Bags, vintage ones. The word Gucci is in the middle, with the letter G formed the same way as it is in the interlocking cheese of the logo. The words Made in Italy at the bottom and the words should be all lowercase and then the same font as the name of the company.

Just above it, and also the Serifs on the G are equal. Unlike the interlocking G’s that are not, and also another. The interesting thing to look at for lettering is u in Gucci so that is going to have a thicker side on the left hand, side of the? U versus, on the right hand, side it’ll be a little thinner. So that’s an important thing to look out for and then for the other letters when you’re looking at the seas, in the board, Gucci they’re going to be very round as well and resemble the G and how circular it is seen.

The first row of numbers is the style of the Gucci Bag, and the second row is the supplier batch code, from where the Gucci Handbag came from. However, something to really note as well is that that number, the code on the bottom of your cereal tag is not going to be unique just for your bag  So, for example if this Gucci Bag right here came from a certain factory, and then it has the style of the Gucci Bag on the top there. There’s gonna be other Gucci Bags that are coming from that same factory. That will have the exact same code. So it’s really just to tell you where it came from, so don’t be alarmed as well, if it’s the same as someone else’s okay and then something else that Gucci did that’s starting in around 2016 or 2017.

Up until 2021, they actually put QR codes inside of the Gucci Bag. It will be this little black tag and it’ll have a QR code on it, and this actually helps you authenticate the Gucci Bag, which is super cool. I wish other designers did this as well because it would just be really easy to help a lot so you’ll just scan it with your phone and it’ll help. You authenticate that the Gucci Bag is truly like where it came from and it’s authentic.  Everything checked out with my Gucci Bag here with the Serial Tag on the top and the bottom, we had those numbers and the logo looked good and clear. It had the trademark. So that’s checked off the list.

So last but not least, we’re going to be checking on the list is the Dust Bag and the cards the papers that come with the Gucci Bag. Gucci Bags are always packaged very nicely. It should never be wrapped in plastic or anything like that’s a huge sign that it’s a fake so like run the other direction. A Gucci Bag should be packaged nicely and they’ll come in a duster bag as well like this one on the screen, You have to inspect it pretty closely as well. it’ll be like a very nice, almost like satiny material, just very high quality, and the little logo here will be stitched on. So it’s very delicate like hand-stitched, as you can tell and it’ll be stitched on the top and the bottom, but not on the sides. So that’s something else to note and it’s almost like an off-white and then it has Gucci and black. So look closely at some other ones that you’re questioning if they’re, fake or real? Because some of the fakes will come with duster bags, but they’ll not be of great quality, and so this one, as you can see it’s some nice straps right here and they’re both On this side, the left side of the Gucci Bag. So you’ll just pull it close, and this is where you can keep your Gucci Handbag when you’re not using it. So everything looks good with this. It checks off all of the things on the list.

I will pop up some examples on the screen as well, so you can compare what’s fake and what’s real, so you know what to look out for. Last but not least, look at the papers that come with the Gucci Bag. So Gucci bags come with a card that is called Controllato Card. And, this Gucci Bag, unfortunately, does not have one because I rented this Gucci bag from a place to inspect it. So it did not come with one. They did not send me one. It’s not also the only thing that you should look for and authenticate the Gucci Bag. That should not be the only thing, because people can if you’re selling a pre-loved bag. It may not come with one, because the person who had it before could have like misplaced it or something, but also these can be replicated as well. 

We have to go through the four-step checklist that I’ve been talking about. So the cards will be white,  and the older ones in an off-white, and the newer cards and Controllato means checked in Italian, and it’s proof that the Gucci Bag went for. The quality control process is what it means. So the card reads Gucci Controllato and underneath are the numbers one two three four five, six, seven, eight nine, and zero. There are two problems like I mentioned, with using the card to just tell you if your bag is real or not, where they can be misplaced or switched out. If your Gucci Bag doesn’t have a card, it doesn’t mean it’s automatically dismissed as being a fake. So, in addition to the Controllato card, there are also the information cards, and this too can get separated from the Gucci Bag or produced by counterfeiters. So one that doesn’t look right, for instance, like the logos and cracked can be used to show that the Gucci Bag is counterfeit. But a lot of these cards can’t be used to show that this Gucci Bag is not genuine because they can always be misplaced and new bags.

Also, Gucci Bags have a label inside of the bag, with a QR code on it that i mentioned earlier. I would encourage you to look at that over just the card that comes in. I would still check it out if one of those papers and cards came in the Gucci Bag, just to take a look and see if you can identify anything from it. But like I’ve been saying you can’t just base something if it’s real or not off of just like one factor, you have to look at the whole comprehensive picture. So that’s why we go through the four-step checklist to authenticate a Gucci Handbag.

Okay. So after going through the four-step checklist, we went through and used this Gucci Bag as an example and everything checked off our list great except we did not have the papers and the cards since this was a rented Gucci Bag. That’s okay because everything else checked off great. There were no red flags, so I can say that this is an authentic Gucci Bag. We went through the whole process and I hope it helped you guys as well to learn a little more about what to look for the details that are very important.

I hope you learned how to authenticate a Gucci Bag and you’ll be able to use this information going forward.

Video Source: Chloe Cooley Youtube Channel