GUCCI MARMONT BAG COMPARISON – Medium vs Small size Hot Bags

GUCCI MARMONT Comparison between Gucci Marmont Bag Medium and Gucci Marmont Bag Small size. At the end of this Gucci Handbags Review, you will know – which one of these Gucci Bags is more popular. More knowledge about Gucci Handbags on sale including Gucci Purse Women, and the quality of Gucci Women Bags. Hi everyone. Today I’m gonna show you the comparison between the Gucci Marmont Bag medium and small sizes. Not too long ago I did a video for unboxing my Gucci Marmont Bag small, and I also have a video talking more in-depth about the medium size Gucci Bag. So I thought it’s gonna be just perfect, which have one video to compare the two sizes of Gucci Marmont Bag, the small and the medium.

Which seem to be the most popular sizes out of all the sizes that the Gucci Marmont Bag has. That is like a lot Of variety in sizes, as well as in color. So if you want to know more about the Gucci Marmont Bag comparison, then keep on watching. So I have both of the Gucci Marmont Bag in front of me and I’m just gonna show you the comparison between the two sizes.

This Gucci Marmont Bag is the medium size in the nude color, and this Gucci Marmont Bag is in a small size in black color. As you can see, side-by-side both Gucci Handbags and Purses are gorgeous both are identical, except for the sizes. And here, I just loved both of the colors so much and the nude really speaks to me at first because it is like the perfect minute. But the black Gucci Marmont Bag is always a classic and you can never go wrong with a small black Gucci Bag.

So the first. Let’S just talk about the pricing here. This Gucci Marmont Bag at the medium one retails for two thousand four hundred and ninety dollars here in the States and the small one retails for nineteen hundred eighty dollars here in the States. And the Gucci Marmont Bag comes in various different sizes as I mentioned, and they also come In various different colors and also designs. They have like the velvet one, which is slightly less expensive than the leather ones. But this Gucci Marmont Bag also has all these accessories like studs and everything, which is a price a little bit more.

But I just love the basic Gucci Marmont Bag. I guess this is just more classic in my opinion. Now, let’s talk about the measurement, and let’s go with the medium Gucci Marmont Bag first. So this is the medium one, and this is 12 inches in width, 7 and 1/2 inches in height, and three inches in that. Now, let’s compare it with the small one. This is a small one.

The small Gucci Marmont Bag is 10 inches in width, six inches in height, and the same depth, which is three inches, so it has to save that, but obviously different wealth and different height. So that’s the comparison between the two sizes, as you can see, both Gucci Marmont Bag have the black heart at the back, and both are gorgeous. I feel like I talked about this one. I did a video about my Gucci Marmont Bag medium, but I talked about the two sizes. I feel like the medium one is slightly too big to be worn as a Crossbody Bags for Women, but you do have the options to wear both of the bags as Crossbody Bags.

So the chain can be worn as a top over Shoulder Bag like, so also the same as the small one like. You can totally wear both backs over as the Shoulder Bag and you can also wear the Gucci Marmont Bag as a Crossbody Bag because of the chain and the straps, which I love. This Gucci Marmont Bag has a leather part right here, which makes it super comfortable. When you want to wear it on your shoulder, and so it does like extend when you go like that, and you can wear it or as a Gucci Crossbody. But as I mentioned in my previous video that the medium size is just slightly so that you can wear it as a Gucci Crossbody, but I feel like it’s just all slightly too big for me for my liking to be a crossbody.

But I still would wear it as a Crossbody Bag because I do have the option, but for the small one I feel like it’s more perfect to be worn as a Gucci Crossbody, and it does remind me a little bit of this classic Chanel flap. And even though it’s totally a different bag, people say it’s a different Gucci Bag, but I kind of see the similarity and you cannot say that you cannot see it’s just the same Leather Bag with a flat. Even though what it looks like for, the small Gucci Marmont Bag as a Gucci Crossbody, I feel like it’s just it’s perfectly in the sizes. The sizing is perfect for the small one to be worn as a Crossbody Bag, and I just again love the gold antic looking here because it’s just not a shiny, yellow gold, it’s just that antique-looking gold. And now, let’s just see what fits inside, so now we are changing and go all outback.

I do have in front of me a spread of some random items that I do bring along with me from time to time. Not all of them at the same time, but you get the gist. I do sometimes bring all of them, but let’s just start from the medium Gucci Marmont Bag, because it is a bigger size and let’s see what it can fit inside. So, let’s just start from my notebook. These are just some random notebooks that I like to bring with me to take notes and everything, and now I have my passport holder. This is just a black basic one from my dad, and I have my Louie Vuitton Round Coin Purse and fits inside there. No problem still a lot of room. It barely makes a dent there. So, let’s just put in my current holder there, I don’t know you can see it is at the right angle. Okay, there you go so that there and then I do have this perfume which I do get a lot of complement.

When I wear this, so I don’t really bring a full-size perfume with me, but this is just for show for demonstration purposes and as always, I have my slim blond wallet, which I always carry with me as well as my cardholder, and then I have my Louis Vuitton 6 ring key holder, which is perfect and still a lot of space. As you can see this Gucci Marmont Bag just has a lot of space inside, and I do have a lipstick that I am wearing right now. This is the Dior Addict Lipstick in the color. I love this new lipstick and I also love the packaging and it fits there. I have my phone of course, which you can just easily slip in the back compartment there. I have some snacks which, just in case I’m hungry when I’m out or and about I have my gum, which I always carry with me just because I just look like I have gum with me, and I have some. This is like a small pen case that I got from Muji, just like colorful colors, to write on my notebook.

I just love that, and it gets quite happy right now, but it still has a lot of space now, because now it’s spring and it’s allergy season, you can always get allergies and you can never go around bringing a pack of tissue. This is what I got from Indonesia. I don’t think that you have this kind of packaging here in the States, which is very cute. And hello kitty, I do love me some Hello Kitty, so that fits inside and I can still fit more. Let’s just try to fit my Louie fit on mini Pichette, because I do bring this everywhere with me. Okay, it’s kind of getting cut right there.

Let me just stick this out, take this out and just reshuffle several things in there. And then pull it back in because it does what it is very roomy.  I can still fit my snack – and this is another cardholder that has a lot of Like gift cards and stuff that I like to keep with me. Sometimes when I’m shopping, so I don’t forget, let’s see if it can fit inside. I don’t want it. Okay! I don’t want to push it too much, but that’s what Gucci Marmont Bag took at the moment. 

I probably don’t need to bring this with me. I can probably go without this anyway in my day today. So that’s what fits inside, it’s closed. Even though I feel like the back is totally super heavy right now, because of the amount of stuff that’s in it right now, it fits quite a lot. So now, let’s just move this stuff, that’s inside the Gucci Marmont Bag medium one to the small size which I’m sure it’s not gonna fit as much, but we’ll see how it goes, alright.

So, just like my life, I’m always winging all of this okay. Let’s just start with my Gucci Marmont Bag mini Pichette, I got it right there all my essentials because that’s what you want to know if it fits your essentials and everybody’s essentials are different. But this is my cardholder, which I bring with me all the time. My Tom always and then I will put on put in my lipstick and then my move it on Queen purse and my phone, which it also has a slip compartment here at the back, which right now it’s closed. Let me just open that and then I can easily put my phone in the back pocket, right. Then I don’t think I can fit this tissue inside just because it’s just too cramped – and I don’t want to. I don’t want to expand the leather unnecessarily and then my long slim wallet always goes with me everywhere. And, of course, my car keys and that goes in there, and right now it’s back. I don’t think it will fit my passport, my pancakes, my books, and my German perfume. So I don’t think that it will fit inside. But that’s probably basically all the things that I usually bring with me anyway, so it does fit all of that stuff and I’m happy with what it fits inside this smaller size.

One thing that I want to point out, though, is that my Gucci Marmont Bag medium one, I got this pretty lot from Fashionphile and the small one I got it brand new from the Gucci itself. There’s a much difference in the structure of the leather. At the moment, because I’ve had this Gucci Marmont Bag for a while, this is also pre-loved, and this is brand new. And I feel like seeing how the difference of the ladder right now both are still soft leather. But I can see how, over time the leather will just get softer and more squishy, because now the medium one, the one that I have here, is much more squeezy than the small Gucci Marmont Bag one. And I don’t think that it will be that big of a deal. But I do think that over time the black arm will also get more squishy, so I have to be mindful.

I guess it’s something that you also have to be mindful of. If you’re thinking about getting this back, it’s not something that I don’t think it’s something. That’s too high maintenance, but it’s just something that you just need to be aware of that over time. The leather will change in structure, but it’s still very, very good leather and very good quality leather in my opinion, and it just still smells like leather.

Even though this Gucci Marmont Bag has been here for quite a while, it is also pretty love and yeah, I just love the back so much both of them, and I have no complaint. That’s all for my Gucci Handbags video today, my comparison within the Gucci Marmont, medium and small. I hope this video can be helpful and useful for you guys and you also enjoy the video.

Video Source: Heyamadea Youtube Channel