12 Best Gucci Bags and the Worst Bag Review to Buy Now

Gucci Bags, 12 Best and the worst Bag Review. We are going through the best and worst of Gucci Cross Body Bags | Gucci Handbags reviews You may avoid making a Gucci Bag, Gucci Backpack for Women,¬† price tag expensive mistake by reading through this or watching the video. So, make sure that you stay tuned until the end, when, I’m going to reveal the final details of the Crossbody Bags Gucci and Gucci Bags Women, I would most like to add to my collection. As we all know, Gucci is one of the top reputable Fashion Brands in the world and well respected for its high-quality Fashion Products. Gucci Handbags pros and cons will also be analyzed.

Questions that I get asked a lot from you guys are: what Women Gucci Bags do I like and which Gucci Handbags do I have? One of the reasons that I wanted to pull this reading together is because I really would like to add a Gucci Bag to my collection from the Top Best selection.

So I figured, why not mention some of the best Gucci Handbags |¬†Gucci Bags and also that I found some of those not that great. As always, please take this with a pinch of salt. If I go through any bags that I describe as the worst Gucci Bags and you love them – still roll on with that and buy it. I have plenty of Designer Bags that I know other people will not like the design of it. If you love something, you should go for it anyway. But, I have picked out the worst Gucci bag just based on my liking and opinion. All of us have different tastes in colors and designs. Gucci Handbags |¬†Gucci Bags, those I wouldn’t add to my personal collection – doesn’t mean you shouldn’t add them to your Fashion Collection. Okay, let’s dive straight in with this Designer Bag.

GG Marmont Mini Top Handle Gucci Bags

I quite like this one. So this is the GG Marmont Mini Top Handle Gucci Bags. The GG Marmont Gucci Handbags are the normal kind of flat bag. These Gucci Bags have been one that I have looked at for quite some time, but have just never taken the plunge, and you do see a lot of them about like Marmont black versions, Marmont pink versions anyway. The top handle, I think, is a really nice variation. It looks a little bit more satchel style than the normal flat Marmont Bag. I am really liking this because it reminds me a little bit of my Chanel Business Affinity Bag.

GG Marmont Mini Top Handle Bag got Gucci Cross Body Bag¬†strap, which really makes it a great bag for everyday use. I think these Gucci Handbags are usually great and have a much better price point than the Chanel Business Affinity Bag. For example, I don’t have any satchel-style bags in my collection, so this one could be one that I may add.

Ophidia Mini Gucci Bags

Next up in line is Ophidia Mini Gucci Bags which is a Gucci Mini Backpack for Women. You can get this, I believe at the moment, in two styles. I am loving this. I think this Gucci Bag is super cute, and I love this bag.

This Ophidia Mini Bag is backpack style, and it has got a crossbody strap with it. You don’t actually get two straps to wear as a backpack. I really like the Gucci monogram logo on here, like the monogram canvas in general, and then there is a little top handle as well. This Gucci Bag is within a fairly good price point for a Designer Bag, especially from a top Fashion House such as Gucci. You will love this bag – if you are like me running about the shops and you like to be able to have things with you, but you don’t want a really bulky bag to carry.

GG Marmont Medium Tote Bag from Gucci

The next best Classic Gucci Bag, I think would be the GG Marmont Medium Tote Bag.¬†I am definitely gravitating towards the Marmont Bag side of things, as I do like the GG logo? I have the Gucci Marmont belt already, so I really like this one. The medium tote bag is full leather and then you’ve just got the emblem of Gucci with the logo on the front of the bag and the way That the strap goes over and it kind of pulls the bag in my liking. This one comes in a few different colors as well.

Yes, I feel that Gucci Marmont Bag Medium Tote Bag is like a perfect work bag out and about carrying items that are slightly bigger, but I would say this bag looks more sophisticated, more elegant than some other Gucci Bags.

Ophidia Small GG Tote Bag by Gucci

Next up is a serious contender, the Ophidia Small GG Tote Bag. This is the small size that I personally would go for in a GG tote bag. It has got the Gucci monogram again with the green and red synonymous with Gucci and the GG logo there, but quite small on this one.

Now the reason that this one, I think, is a bit of a game, changer, okay – is that I was scrolling through and I was like yeah I like this one. Then I realized it had a zip across the top. If anyone knows me and I’m sure a lot of other people value their security people not being able to look inside of their bag and just aimlessly put their hands in or look inside of it, okay, I think a zipper is so so good. For this reason, I love the Givenchy because that has a huge zip, but you don’t see many tote bags that actually come with a zipper. So, as I’ve just explained, the zipper on this is a game-changer for me, I’m really liking it.

I, like the colors, I like the brand. I like the monogram, I like the stripe, and I really really like the zipper. So it’s like a crossbody slash tote bag. This could be a winner.

GG Marmont Mini Bucket Bag

I don’t have a bucket bag in my fashion collection, so I would really really like to add one to my collection and I am loving GG Marmont Mini Bucket Bag out of Gucci Handbags. I think the price point is really great as well. It doesn’t feel ridiculous 980 dollars here in the USA. They come in a few different colors. These Gucci Bags have a drawstring top with a Gucci Crossbody Bag / Shoulder Bag chain. I love this kind of Gucci Women’s Shoulder Bags.

GG Marmont Mini Bucket Bag comes with a Crossbody slash shoulder, strap. I am loving this one. I really like the idea of a bucket bag. You just kind of throw like a few little bits in, and it’s not too in your face. It’s not so big piece of your outfit, it’s kind of miniature and cute loving.

Gucci Diana Mini Tote Bag

This one next up is a bag that I have been debating, whether I like it or not? When I first saw Gucci Diana Mini Tote Bag, I really wasn’t sure about it. However, after seeing the smaller versions of this bag, the mini version – I quite like it.

It recently came out, I think, maybe like a year ago now they revamped it. You’Ve now got the bamboo handles and you’ve got the fluorescent like a leather strap. On there, the leather strap is to hold the bamboo handles so that they don’t deform. But I feel like Gucci has actually made this a part of the bag. And it’s, you know. Overall, the bag is actually quite sophisticated and, as we know, Gucci is very much out there with its styling and unique design.

So I really like the touch of the light blue leather in Gucci Diana Mini Tote Bag. You can take them off or you could leave them on. I would possibly leave them on but yeah for me, I really like the mini size. I am not so keen on the bigger sizes of this bag. I am not too sure why I just probably wouldn’t want to be carrying a bag around that heavy with the bamboo handles. But I think again with these handles, if you wear as Gucci Cross Body Bags you could just flap them down. You could flatten them down, and then you aren’t touching the bamboo too much.

Sylvie 1969 Patent Leather Mini Top Handle Bag

The next one is Sylvie 1969 Patent Leather Mini Top Handle Bag. So let me know what you think about this Gucci Bag because I feel it’s a grower and the final contender for the best Gucci bag. This is Sylvie 1969 Patent Leather Mini Top Handle Bag. I had my eyes on this Sylvie bag for a while. The reason is that I actually liked it even before they updated it to this new style, so you’ve got the chain running down the middle of the bag, the new ones. Apparently, I think you can only get them in patent leather which is slightly frustrating because I would just want a normal kind of smooth calfskin leather. But overall, I really like this bag.

I think Sylvie 1969 Patent Leather Mini Top Handle Bag is quite an understated bag from Gucci. They have not got any major logos on there and I really like the chain detail. It feels a little bit edgier and understated than some of the other ones. In my opinion, I would want to add to my collection, the first one is this one. I don’t know how to pronounce this.

Dionysus Small Shoulder Bag from Gucci

The first one on this list is Dionysus Small Shoulder Bag from Gucci. I like this bag and had my eye on it. So you might be wondering why have I put this in the worst category? Even though I like it, the reason is that – I don’t think they have a very good resale value. I would not spend basically nearly 2,800 dollars on this bag. I would buy a pre-loved one if I were going to go for one.

I think Dionysus Small Shoulder Bag is actually one of the worst Gucci Bags that you could probably buy brand new unless you really liked a particular style and colorway. But for me, it’s just not shouting at me. I do like the detail on the front, but I have my Prada Cahier bag just here with the lion knocker on the front, I think I would much rather have a product here than this one from Gucci. At times, you can find Gucci Bags on Sale. Gucci Clutch Bags can also be used as companions or even eBay Gucci Bags.

Gucci Horsebit 1955 Mini Top Handle Bag

Next, is the Gucci Horsebit 1955 Mini Top Handle Bag? When I saw this, I knew that some people would love it, but I don’t like it. I feel like this is going to sound, really harsh. This is like the ugly twin sister of the Louis Vuitton Alma Bag. I quite like the alma bag from Louis Vuitton the BB size. This Gucci bag feels like it’s a rectangle that meets a circle. I am just not sure about the shape and it’s really putting me off. Still, overall I like the style of it.

In Gucci Horsebit 1955 Mini Top Handle Bag, I like the leathers, the monogram I like the horse bit on the front, but just can’t get over the shape of the bag. I am sure it’s actually quite a handy shape to have but yeah, yet I am not a huge fan of bags this shape anyway. I much prefer just like a standard, rectangle kind of look. And, this is my personal opinion.

Padlock Small Berry Tote – Gucci Bag

Next, we have the Padlock Small Berry Tote – Gucci Bag. Okay, I think overall again this bag is fine, there’s nothing wrong with it.

The thing that I don’t really like about it is the lock on the front of this bag. I do not like bags with locks like this. It reminds me of the Matisse bags, with the lock on the front, and I can’t help but feel like recently more and more that this bag is going out of style and the reason is for the lock on the front.

This sounds really harsh and a bit tacky, but the lock on the Matisse bag is a lot smaller than the one on this padlock bag from Gucci. So yeah this one is a big no-no for me again. I think they look cheap and almost fake look with all that gold shiny metal on them. I think for me, I would go for something a bit more subtle without as much metal on the front.

Horsebit 1955 Small Gucci Shoulder Bag

Again, people are going to like this one a lot. I know that already a Horsebit 1955 Small Gucci Shoulder Bag This is like a camera-style bag. It reminds me of the Gucci Soho Disco Bag and the YSL Saint Laurant Camera Bag. It’s very much a camera bag that kind of size it looks like it would be super useful as a bag size and shape how you can use it. However, the thing that I really don’t like about this is the flap on the front.

I don’t know it kind of just feels like it has been plonked on the front of the bag and that doesn’t feel so integrated with the style. Maybe this is just me being a little bit Picky! I don’t overall hate this one again. I actually quite like Gucci Horsebit 1955 Small Shoulder Bag, but still feel like the design isn’t quite right to me. So, I wouldn’t go for this one.

Gucci 100 Medium Tote Bag from Gucci

The final worst Gucci bag is this Gucci 100 Medium Tote Bag. Gucci brings out some very interesting prints, sometimes in Gucci 100. It’s written as it looks like 100 degrees, but the thing that offends me most about this bag is the top handle. You know you aren’t going to be able to get your hand inside the handle there. It’s very much rigid. It’s a weird shape. I don’t know what is going on, as I really don’t like the print.

I don’t like the Gucci 100 Medium Tote Bag and I do not like that top handle. I get its kind of like paper Shopping Bags. Maybe that kind of paper bag look but overall this is one that I definitely would not buy. In terms of print and style shape of the bag, I would say, is probably one of the worst.

Top 2 Gucci Handbags | Gucci Bags of my choice

Let me know what you think of my choices down below in the comments section. Okay, so I promised at the start of the video that out of these Gucci Bags, which one am I most likely would prefer to add to my collection next. Because I would like to add a Gucci bag to my collection and experience for sure. You know the quality and the name brand of a Gucci Bag in general.

There are two Gucci Bags / Gucci Handbags of my choice that really stand out. The first one is the Gucci Marmont Mini Top Handle Bag and the second one is the Sylvie 1969 Patent Leather Mini Top Handle Bag. They are, both very different bags, and I think I need to decide which one I would use more at first, I was leaning towards the Sylvie Bag. But I do have quite a few Crossbody Bags and ones that look quite elegant.

However, I do like the Gucci Marmont Mini Top Handle Bag more, just hoping to. If I were to get one that does not see loads of the same bag everywhere, then I need to make some decisions, which one do you think I should go for. Please watch the video or visit the Gucci USA Website to have a look at all the Gucci Bags / Gucci Handbags mentioned above. At Gucci USA you can browse around and find if they have something of your liking in stock.

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