Hi guys this is Shea Whitney. So it was a little bit hard to decide what Designer Handbags I was going to include in this. I really struggled back and forth, but why I’m really excited is because I actually decided to do kind of like a rating system. So I picked five categories and then I rated each bag on those categories and then each bag got a final total score.

So when I’m going over the Designer Handbags, I’m going to show you each score of the Handbag, and then it’ll kind of give me a little structure of you know what makes the Best Designer Handbags really good and what areas it’s kind of lacking. So obviously, since I love these Designer Handbags Purses, they all did get pretty good scores, but you will be able to see some pros and cons when you see the rating system. I am really excited to share with you guys my favorite Colorful Designer Handbags. 

So I’m going to put up the scores for each Luxury Bag and then obviously be holding the bag, and you can kind of switch back and forth to see what I rated each category. So the five categories are appearance, ease-of-use capacity, durability, and then finally, price. In the end, I will obviously be giving all these bags a total score.

So I don’t really have a specific order that I want to put the bags in, including Designer Handbags on Sale. I do not know, what I’m going to end with, because the last one I’m debating between the two Handbags Brands, which I couldn’t decide technically. You are going to see six bags, but I use my rating system and one did kind of come up above the other. 

Louis Vuitton Speedy Bandouliere

It is definitely an oldie, but a goodie, and it is my Louis Vuitton Speedy Bandouliere in the size 30. This bag, I feel like kind of started my channel in a way it was the first of Designer Handbags that I ever talked about is probably the first video that I ever did and I’ve loved it for years and years and to this day and I still do absolutely love it. It does have an organizer in it right now, which is probably why it looks kind of very shapely, there’s no sag to it, and I also has this beautiful, weigh baton charm on here, and then obviously does have the Bandouliere.

So as far as the rating system goes, how I rated Louis Vuitton Speedy Bandouliere for appearance, I gave it an 8 ease-of-use. I gave it a 9 capacity, a 9 durability.

Louis Vuitton Speedy Bandouliere HandbagI actually gave Louis Vuitton Speedy Bandouliere a 10 because I think this is so durable and then also finally price-wise. I gave it an 8 because it does cost one thousand three hundred and ninety dollars. Currently, obviously, there are price increases, but that’s as of the beginning of 2018. That is the price, so it’s definitely not a fantastic price, but compared to some of the other Designer Handbags Brands that I won’t be showing it does have a good price. I did give it an 8, so that gives it a grand total of an eight-point, which is actually, I think, a really good score.

I feel like it meets so many of the boxes and the categories, it’s just scored, really high. I think it holds so much it can kind of be like a black pit. I do have an organizer in here, so feel like it keeps me much more organized than some people, don’t like organizers, mine is the original Club. I’ve talked about Louis Vuitton Speedy Bandouliere, so many times on my channel, it is just like the red organizer. 

It’s such a classic bag. That’s why it scored really high on appearance. In my opinion, it’ll never go out of style, but again that is just my opinion. I will never get rid of this bag, it is just a classic and I love it. Half of these Designer Bags I talk about, I did get brand new, the other half I totally got pre-loved. I saved so much money on them.

So I did just want to quickly talk about the Louie Vuitton addicted Facebook group and the Chanel addicted Facebook group there’s some for almost every designer out there and it’s basically like the brand and then addicted. I bought some of the other bags, I’m going to show you on there and I have saved thousands of dollars and I’ve sold things on there and it’s just amazing.

Chanel Jumbo Handbag in the caviar leather with the gold hardware

Here is the next bag. That is one of my all-time favorites. I actually also got pre-loved in the Chanel addicted Facebook group and what it is Chanel Jumbo Handbag in the caviar leather with the gold hardware and oh, my gosh. I love this kind of Chanel Designer Handbag.

Chanel Jumbo to me just screams as a Classic handbag. I couldn’t be happier with this. I wanted this for years and the price point is just crazy. They recently had another price increase, so I got this for much less. Appearance-wise, I gave it a 9 because to me it is stunning. Maybe I should change it to a 10. Well, I already calculated the total score, so I’ll just run with the nine so ease of use. I gave it a seven for capacity, seven for durability, because I think this again is super durable and then price point. For the price, I gave it a four because it retails for five thousand nine hundred dollars, which is just crazy.

Chanel Large Classic HandbagSo when I originally got the Chanel Jumbo bag, the retail price was fifty-five hundred. I got it for 4,000, so right now I have a savings of about two thousand dollars and when I got this, it was in pristine condition brand-new at the Box, the receipt, the Camellia, the ribbons like everything it looked like it came directly from a store, and I was so happy again. I love the caviar leather, the black, with the gold hardware, it’s just again so classic I love the appearance and then the ease of use. I did give it a 7 because I do have it in the double flap, and this also comes in a single flap.

If you were to get Chanel Jumbo Handbag in a different year like a while back, they used to make single flaps. This is double, so you do have to open it like this, and I know some people really struggle with whether they want the single or the double flap. Now that I have the double, I am 100 % sold on the double flap Designer Handbags. It’s just so much easier. You don’t even think about the double flap. I did give it a 7 because it’s obviously not as easy as some of the other bags, but I still like it a lot. I do think it holds quite a bit. It is both sides. You know it’s not the maxi, so it’s not like the biggest, but a lot of people really do like the medium as well, and I really like the medium size. 

But this is the Jumbo. I personally think it works great for me, but a lot of people like I said you like the medium, so it just kind of depends on your build. How much you carry each day, how much you want to fit inside. I personally really like Chanel Jumbo Handbag, so I am happy that I got it, but I do kind of want the medium also and it may be in a different color. So we’ll see what happens down the road, but as far as the black with the caviar, I’m definitely happy. I got it in this combination.

Gucci Marmont Medium Designer Handbags for Women

The next bag that I want to talk about is the Gucci Marmont Medium Designer Handbags in the nude color and it’s in the medium size. And I just love this bag two pieces. I just love it. It is the prettiest nude color ever like. I really don’t think there is a better nude color out there. I’ve just been wearing it like crazy. This Designer Bag is in the medium size, but technically that is the largest size. I know they say medium, but there’s also a small and then after that, there’s a mini. So this actually is the largest size. They are, like the same exact size, I actually do have this in a smaller size as well in a different color. It’s a velvet bag in a small size, and I really like that size as well, but for this bag.

Gucci GG Marmont Medium BagI just love how Gucci Marmont Medium is an everyday bag, but let me just go ahead and give you guys my ratings for appearance. I gave this an 8,  ease of use I gave it an 8, capacity a 7. so I gave it the same score as the Jumbo they’re like the same exact size durability. I gave this a 7 in price point. I gave it a 7, as this retails for 2490, so it is half the price of the Chanel jumbo.

I don’t think Gucci Marmont Medium is going to hold up long-term, nearly as well as the Chanel jumbo, but the price point is obviously a lot better. So this has a final total score of 7.4, so it actually does rate a little bit higher just by like point to than the Jumbo, and I really think the price point of the Jumbo is kind of what brought it down a little bit because I Do prefer the Jumbo over this one. But at the same time, I just love this bag as well. It’s just super nice and I love how this rap is just so easy to kind of change out. You know crossbody. I wear it crossbody, actually a lot more than I thought I would, but it holds so much more than a normal crossbody. 

The leather of the Gucci Marmont Medium Bag is very, very smooth. I don’t see any scratches on it whatsoever. I have no color transfer either, but it is a lot softer than the caviar leather. So I do think, in long term, it’s not going to hold up as well. It is a lot more squishy and I really tried to be careful not to like squish this too much, because I could see this getting kind of pointy up here, but nonetheless love this bag.

Fendi Peekaboo Luxury Handbags

The next bag might come as a surprise because I haven’t had it very long, but I just love it so much already that I decided to put it in here. It really just kind of like checks, so many boxes for me, and it’s just great. Let me just show you what it is. It’s my brand new Fendi Peekaboo in black grain leather.

Fendi Peekaboo Black Leather Bag Fendi Bag has a brown interior. It’s super durable, is kind of pebbled, it does have the silver hardware which normally I go for gold, but in this combination, I just loved the silver. It’s so stunning. I had it for like two or three weeks now but I’ve been wearing it a lot, so I guess obviously long-term. I can’t comment on durability, but I’ve just been loving it and it’s definitely going to be one of my favorites. I’ve been just wanting this bag for so long. So let me just go over my rating system. Appearance I gave it a 9. I think it is just so incredibly stunning ease of use so gave it an 8, capacity 9, durability 7, and then price point I gave it a 3, which is definitely the lowest score as far as price-point goes. It retails for $ 5,100.

I actually got Fendi Peekaboo for 4700. I did get the old price because they accidentally had the old price sticker in the bag. When I was looking at it and they decided to honor that price. So that is one of the main reasons I decided to jump on it because I was all saving money which I know still just its crazy amounts of money, but it was. I just love the black and the brown together. So appearance-wise. I gave it a really high score. I do think it’s extremely durable. I only gave it a seven, which still is good, but I just haven’t had this very long, so I feel like.

I can’t give Fendi Peekaboo a great score, because I don’t know how it will hold up long-term? It does have this shiny silver Hardware. Maybe that’ll get scratched. But as far as ease-of-use I did give it an 8 because it’s really easy to get into the bag. I really like the turn-lock here. It’s just super easy and it does have a lot of space on either side.

Louis Vuitton Favorite mm

Louis Vuitton Favorite BagSo my next bag picks are Louis Vuitton Favorite mm and the Louis Vuitton Pichette Metis. Let me just quickly show you guys what I rated. Each bag comes in a puppet on the screen, so, as you guys can see, the Louis Vuitton Favorite mm actually did come out on top, to be totally honest between the two. I probably do grab this one a little bit more because of its extreme ease of use. It is just the easiest Designer Bag to grab on the go and it does fit quite a bit. This is also a Crossbody Bag. It fits more than this one, but here is the Vachetta strap or the shut handle. I did spray it with the Apple guard spray, and so many of you guys have asked how it’s been holding up. So that’s what it looks like looks. Amazing.

I think Louis Vuitton Favorite mm is prettier for sure. I like the appearance of this is just to me so much better than another one, even though I love both. So it’s just such a tie like I just love them. Both so so much but like I said, I guess favorite mm technically comes out on top, but I’m still happy that I’m showing both because I just love them so much. I did get this one brand new, another I got in the Louie Vuitton addicted group. I got a really great price for it.

So you know with everything, there are pros and cons. I have shown you guys my top five all-time favorite Luxury Handbags. Let me quickly just show you the final total scores to see which bag has come up on top and which bag is the lowest. The very high score actually is of Louis Vuitton Speedy Bandouliere, and that got eight points. So, overall it seems like it is the best bag and then the lowest score actually is a tie between the Chanel Jumbo and the Fendi Peekaboo. Obviously, those are just because of the price. What bag is your all-time favorite?

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Video Source: Shea Whitney Youtube channel