CROSSBODY BAG Comparison – 9 HOT Bags Gucci, others

CROSSBODY BAG Comparison – 9 HOT Bags Gucci, other Brands

Crossbody Bag, Comparison. Hi guys, welcome back to my channel. Today’s video is about Crossbody Bag from Bags Gucci as well as other brands. I’m a huge fan of branded Luxury Gucci Crossbody Bags and those from Louis Vuitton, Chanel, and many other brands. I didn’t use to be, but over the years I just become more and more attracted to Crossbody Bag, and now I think, there’s nothing better than a good Luxury Crossbody Bag. These Designer Bags are so easy and carefree and they’re just an essential, I think in any good Handbags collection. And so I thought I’d do a video on all the Crossbody Bags, I have. These aren’t all necessarily solely crossbody bags, but all the Handbags, I’m gon na talk about can be worn as Crossbody.

I have 10 Crossbody Bag here and there is a little bit of overlap between this video and my mini bags, ranked video. I think I have 4 Crossbody Bags that are the same, but there are 6 different ones, I’m gonna talk about. These aren’t necessarily all the Crossbody Mini Bags I have, and some of them are slightly bigger. But one thing they have in common is that they can be worn very comfortably as a Crossbody Bag. So I’m going to be going over generally. What I think of the Crossbody Bag, I’m going to be going over what can fit inside and also strap length as well. So I’ve recruited my mum again so she’s been here. Modeling the bags and I’m gonna do a side-by-side comparison. I’m on the taller side at 5, foot 7 and she’s on the more petite side of 5 foot 2. So hopefully that will be useful to those of you who are either my height all mine on site.

Louis Vuitton Croisette Crossbody Bag

So I hope you guys enjoy this and let’s get going so first up is my Louis Vuitton Croisette Crossbody Bag. This Handbag I’ve had a couple of months now and I’ve gotten a fair amount of use out of it. It’s so far so good. I’ve really been enjoying it. I think, of this LV Bag, particularly as very much a Crossbody Bag, but you can obviously wear the strap just as a Shoulder Bag and you can carry it as a Top Handle Bag. but for me, 99 % of the time I will wear this as a Crossbody Bag, and I love wearing it like that. This Louis Vuitton Croisette Crossbody Bag is very light, which really does help often Crossbody Bags. If they’re too heavy, that can be very uncomfortable, whereas because this is canvas it’s very light. Indeed, this LV Handbag is fairly roomy as well, so you can fit a fair amount in there and it does have that beautiful, pink lining. The only negative, I would really say that I’ve found so far is that it’s not that easy to open and close. Because the way it does is a little clasp right there, which is very thin, and so, if you’re just absent-mindedly doing it, it can take a few tries to Get it in and out which just isn’t quite as easy as other Luxury Bags.  For example, if you have a magnetic closure, but not a big deal.

So you can see, I have a wallet. I have two cardholders like a keyholder passport holder, lipstick, a compact, my phone earphones, a brush, and sunglasses as well. Even though I’m not discussing these Crossbody Bags in order of my favorites or anything, I am going to put the ranking of their size order on the screen. So you just get an idea about where the Crossbody Bag fits in terms of capacity.

Gucci Marmont Small – Gucci Crossbody Bag

Next up is my cutie Gucci Crossbody Bag – Gucci Marmont Small. I am also going to include my mini flap as well. This one isn’t really specifically a Gucci Crossbody Bag. You can wear it as a Gucci Crossbody Bag, but be aware that if you do that it will get very pointy at the top and it will, generally speaking, get quite flat as well. So, even though you can, it is ideally suited for that. I do love the style in general and this is one of my most used bags over the past year, particularly in the nude color,  I absolutely love it, I think it’s a beautiful style.

You can wear it three ways as well. So if you did want to use it as a Gucci Crossbody Bag, you do also have the two options of just on the shoulder and also doubled up as well. I will say that, because it does have a non-adjustable strap, it does sit quite a bit lower, if you do want to wear it, just on the shoulder and the same goes for a Gucci Crossbody Bag. Although it is a bit more suited to Gucci Crossbody, because that’s usually set high when you wear them like that, and then you do have a bit of room. This Gucci Bag is used quite a bit, so I have other things in here, but there we go and there is a ton of room inside, so it is a very comfortable Gucci Bag to wear.

I get a lot of use out of this Gucci Marmont. I find it’s very easy to match. It goes with a lot of things, but for Crossbody Bag this isn’t always the best option. So I will say that the Gucci Marmont mini size which I’ll talk about next is more suited as a Crossbody Bag. If you want to wear it like that, and the size difference isn’t massive which again you’ll see later. So, even though this is definitely one of my favorites in my overall collection, I will say that it isn’t always the best option. If you want to wear this Gucci Marmont as a Crossbody Bag and this is everything that fits inside the Gucci Marmont in the small size, it is pretty much the exact same capacity as the Louis Vuitton Croisette Bag. These are all the same items I fit into their Croisette. So the capacity is very similar and it still holds a fair amount, as you can see.

Gucci Marmont Mini – Gucci Crossbody Bag

And, as promised here is my Gucci Marmont Mini Crossbody Bag. I will say in general this is much better suited to Gucci Crossbody Bag wear than the small flap. For A starter, the structure is much more robust and I’m not sure if this is to do exclusively with the size or if it’s also the fabric as well because this Gucci Crossbody Bag is in the velvet. But as you can see, it’s just a lot more sturdy. If I squeeze it in, whereas if I do that with my small flap in the leather, it collapses a lot easier, which is why it gets flattened when you wear it as a Gucci Crossbody Bag.

So if you are looking for something that you can wear as Gucci Cross Body Bag and you do want something from the Gucci Marmont line, I say perhaps either look at the Gucci supermini or have a look at the Gucci mini size Bag, because this is very suited to Crossbody Bag wear. I went like that. All the time and for me, it’s my favorite way to wear it. I think it’s ideally suited for that. I also think that proportionally it does just work a bit better.

Sometimes, if I wear the small flap as Gucci Crossbody Bag, it can feel a little bit large on my frame, whereas this is much more suited for that. I think so. The functionality of this Gucci Crossbody Bag in terms of the actual Gucci Bag is the same unit. You open it just like so, and you do have that wide open space and you can still fit a fair amount in here. It’s also very comfortable because you do have the leather strap as well as the chain, so you get the dress eNOS, but you also get the comfort of the leather strap, which is always very helpful when wearing it as a Gucci Crossbody Bag.

So definitely I would recommend this Gucci Crossbody Bag. If you are looking for a normal style to wear as a Gucci Crossbody Bag, certainly preferable to the small flap. This is everything that fits inside at the Gucci Marmont mini this one is on the smaller size. This is the fourth-smallest Crossbody Bag on this list and it can still fit a fair amount. As you can see, you know, wallet, key holder, passport phone sunglasses, etc. Just all the essentials you need, but it’s just not quite as large as some of the other flaps on this list now for my Chanel Boy Bag – and I know this isn’t a dedicated Gucci Crossbody Bag, but I know lots of ladies: do you like to wear their Crossbody Bag?

This Gucci Crossbody Bag doesn’t fit as much as I would think looking at it. It’s not terrible for capacity, but you certainly can’t say absolutely loads. I will say, though, about the wear and tear, especially if a lambskin has been pretty good. I’ve had no corner wear and it hasn’t gotten dented or squished at all, unlike the Gucci Marmont flaps. But again I will say that this definitely wouldn’t be my choice for a Gucci Crossbody Bag. It sits out a bit too much and also it’s just a little bit too short for a Crossbody Bag, so I do just prefer to wear it doubled up or on the shoulder for the capacity of the Chanel Boy Bag.

It is very similar to the Gucci Marmont flap and the Louis Vuitton Croisette. It is a tiny bit smaller. So, for example, I wasn’t able to fit in the extra cardholder, but for the most part, I could fit in all the essentials. I still have a wallet an extra cardholder, passport, key holder, lipstick sunglasses, my phone compact, an earphone so still a decent amount, just not quite as roomy as the Gucci mom or flap, which is just a little bit more flexible. I did also want to mention the chain as well and which is something I neglected to talk about in my main review, and it is a very heavy chain. So I did just want to mention that because that does sometimes affect the comfort of wearing it as a Gucci Crossbody Bag and as you can hear, it’s definitely a substantial one, which should be the quality is good, but it doesn’t always mean really good things for the comfort of the back.

Gucci Soho Disco – Gucci Crossbody Bag

Next up is my Gucci Soho Disco – Gucci Crossbody Bag. This is probably one of my oldest Gucci Crossbody Bags. I have, I wasn’t really into Gucci Crossbody Bags before I owned this and it kind of changed my opinion, so I’m a big fan of Soho Disco Gucci Crossbody Bag. This Gucci Bag doesn’t get a lot of use now, just because I do have other Gucci Bags. But it has still been very functional for eight years, and this is an incredibly popular Gucci Bag. And I absolutely understand why it’s very functional for a Camera Bag, so it is for a start, it’s very light, and it is very comfortable to wear. You do have an adjustable strap one little annoyance to me is that I do have this extra bit of material, which has just always been wonky, and it just never seems to want to play ball. I mean I try to train it, but it just doesn’t happen.

So that’s an annoyance to me Pursey. I don’t think they all do that. It’S just mine for some reason, but in general, I will say this Gucci Crossbody Bag is a very, very functional Gucci Bag. It’S lightweight as I said, but it can also fit an absolute ton. So, if you’re looking for something that’s good as an everyday bag or a travel bag, this is a really nice choice.

This Soho Disco Gucci Crossbody Bag has a big wide open space, but you do have two pockets here, so you do have the added margin of compartments. But honestly, you can fit in just all your essentials, and then some really can fit in a lot. I just flip to myself with the tassel. It’s also a pretty smooth zipper, so it’s fairly easy to get an ounce of, and you do have the adjustable strap as well, and it’s generally, this is a very, very comfortable strap. The only negative I would say about this Soho Disco Gucci Crossbody Bag is that over time it does have a habit of doing this, which is caving in so you do need to keep it stuffed.

When I keep this Soho Disco Gucci Crossbody Bag stuffed, it looks so good, but as soon as I take things out, this happens, though, that is that one to keep in mind, but the pebbled leather path, and that is very durable. I’ve not had any issues. I don’t think I’ve had wear and tear which is too badass also overall, I would still rate this Gucci Soho Disco Bag very high again. I don’t get a lot of usage butt anymore, but that isn’t to take away from the Gucci Bag. It is very functional and it’s very fit for purpose if you do want a casual Crossbody Bag.

This is everything about fits inside that Soho Disco Gucci Crossbody Bag. This is the second-largest bag that I’m talking about today. It’S very roomy, you can fit all the essentials and then some I still have a wallet extra cardholders, passports, sunglasses, cream. So, just everything that you need could fit a lot, and I also fit in a small umbrella in here before as well, and that fits just fine as well.

And then finally to wrap up this video, I thought I would do a quick overview of what my favorite Crossbody Bags are to wear and what my least favorites are. So in my favorites Crossbody Bags category, I have four bags that I wanted to call out. The first one is the Louis Vuitton Croisette Bag which, as I mentioned before, I do find to be very functional. It’S very lightweight. It can fit a lot. I love the look of it. I find it to be very versatile. I also find it to be very, very comfortable to wear so the meanest kind of ticks all the boxes. I really do enjoy it, and I’ve been getting a lot of use out of it. My next choice is my Saline Nano Crossbody bag, which probably won’t come as a surprise. Many of you, but again this is just the ultimate and go anywhere carefree bag. It’S great for travel equally great for going out to dinner and everything in between pretty much. It fits the turn very durable and I just can’t say enough good things, so I absolutely love this one would highly recommend it.

Here is more of a surprise one, but I am picking my Chanel Rectangle Mini Bag because if you do want something, that’s on the Fancier side, which is exclusively Crossbody Bag. I think this is a really hard one to beat. The functionality is great because of the turn lock and how easy access it is. It can fit a surprising amount for a bag this size, and it also is so fairly comfortable to wear as well, and you do, of course get that very iconic Chanel look. So, even though I don’t reach for this a ton, if you do want a very luxurious, crossbody bag, this is a really great one.

And then finally, I also want to call out my Gucci Crossbody Bag, Gucci Marmont mini flap. Definitely in the mini flap size, rather than the small Flap size just because I don’t think the small flap is intended to be a crossbody, whereas this is much more suited to that. I think in general size is also more suitable. It just sits a bit nicer and the overall structure does lend itself more to being a Crossbody Bag. You don’t lose too much in terms of capacity by downsizing either and overall, I’m just a huge fan of the look at this Gucci Crossbody Bag. So I will say that the velvet is definitely more high-maintenance. So you may want to look at other fabrics or leathers, but I’m still very pleased with my purchase and I do think it’s a very nice choice if you are looking for a Crossbody Bag in this kind of style.

Now for my pick of the bags which make for the worst Crossbody Bags, these aren’t necessary judgments on the bags in general, but I’m specifically commenting on how good they are as a Crossbody Bag. So first up is my Louis Vuitton at st Receive bag, which I am a huge fan of, I do really like the bag, but it doesn’t make for the most comfortable crossbody. I can induce you to wear it crossbody, but if you want something exclusively for that purpose, you can definitely do better than this one. As I mentioned, it’s not always that comfortable, because you only get a little bit of leather and it can kind of swing around and dig it into your shoulder, and it is a little bit on the heavier side. So, even though I love it more as a doubled-up bag, it isn’t so great for Crossbody Bag use.

My next choice is my Chanel Boy Bag. I just don’t think this is very suited to crossbody use, at least on me personally. I do find it’s a little bit bulky just because of how thick it is. It also sits a little bit too high and because the chain is so heavy, it doesn’t make the most comfortable crossbody experience. So, even though it’s a beautiful Chanel Bag, it isn’t that suitable for a Crossbody Bag.

In my opinion, and for my very last pick, I have my Gucci Marmont in this small size, and like its the mini counterpart, I don’t think this is that suitable for Gucci Crossbody Bag use. As I mentioned, it does get very squished and it gets very pointed at the top. If you do wear it crossbody for extended periods of time, and also I do just find it looks a little bit too big crossbody as well, just because of the overall size, so it is so fairly comfortable to wear. But this wouldn’t be my go-to. If I wanted a Gucci Crossbody Bag for that day, I’d be much more likely to pick one of my other choices.

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