The Best Wallets for Men in 2021

The Best Wallets for Men in 2021 Review

Wallets for Men, The best ones. Hey gents., today we’re going to talk about Wallets for Men and the decisions you can consider while you’re shopping for a Wallet / Purse. Because, unlike my other roundups, this can by no means be an exhaustive list of all the brands that you can shop for. Because, if you go on Amazon and you search Wallets for Men, you will be met with thousands and thousands of results, and so this is more of an idea of you know where I’ll talk about some of my favorite Wallets brands and some of the products that are in here. We will talk about the materials to shop for the styles that you want to look for, we’ll talk about that optimal price point of value and quality, some smart tech, RFID and so I’ll put time stamps on everything, none of this Is sponsored as usual for the roundups? This is just me trying to get you the best information about Wallets for Men, Money Clips, and Smart Wallets.

American by choice, which is a resource for finding men’s products that are made in the USA, because a lot of the stuff these small other goods are made in the USA. If that’s like the main feature, you want there’s a great list over there, and drop a thumbs up if you’re, a guy that puts it in his back pocket and if not, let me know where you put it, because I’ve always been curious about that. To start off I’ll just show you my wallet. This is the Leather Wallet that I’ve carried every day for several years and it’s actually an example of a wallet that I would say if you find a wallet that you like buy multiple of them because I carried this wallet for five years.

And then I lost it, In a rental car – and they mailed me back the cards, but not the wallet. What the hell is that – and I had purchased a backup of this, because the company stopped making it and I lucked out, I had it in a drawer, pulled it outputting my new cards back in, and I’m really glad that I had that. The second one, although this is my daily, carry I’ve been cycling through different Wallets for Men, so I can really talk about what to look for in a wallet and really help you with the shopping guidance. So, first, let’s talk about materials when you’re shopping for a wallet. Leather is usually the one that people go straight to, but depending on the style of wallet, you can go with a canvas or a fabric.

As polyester there are some really cool steel card cases. Money clips are out there, and so the materials are really going to depend on the functionality that you’re looking for in the Wallets for Men. Something like this extra wallet here. This is a really cool small wallet that has leather there’s actually a strap that you can remove a certain card case, but then there’s an aluminum frame that helps you keep the cards in here, and that’s the cool feature about it. You can then use this trigger to pop up the cards when you need access, so there are cool things like that, but there’s one thing: I’ve learned over the years to avoid genuine leather for the most part in any product, because that is the lowest quality of leather and, If you, especially, if you want to buy a wallet, that’s going to last for a long time, that’s not going to be the case.

Usually, you can find them cheaper, but they wear out much faster. The construction quality craftsmanship just isn’t there and if you just spend probably 20 more on a wallet, you’re gonna get a much longer-lasting one. It’S gonna look nicer and there’s probably gonna be more considered. That’S the other thing about all these Wallets for Men as you’re shopping is a company like Bellroy Wallets. I’ve had a few of their products, their consideration to details on how the wallet is designed and built.

It just makes it an incredible product and it’s the reason that you do end up paying. You know a little bit more about it, but they also use great materials, but before you consider any materials or the style of a wallet, you want to first consider what is the functionality that you’re looking for? Do you want to carry a few cards? These Wallets for Men can hold a lot of cards. Do you want to carry coins? Do you want to carry cash because that’s going to make the consideration of what style you go to and then the materials beyond that?

For me, my card case wallet is aspirational, because I only want to have space for this many cards. Otherwise, I would carry a ton of cards in here, and then I would sit on it and my back would hurt, and so, when I said about the back pocket thing, I take it out when I sit down for long periods of time. Just to know that, like I’m on an airplane, I take it out. But for me having a really slim card case is a forcing function to only carry what’s really necessary, and this is also more possible than ever. As phones are starting to carry loyalty cards and different cards that you don’t need to carry the physical ones anymore, so first figure out what are the things you want to carry, because that will inform your next decisions.

You can go with just a classic bi-fold wallet here. This one is from Stuart & Lau Wallets, a really cool design. Usually, the bi-folds will have a big slot for money in the top and then you’ll get a cool one like this. Where you have, you know, front pocket access. So if you have a frequently accessed card, so there are considerations beyond that.

But then you also have a tri-fold wallet. Tri-Fold Wallets for Men will help you carry more cards, but also will have a little bit more bulk to them. So those are your folds and then you have the cardholder style, which is what I’m a really big fan of because they are generally slimmer. This is one from Satchel and Paige Wallets, and it’s a few years old Satchel and Paige is a great example of a brand where I absolutely love their design, language, and also the Italian Leather they use is a bar, none incredible, especially for the price point and you’ll. Also, find with a lot of these companies if they offer one style, they’ll offer a couple of others.

So you know, Bellroy has a slim one and then they have a slightly bigger one. It’S a bi-fold, and then these are the new ones they just launched from Satchel and Paige. They have money, clip style, a slim bi-fold and they have a newly designed card wallet, which is like the updated version of the one that I have from five years ago and the category of like considered leather goods. You can see these next to a few quarters, like keeping these things really slim and minimalist at the design stage, which allows you to keep them really slim and minimalist. 

This is where it all becomes about the little details. You have something like this one from ants encoder, where it’s designed so that you can really easily slide cards out and have really quick, easy access, which is just a really cool feature, and it’s made of this really soft French cast skin leather and then on the side here they do have a little slot for cash. When we talk about considered goods, it’s like this is it then you have slim style, Wallets for Men and Money Clips, and these ones. You know you have a Money Clip of the pocket or you have something like a super slim Wallet, this one’s kind of a hybrid – and I really like this – this is from Harrison Australia. This is a kangaroo leather, so it’s super durable, but it has the money clip in the middle, so you can then get some cash in there and you have room for about three cards on each of these sides and then it’s super slim in between, and so This is another really cool style, so those are the small ones and then you have what’s considered like a checkbook wallet.

So something like this where this one’s from fair leather and it has a bunch of slots. It’S got a nice big pocket here on the side. Another big one here, but this isn’t something you know it’s a little bit bigger than what you put in your pocket. It’S something you probably throw into a bag or keep in a jacket pocket, or something like this one from Stuart and Lau, which can be used as a passport holder, but also it has just big internal pockets. You know big slot in the side here, and this is another one that you know: you’d probably keep this in a briefcase or in a jacket versus keeping it in the back pocket.

But it gives you a lot of space for a lot of cards and, if you put like little paper notebook receipts, that sort of thing you can go a little bit bigger as well speaking of traveling and butt pockets. Rfid has been put into Wallets for Men in the past decades, which is a technology to help counteract the touchless payment methods that are now being put into credit cards, and if you need it in your wallet, it’s really up to you. I think the discerning way to understand that is, if you’re like a city, commuter and you’re constantly around a lot of people, then that’s where you’re most likely going to have somebody that could steal your identity by you know using a scanner and taking your credit card information if you’re like me. 

I mean phones are being used more for that now, and so the RFID technology is what got a ton of people to buy Wallets for Men in the past 10 years. I know brands were investing majorly in order to get that, but in my opinion, unless you are in a major metropolitan area – and you commute a lot, I think it’s more of a scare tactic than a true benefit. So if you find a wallet that has it that’s a great feature, but I wouldn’t necessarily seek out a wallet specifically for that unless you really feel you need it so now you know what functionality you’re looking for now, you might know the style that you’re looking for and you know if you want RFID or not so now, it’s all about the material. Do you want to go with something? That’S carbon fiber or has the aluminum case like this extra wallet or something exotic or luxury, there’s snakeskin or alligator or it can be skin crocodile skin?

I have one of these Kangaroo Leather Wallets for Men from Harrison Australia, which is extremely lightweight and durable, and so from here, it’s really about what is the look you’re going for. This is also a place where it can become super complex because there are so many places to go. There are incredible small leather makers, so, even just in this little collection that I have here, you have this company Buckle and Seam Wallets, which is out of Germany. They make incredible leather bags and it’s a very nice really high-quality leather and at 50-ish dollars for the Wallets for Men. It’s a really good deal same thing with fair leather and what I’m shocked by as I’ve been doing.

The research on this video is to get really nice high-quality leather. You know either full-grain or Calfskin wallet. The tipping point is about fifty dollars. You are gonna have to find certain makers to do the 50 price point because I think that’s also where you’re going to see a lot of wallets come in at a genuine leather, but around the 80 to 90 dollar price point is where you’ll just find a Ton of options and a good example of that. I actually couldn’t remember where this came from, but it’s a River City Leather goods.

They have Wallets for Men that are around the 50 to 70 price range and just use incredible leather materials and then from there. You can step up in nicer, nicer quality, depending on the design and style they’re looking for in Carl Friedrich. They always have beautiful leather. You know personalization options on there and then we talked about Stuart and Lau.

I love the leather, the calfskin leather that they use on their briefcases. They use on their wallets to make these really nice designs, and then you have Anson Calder Leather, which I put these guys in a similar category to Bellroy, where they just have really beautiful stuff. That’S really well-considered, and they have this French calfskin leather that is so soft, durable, and just supple that this is something that’s going to develop, patina over time and really work in the leather and have a personality to its own and along those lines too, you Can go with a vegetable tan leather. I know the denim heads are really into getting the leather that has no color, and then it develops this like blue hue to it, as you put it in your denim. So that’s where it really gets completely personal, and it’s all about you know what are the Wallets for Men that you’re going to feel proud about using and making you excited to not forget it at home?

There’S a cool brand do rogue industries which are out of Maine, and the reason it’s shaped like this is so that it fits perfectly in your front pocket in you know like denim or particular pants or jeans, but it can still hold. You know full-sized cards plenty of card slots in here and then you got room for cash, a cool little tag, therefore, made in the USA. So you know, as I said, leather accessories, leather wallets, a very good category to get small local made and American-made goods and rogue industries is a perfect example of that and following the thread of smart technology like RFID, there are companies, which are putting in this tech, for finding the wallet. 

And then this is made of nice leather and then these Wallets for Men have the sleeve which can go on the outside, which is where you can put the little tech locator. And so, if you’re trying to stay slim, you can just take this. If you’re, you know your daily carry can be the combination, and then this can become a nice section for your cash and then, if you, you know worst-case scenario, you just go slim on the card here and that’s going to hold a handful of cards. The max looks like you’re gonna get in there is six. 

Video Source: The Kavalier Youtube Channel