10 TOP Luxury Handbags of 2021

10 TOP Luxury Handbags of 2021

Luxury Handbags Review. Hello everyone, today I’m sharing 10 Top Designer Luxury Handbags of 2021. And I have a lovely blank canvas here, because do I have any of these bags? No. I have a great studio upstairs, a closet full of Luxury Handbags.

I started my channel a few years back all about Designer Handbags, and yeah, all of those are on the outs. So we’re going to be talking about the Luxury Handbags that are out and the ones making their way in. The ones that you might want to consider if you’re looking for a new Luxury Bag this year. Let’s get started. The very first Luxury Handbags that I want to mention are on their way out and the ones making this way involve Dior Bags.

So Dior Fashion House has been extremely popular in the last few years. You might know what I’m going to say. The Cristian Dior Saddle Bag is super popular, also known as the liver bag. Once you see that, you can’t unsee it, and that’s just what I think of. And then there’s the Christian Dior Tote Bag, which also many other brands kind of replicated. I have the Louis Vuitton Onthego Tote Bag, a very similar shape and size. Even though those Luxury Handbags are still very, very popular, the Dior Caro Bag is really making its way into the scene, and I think it’s something that you guys could definitely consider. I think it’s beautiful. It is very much like a classic flap style. It has the Christian Dior texture on it. It has the CD logo. And if you’re wondering about the name Caro it’s actually named after Christian Dior’s sister Catherine. They often called her Caro. So that’s where it gets its name. 

And it’s a beautiful Luxury Handbag, ranging from 3,000 dollars all the way to 5,000 dollars depending on the shape and size that you get. Hold up, before we move on, there are a few things that I want to mention just because it’s my channel and I want to. Number one, the prices on all of these Luxury Handbags are ridiculous. I’m fully aware of that like it’s actually crazy. Sometimes I look at myself and I’m, like, “Shea, what the heck are you doing?” And honestly, even the last year, I haven’t even bought anything at all just because it’s not like really doing anything for me, and it’s like, Nah.

But if you’re somebody out there that likes Luxury Handbags, you’re watching this video, you probably do it maybe you understand. I also want to say that none of these Luxury Handbags and even the Designer Bags that I’m saying are like on the outs. I just mean they’re kind of on the outs of being like this it-bag. If you love them, if you have them if you want to buy them, they’re still good freaking Luxury Bags. This particular video is more kind of enlightening you guys as to like the up-and-coming beautiful Luxury Bags you might want to consider. 

Number two. You probably saw this one coming from a mile away because this is the Louis Vuitton Multi Pochette Accessoire. So that was definitely the big it-bag of the last two years. I mean like big time, it was everywhere. Everyone loves it. Other people hate it. I do like it basically just a lot of pouches all connected together.

But the one that’s making its way in is the Louis Vuitton Coussin Bag. So it comes in like an MM and the PM. So like a larger and smaller size. And I really like it. I think I do like it better than the Louis Vuitton Multi Pochette Accessoire. It’s kind of similar in the fact that when you unzip it, there’s like two kind of like pouches on the side and then like a third main pouch down the middle. So it’s interesting that it’s like multiple pouches but this one is calfskin leather. This Luxury Bag is embossed with a monogram print. It comes in, you know, different colors. I think the price is between 3,500 dollars to 4,000 dollars but I love kind of the edgy look. It comes with this really chunky chain which is definitely a big trend that we are seeing definitely something to consider if you can even get your hands on it. So the next bag, I don’t have an example of what’s out. I just have one that’s like making its way in big time.

And it is the Prada Cleo Bag which is clearly very popular right now because of the nineties trend that we are seeing everywhere. So that’s why they designed it. It’s very structured. It’s a very nice structured Shoulder Bag. It has a magnetic closure. It’s a brushed leather material. I believe the price point is between 2,200 dollars to 2,600 dollars, depending on what you choose. I think black is definitely the most popular. It does come in other shades but black is really what we’re seeing. And I really liked the drop length of it. It fits really nicely on your shoulder. It holds quite a bit and it’s definitely a trendy Luxury Handbag but it’s something to consider if you’re into it.

Let’s talk about Gucci. You can probably take a wild guess which Luxury Bags I’m going to say are on their way out. I’ve been saying it for quite some time. Yes, It’s the Gucci Marmont bags, which I love mine. I just feel like it’s kind of had its time but the Luxury Bag that I think is really making its way in is the Gucci 1955 Horsebit Shoulder Bag. I don’t know why I’m so drawn to this, but man I really like it. So Alessandro their creative director loves pulling from archived designs. And so that’s what he did with this one. It’s from 1955 he kind of tweaked it, redesigned it, re-released it. And here it is, it is a beautiful monogrammed canvas Gucci Bag. And the strap is extremely adjustable. So you can wear it, you know, as  Designer Crossbody Bags all the way up to a short Shoulder Bag. So it’s extremely versatile. And it also has, like I said, the Horse bit emblem on it. So it’s very equestrian. And again, I don’t know why I’m so drawn to it but I love it.

Next, let’s talk about Chanel. So the Luxury Bags that I’m going to say is kind of on the outs really isn’t on the outs but it’s the Chanel Jumbo Bag. It’s a forever investment classic in style Luxury Bag. I mean, you can’t go wrong. I love mine, but it’s just not as popular as it was a couple of years ago. I mean, everyone wanted a Chanel Jumbo Bag.

Now everyone wants the Chanel 19 Flat Handbag. So if you’re not familiar with the Chanel 19 Flat Handbag, I’m sure you’ve seen it around. I mean, it’s just a beautiful, more updated fresh flat bag from Chanel. So it gets the name 19 from 2019. I believe that’s when it was released. It’s a very soft, buttery, smooth Gooshy pillowy bag. There’s a CC emblem. It has chained details that, you know, Chanel’s known for and the price point is just all over the map. I mean, I believe the main regular price point is around 5,000 dollars but I’m seeing it go for 6, 7, or $8,000 depending on the leather color that you want. Caramel leather is extremely popular. So this is a Chanel bag that I don’t think I’ll ever get but I definitely think it’s beautiful.

Next, we have Chloe. Now, if you are a fan of Chloe at all, then you will know that almost all Chloe bags somehow look like Chloe Bag. It’s very equestrian. It’s very Western-looking. I have the Chloe Nile Bag,  I have the Chloe mini Marcy Bag. I mean, I love those. They’re definitely I would say on the outs people aren’t really buying them or talking about them nearly as much, but if you still love that look but want a more updated upgraded version consider the Chloe Darryl Saddle Bag. So this was recently released. Again, it very much looks like Chloe the price point is a lot better than all of the other Luxury Handbags that I’ve mentioned so far in this video. It’s like around a thousand dollars. Still insane, but at least a little bit better. And then also I just wanted to quickly mention the Chloe Woody Tote. So if you’re a Tote Bag fan, this is a more casual-looking Tote Bag that I think is just beautiful. I love the colors and you know, it’s again a lot better of a price point compared to the Louis Vuitton Onthego or the Dior Book Tote.

The next bag, oh my goodness it’s beautiful. It very much reminds me of the Givenchy Antigona Bag that was once very very popular. It’s still a classic bag, just not as in style as it once was. But the Luxury Handbag that’s really making its way in and kind of similar is the Versace Medusa bag. So this was very very recently released. It’s already making waves and I love it. It has a Medusa head on it, it’s very eye-catching, kind of trendy but also looks very very classic. So it does come in small, medium, and large sizes. The price ranges between 1,800 dollars to 2,800 dollars. I’m very much drawn to the medium. I feel like it holds quite a bit but it’s still a good everyday size. And it also has a nice chunky chain attached to it. I feel like it’s just again so eye-catching, it also has different strap options that you can buy separately. And I just love the Versace pattern. There’s just something about it that is just, again I keep ending with this, but it’s so beautiful.

This next Luxury Handbags line is honestly kind of surprising to me for a couple of reasons. So it involves Saint Laurent or YSL. The Luxury Handbags that a lot of people gravitate to are you know, where it’s like the YSL logo vertically especially with the tassel detail. I mean, a lot of people love those Crossbody Bags especially for like evenings out. And I think they’re like a beautiful bag. But what’s really making its way in is the Saint Laurent Maillon Bag. And what’s interesting is it’s very very boring. I mean, like it’s a very like subtle bag. Nobody would really know it’s a very expensive Saint Laurent bag. I’m sure the quality is amazing, I haven’t felt it myself. But it’s a very nice smooth leather. It’s very simplistic, very very understated. So I think it’s great for anybody out there that wants a very high-quality Designer Bag but doesn’t want to be flashy.

Next, we have Bottega Veneta, which has really gained popularity in the last year or so with their pouch bag which was their iconic, very popular bag which I think is kind of now on the outs and the Jody Bag is in. So this is a hand-woven hobo-style Handbag. It has an interesting curvature to it. Again, handwoven with this leather. I mean, that’s really what they’re known for with this style. So I think it is iconic to that brand. The sizing is very interesting though. I would say the mini and the small are more like normal. But the medium, oh my goodness. I don’t know why they call it medium, it’s massive. It is the weirdest looking thing to me but either way I definitely really like it. It is a very pricey Luxury Handbag I think, especially for something that I don’t think will last that long.

So the next Luxury Bags that I personally think are kind of on the way out because they’re trying to be something they’re not and this is just a personal opinion but it’s the YSL Sac de Jour, and the Fendi Peekaboo. I mean, there are even others, but in my opinion, people often buy those bags because they secretly really want the Hermes Birkin Bag or Kelly Bag. So the Birkins & Kelly’s had to be on this list because of the crazy surge in popularity in the last year alone. So the resell value of Birkins is up 28% compared to last year, which honestly is crazy considering the times that we are in. I find it so interesting that now people are actually taking the plunge and actually buying a Birkin Bag and a Kelly Bag which is driving up the resell value. So that size 25 and 30 are definitely the most popular and 35 is actually one that I’ve always maybe considered. I honestly don’t know if I’ll ever get one. And people always ask me that.

I think people are kind of surprised I don’t already have one. I just can’t get over the price points. I mean, they start out at like 12,000 dollars and go to like 20,000 or 30,000 dollars. The crazy ones with exotic leathers often sell for like 300 or 400,000 dollars and that’s no joke. It’s actually insane. But anyway, I need it to be on this list just because of the recent surge in popularity. So I hope you enjoyed this video. I’ll try to link all of the Luxury Handbags like the new versions and preloved versions for you to consider if you happen to be in the market for a new Luxury Bag this year. 

Video Source: Shea Whitney Youtube Channel