Marc Jacobs Tote Bag Unboxing 2022 Authentic!

Marc Jacobs Tote Bag Unboxing 2022 and Review

Hi, guys welcome to my channel. My name is Betsy and I hope you guys are having an amazing and beautiful day because I know I am. I am so freaking excited for today’s video. For you guys, this Marc Jacobs Tote Bag package has literally been in my room. Just eyeing me waiting for me to open it, but I did want to do an unboxing on camera sharing with you guys, and so I had to wait until today.

Marc JacobsTote Bag Unboxing

Just because I had work, and all this other you know stuff, but I am so freaking excited for today’s video. We are going to unbox the Marc JacobsTote Bag. This Marc JacobsTote Bag has literally been everywhere and just recently, I’ve been kind of getting more into like Luxury Handbags from famous brands and that kind of stuff. I’ve been wanting to just open this Marc JacobsTote Bag Designer Handbags Package, but the day has come now.

I ordered this Marc Jacobs Designer Tote Bag from the Marc Jacobs own website and I did order the small slight green canvas Designer Tote Bag. I did want the mini and the blue, but what I am planning to use this Marc JacobsTote Bag for is mainly work and also kind of like a gym bag situation um. So I kind of wanted a bigger size, even though the mini was so cute, but I decided to just get this Marc JacobsTote Bag. I feel like I’m gonna end up using it more, maybe down the road. I know I do want that blue mini canvas.

I also want the Marc JacobsTote Bag in their Leather Tote Bag. Those look literally so beautiful in that red color or in the cement color, so maybe later down the road. Those will be my future purchases just because those are a little more expensive. You know on the pricey side if you guys could help me down below. Let me know what color you guys think is better in that leather Marc JacobsTote Bag, the red or the cement, but yeah today. Today’s star is going to be the canvas Marc JacobsTote Bag and I am so freaking excited.

This is my first Marc JacobsTote Bag. Look at me with the scissors. I look crazy um, but I’m just gonna take my scissors. I’m gonna just start opening it. But yeah guys, I have been eyeing this Marc JacobsTote Bag and, honestly, it’s not the cheapest, like other Designer Tote Bags around.

ThisMarc JacobsTote Bag, I believe was 175 dollars, and with the tax like 190 dollars. I’ll let you guys know right now because there’s like an invoice in here, but I was just kind of was scared to make such a big purchase to me. This is a big purchase um, but I literally just found myself watching more and more videos and looking at more pictures of this Marc JacobsTote Bag, and I just really couldn’t stop thinking about it. So I decided to bite the bullet and I finally got it and I’m so freaking excited that I am unboxing it with you guys. So I was able to get the box open, and this is what Marc JacobsTote Bag looks like inside. Again, I ordered straight from the Marc Jacobs um website, and this is all the good stuff in here.

I’m so freaking excited. This Marc JacobsTote Bag already looks so amazing, and I do like it already. And I’m sorry. I keep feeling sinking down even though I’m sitting on my bed, just because I thought it was gonna be the most comfortable thing. Also now I’m like oh, like freaking, moving everywhere around, but I don’t want to show you guys my invoice, because you know all my good Stuff is on it on there, but yes, this Marc JacobsTote Bag was 175 dollars plus tax. It came out to 188 dollars. It took about five days to get here to me.

This Marc JacobsTote Bag actually arrived on the exact date that it said it was going to arrive. So that’s good. Also um packaging is pretty nice, the Marc JacobsTote Bag doesn’t seem to be ruined or anything, and it’s just hitting me in the frickin head, but yeah, I’m so excited. You guys look at this. 

I literally have been waiting to open this Marc JacobsTote Bag package. I’m telling you I received it on Friday and today’s Wednesday I literally waited all that time just to do an unboxing um with you guys. I know, there’s a ton of unboxings as well. But for me personally, before I bought this Marc JacobsTote Bag, I kept on watching and watching and watching videos about this Designer Tote Bag. I probably watched every single youtube video on this tote bag.

So I thought why not just add my unboxing as well um, so let’s just get into it. Okay, so there’s just plastic, you guys I literally cannot leave with this Marc JacobsTote Bag. Already right off the Tote Bag, the handles feel so sturdy and strong, you guys would like it. I’m used to seeing a lot of bags and I have seen over 21 Tote Bags. It’s not that there’s anything wrong with those Tote Bags but like you could Definitely tell that you are getting in Marc JacobsTote Bag, what you are paying. For like the handles on this thing. Let’S just,  I’m gonna stop talking. Let’S just admire this Marc JacobsTote Bag really quick.

Oh, my freaking gosh. I don’t know if I already said it, but I got the slate green color. I don’t know if it’s coming off the green on here. I know some of the videos I was watching, look more like a khaki tan color, but in person, I’m not even gonna lie person, it does kind of look like a khaki like khaki green. It’s not like an ugly green. It’S like a khaki green color. I really hope the camera is picking it up. Well, um, but you guys this is what that Marc JacobsTote Bag looks like, look at how freaking beautiful. It is a little bent, but that’s we’re gonna fix that right now, okay. It is literally gorgeous, so I’m just gonna do a little zoom in Moment, okay, so this is the Beautiful Marc JacobsTote Bag.

Hopefully, it’s coming off as like that nice green color, it um. I don’t know how to explain it. It is canvas material, it’s a very thick canvas, material, um, very, very thick and then on the side. You have a strap here. Excuse me, so, on the side here you have a strap, I’m not too sure what it is. Some people said they tried putting water bottles through it and it fell through. But honestly, I feel like you could fit. Maybe a water bottle on here, but you could also maybe just clip your sunglasses here. Maybe I don’t know, do a little keychain or something um and then on the front. You just have the Marc JacobsTote Bag in like white printing letters, um, it’s not embroidered or anything.

 It’S literally just kind of like printed on there um the bottom, so you have no feet at the bottom, but I think with this Marc JacobsTote Bag you’ll be okay. I feel like as it ages, it won’t look ugly. I feel like that’s kind of what it’s not meant for. You know, for you to just throw and destroy or anything, but I feel like as it ages and as you use it more it’s still gonna look amazing. Especially, I feel like in this color. It gives it more of an edgy vibe. So I feel like the more I use it and the more I wear it through, it’S just gonna still look amazing. And then on the back of this Marc JacobsTote Bag, you just have the Marc Jacobs, I’m guessing like little branding Logo thing. And then here it has the black zipper, but wow you guys the zipper, though literally no jamming, you guys it is so beautiful and it does oh wow. It does.

I guess extend like this far out, but that’s probably what I will end up using this little side strap for is to keep it extended at all times, but still being able to use like that zipper yeah. So you open it and inside there’s a huge like just huge pocket in there um inside, I’m guessing it comes with a crossbody strap. If you do prefer to use your Marc JacobsTote Bag as a Crossbody Bag, it does come with a black strap, which is really really nice. I don’t think I’ll use it as a Crossbody Bag. I prefer to use more of like the top handle Designer Handbags, but it is very nice because I know sometimes I’ll have so many things in my hands and I literally need to just pull my bag on really quick, but yeah guys.

It comes with the strap and we’ll strap it on right now. And inside again, there’S that big pocket and then this pocket as well. You have a little like, you just have the tag, this tag, it does not open. I know the leather one tag. I think it does have an opening. If you want to put a card in there or anything, this one does not. I actually have my phone right here so, for example, here’s my phone um and it easily does fit in there. which is very, very nice and let’s check, let’s just check the other one. Just because you know so, there’s that and then in here, you have another zip pocket. And inside there is actually a Marc Jacobs card which I’m guessing is gonna, to be like the care card. It tells you um how to take care of your Marc JacobsTote Bag, which I’ll need to look at that because I am horrible at taking care of my own stuff.

This Marc JacobsTote Bag is a pretty decent size. This is small, I feel like I would have gone the mini. It wouldn’t have again worked for what I was looking for. This actually looks like it’s gonna be perfect for shoving my gym clothes in there and my agenda um. I also have my Ipad, I’ll go ahead and show you guys, I’m pretty sure it’s gonna fit in here. You can probably even fit a 15-inch laptop. So I also went ahead and clipped the strap that it came with um, and this is what it looks like with the strap um. I will try and model it for you guys, but then again I’m on the bed, so I don’t know how this is going to work. But honestly, let’s just try it, because I’m very curious as to how this is going to look with my body type. I am very, very tiny, maybe you guys not tiny, because I’m tall, I’m around like five-six, almost five-seven, but I’m a little thinner. I don’t know how to explain it, but I am standing on my bed.

This is what this Marc JacobsTote Bag looks like on my body. I don’t know if you guys could see ta-da ta-da, I’m not even matching socks. So if you can see my socks, I’m sorry. But yes, you guys, I am so in love with it, and the structure of it is literally amazing. I am already planning to get another one. Like I told you guys at the beginning of the video um, I am planning to get more of the Marc JacobsTote Bag now just seeing it in person and having it in my hands.

It’s like a girl. What were you doing this whole time? You need this in every color. Now, let’s see what we can fit in it, I’m just curious to see if it’ll look super like bulky or heavy um, once I put everything that I plan on putting in here, alrighty guys. So I have my 13-inch iPad and let’s see okay so that fits perfectly.

This Marc JacobsTote Bag is a little heavy. I’m not even gonna lie to you guys. I don’t even know if I even carry my iPad around, but just in case you were trying to carry an iPad around, this is kind of getting blow heavy, but let’s just keep adding. I’m going to add some clothes in there, so I have a random crewneck sweater. I won’t wear this Marc JacobsTote Bag at the gym, but just to see I usually do wear sweaters to the gym. So um, we’ll see if that fits in there alrighty. So then, there’s that I have some workout leggings in there and then these are my gym shoes, but I’m just gonna throw a random pair of gym shoes in there just to see if it will fit. So let’s say I did want to throw some gym shoes in here and wow okay that does fit. So this is what it looks like with all the clothes in there.

In my Marc JacobsTote Bag, After putting all my clothes, the shoes, I have my wallet, my phone in here um and the iPad. This is what my Marc JacobsTote Bag looks like now, it’s a little heavy, I’m not even gonna lie, but it does fit and I was able to zip it up. So nothing will fall out or anything. I think this bag would literally work for any occasion. Anything that you are looking for this Marc JacobsTote Bag would be perfect and again this is in a small size um in the slight green color. I think this color is gorgeous. You guys like it, just give me grunge and edgy vibe, and I am all here for it. I love it. I’m gonna set it down because my hands are getting tired. I’m not oh as we’re getting tired right there, but yeah guys that wraps up this video.

Thank you again so much for experiencing this Marc JacobsTote Bag unboxing with me. I was literally so excited to unbox this Marc JacobsTote Bag, and now I am so happy that I have it and I literally just cannot stop staring at it, I’m looking at it right now. It just looks so beautiful um, but yeah. Thank you guys for watching this video. If you enjoyed it, make sure to like it.

If you guys would like to see more content um from me, I will be posting more this year, I’m hoping to be posting every week. You know just to learn from you guys, and hopefully, you guys can learn something from me too and just share experiences like this. Even though it wasn’t only Marc JacobsTote Bag unboxing honestly. It is something I want to look back and be like, wow like that Marc JacobsTote Bag was one of my first bags. Let me know what else you guys would like to see possibilities. 

In the future, more videos will come on Gucci Tote, Louis Vuitton Tote, Michael Kors Tote Bag, Womens Tote Bags.

Video Source: Betsy Ramirez Youtube Channel