Gucci Shoulder Bag – Dionysus Small Review 2021


Gucci Shoulder Bag – Dionysus Small full Review 2021

Gucci Shoulder Bag – Gucci Dionysus Bag Review 2021. All aspects of this Gucci Handbag have been covered. By the end, you will well be familiar with the quality of this designer Gucci Bag. Hey guys this is Kia Tachel. Today’s video is going to be a full review of my Gucci Shoulder Bag – Gucci Dionysus small Bag, which can be used sometimes as a Crossbody Bag. So let’s just get straight to it. Well, I barely pronounced any of my Bag names right. So please excuse me for that, but if you know the correct way to pronounce this Gucci Shoulder Bag – Gucci Dionysus, then educate me and help me out. You help me. I help you. But anyway, here is this Gucci Shoulder Bag – Gucci Dionysus, and before I get into deeper detail, I just want to show you an overview of the Gucci Shoulder Bag – Gucci Dionysus. So here are the front and the right side, the backside, the left side, and the bottom.

So this Gucci Shoulder Bag has the Gucci GG pattern as you could see, and then it’s trimmed with this taupe suede right here and then it has the tiger head closure. A lot of people think that this is a snake over this Gucci Shoulder Bag. I actually used to be one of those people. I always thought this was a snake and that’s one of the reasons why I didn’t go for this Gucci Shoulder Bag – Gucci Dionysus. As soon as I saw this Gucci Handbag, I liked it, but I do not like snakes. So I was like up, I can’t get that back, but then I learned that it was not a snake. And I was so excited when I found out it wasn’t a snake, and I went for it.

Okay, so it’s actually a tiger head on this Gucci Shoulder Bag Small and you could see right there. The little tiger with the ears and everything you can see a little bit more in detail there. You go okay, but yes, I’ve been eyeing this Gucci Purse Women for a long time, and when I was eyeing the Gucci Shoulder Bag, I was actually looking at it. The mini version of this Gucci Dionysus Bag Small – it was the mini version and it did not have this detail. So while it had this, not the snake, the tiger head closure, it did not have these stones inside of it.

Look at that sparkling beautiful detail: that is why I absolutely love this Gucci Shoulder Bag. It’S just so beautiful. If you’re familiar with Gucci, then I’m pretty sure that you’ve seen this Gucci Dionysus collection a bunch of times because it comes in many different forms, shapes, and colors. But this is the signature prints of it with the small GG and then they all have this line head detail, but it’s usually just plain. They all don’t have this stone detail, as you can see here, they all do not have those. I’ll actually show you a picture right here of what the regular Gucci Shoulder Bag – Gucci Dionysus Small look like, but yes, so I walked in the Gucci store. 

Prior to me purchasing this Gucci Shoulder Bag, I explained to the sales associate what I wanted. She was like, Oh yeah we do have that Gucci Shoulder Bag, but why don’t you look at this one? I was like I really don’t want to spend that much because there was a significant price difference. But then she kept talking me into it and at first, I was kind of worried about these stones falling out, but for you guys, they’re really secure.

I haven’t had any issues. I’ve worn this Gucci Shoulder Bag – Gucci Dionysus Small quite a few times. I’m really careful with my Gucci Handbags, but again, as I said – I haven’t had any issues when it comes to that. And plus, If I did, I know that Gucci will fix it for me. I believe, I don’t and I’m not exactly familiar with the Handbags repair process, as I am with Louis Vuitton. But I remember she told me that they would repair it at the result two-year warranty. I believe I don’t remember. Don’T quote me on that. So I was nervous about that, but she talked me into it and I’m happy. I chose this like I said because that is a beautiful touch to the Gucci Shoulder Bag.

I have one now it has those extra little sparkles. So this is really like I just love it. It’s a beautiful touch and I’m happy. I chose this one Gucci Shoulder Bag – Gucci Dionysus Small, plus this Gucci Bag one is bigger than the original one that I was going to get, which was the Gucci Dionysus mini one. And I’ll add that up here too, and yeah, so it’s a big difference in size and this Handbag.

I have an issue with what can fit in here in this Gucci Dionysus Small. So I can only imagine how I would have been struggling if I would have gotten the Gucci Dionysus size. All right so before we get to that, let me just show you what the inside looks like okay. So it has this tiger head closure and on the right side, it has a little snap button. So if you just put your hands on both sides and then press the button, it opens up like that. Then it has a suede interior, and it has this little hidden, peekaboo pocket under here. And this is the inside of this Gucci Handbag. There are no other pockets or anything.

It just looks like that on the inside and it snaps right back. This Gucci Dionysus Small is called Gucci Shoulder Bag, and I actually like to wear it as such, and I like to wear it as a short Shoulder Bag. Not a long Shoulder Bag. So whenever I wear this Gucci Bag, I like to wear it just how I’m showing you right now with the chain sitting like this versus the longer Gucci Shoulder Bag. Okay, so let me show you, so here is that Gucci Bag being a short Shoulder Bag? This is how I usually wear it, but with the outfit that I have on right now, I actually would wear this as a Gucci Crossbody or a long Branded Shoulder Bag. So another pro to this Gucci Bag is that this is very versatile.

You can just let it droop and wear it as a top Gucci Handbag, and I think that could look cute too with the right outfit, but I prefer not to wear the Gucci Bag that way. But yes, that are just so many different ways that you can wear it and I absolutely love when Luxury Gucci Handbags are versatile. Because I feel like if you’re spending that much money on a Designer Bag, you want to get a lot of wear a lot of use out of It. So if you can wear it in so many different ways, that’s a great key factor in a Gucci Crossbody Luxury Bag. Moving forward, another pro to this Gucci Shoulder Bag is that this outside part right here, the GG part. I don’t know what type of texture this is, but it’s really durable. I could say that, if I spill liquid on it, you can just literally just wipe it right off, and I really adore that.

And another pro about this Gucci Shoulder Bag is that it’s just really cute and really stylish. I think it’s definitely a statement piece. Especially with the sparkling crystals and the tiger head, that makes this Gucci Dionysus Small Bag a statement piece. And statement pieces are always fun, so there’s that. Let’s get to the cost of this Gucci Bag. This Gucci Dionysus Small Bag currently retails for 2,350 dollars. So that is a bit expensive. If you are looking to purchase this Gucci Bag, you really need to listen closely to the cons before you do so, alright. So the cons of this Gucci Bag. If you’re interested in buying this Gucci Dionysus Small Bag and you typically want to use it for an everyday Carry Bag or if you want to use it to carry a lot of items, then I do not recommend this bag.

I definitely wouldn’t say Gucci Dionysus Small is an everyday bag and I definitely would not recommend purchasing this Gucci Bag. If you typically carry quite a bit of item personally, I prefer small Bags over bigger bags. However, most of my small Gucci Bags still can carry quite a few items. I find myself struggling to pick which items absolutely need to come with me, whenever I go and wear this Gucci Bag. I try to put everything in here and it’s not going to work. So I’m like okay with what can I live without? What can I take with me, I don’t want to have to do that, so I just don’t recommend this bag. If you like to carry your key essentials, because I can’t even fit all my key essentials in here now. This Gucci Shoulder Bag, Gucci Dionysus looks pretty decent in size from the outside. But once like I said once you go in the inside, you try to fit stuff in you can’t really fit that much as you can see. It’S not much room in here.

I will show you what fits inside, but let me just go over the dimensions in size. So the measurements for this Gucci Dionysus Small are 10 by 5.5 by 3 inches. So it’s not that big, as you can see and it does not fit that much inside. But it has a tight space inside, and I’m about to show you that it does not fit that much. I have a few items right here and these are just some of the essential items that I like to take on a daily basis. Obviously, nowadays a mask is essential, so I put that in here in this hidden peekaboo pocket. I just slap that down there and then I like to carry some flushable wipes with me just to stay fresh and clean, and I put that in there too in that little peekaboo pocket. And that’s all I put in here. Then in the open Compartment here I put my rollerball perfume, a lip gloss, a lotion. That’s all I put in here and I’m already running out of room. And then I still have my two key pouches that I like to take with me because I use them to store coins or cards or whatever I need them to store. 

So I like to take those in there and that slide right in there nicely. and then I have room for my Earpods, but then I have my key holder and I go everywhere with this key holder, so it’s kind of tough to fit that in there. I could still fit it in there, but it’s like it’s pushing it. It’S really tough. To put that in there like it, takes up a lot of room and there’s not much left, but I could squeeze it down and make it work. But then, when I do that this Gucci Dionysus is hard to close, so as you can see, the um closure is up here and it’s like I have to really tug on it to get it.

To close this Gucci Shoulder Bag, I really have to pull it down and I have to press really hard to make sure I hear that snap lock. And then there’s that and so now here is the bag completely full and I’m not feeling satisfied with how it’s packed. I feel like I need to take more items, although I do not typically carry that much. I just feel like having more room in my bag just in case. I need to put an extra item in there. For example, I typically carry my phone in my hand or in my pocket, but what, if I’m somewhere, where I need to put it securely in my Handbag?

There’s absolutely no way that it’s going to fit in here. Or let’s say that I come across an item while I’m out, and I just want to be able to put it in my bag – but it’s not going to fit in here as my bag is completely full at this point. Nothing else could fit in there, so I have to usually rearrange what I bring when I wear this. So when it comes down to that, then I typically don’t take my key pouches, which is very sad for me, because I want to take those with me and then that creates some room, but it still doesn’t leave me much room.  So there’s that so that’s one con to this bag.

Another con is, this: Gucci Shoulder Bag, Gucci Dionysus is actually hard to close when you’re wearing it, and that makes it very inconvenient. So if I’m out and I’m wearing this Gucci Bag – and I want to go in and grab something it’s easy to open. But when it’s full, it’s so hard to close, like I always find myself struggling to have to tug on it and pull it down and press It like heavy to get it to close, and it’s just so hard. I know I just made it look easy, but that’s because it’s not full and it’s usually pretty full. If I put these key pouches back in your arms, I put my phone back in there or, if I put my phone in there and I’m trying to close it, I have to press on it really hard for it to close. There have been a couple of times where I thought I closed it, and it turned out not to be closed all the way.

I like moved a little bit and then it popped open like that, and that’s not safe or secure. You don’t want that to happen with any of your bags, so those are actually the only cons I have of this Gucci Dionysus, and again I think that this Gucci Bag is beautiful. I’m just saying that you should be careful of purchasing this bag if you plan on using it as an everyday bag or if you typically carry a lot. Other than that, I think it’s a great bag. I love that it can be worn in so many different ways. I definitely recommend this Gucci Shoulder Bag, Gucci Dionysus.

If you like, I said, if you don’t mind, spending that much money and not being able to get good use out of it as far as fitting stuff in, then I would definitely recommend it. If it’s just about building your Handbags Collection and having beautiful pieces then definitely go for this Gucci Bag. Yet again, I do not regret purchasing this Gucci Bag, although I cannot fit everything needed in it. I am still happy that it is in my Handbags Collection, because it’s a beautiful piece, it’s versatile – and I really really adore this right here. This tiger closure with those sparkling crystals is just so beautiful to me, and I think that this Gucci Bag is fun to play with and dress with, like even wearing something simple as I have on right now, something really simple, a graphic tee and some distressed jeans is such a beautiful look, it’s such a chic.

Video Source: Kia Tache Youtube Channel