GUCCI MARMONT BAG SMALL 1 YEAR REVIEW // What fits, Pros & Cons, Wear and Tear, Regrets?


Hey guys and welcome back to my channel, I hope you’re all doing it really. Well. Today, I am doing a review of my Gucci Marmont Bag. So, let’s just get started with the review. This is the bag, the fabulous pretty little bag that I wear as often as I can, and I want to share my opinion on it – pros and cons how it has worn and I’ll also show you what fits into this Designer Gucci Marmont Bag. So hopefully that will be helpful to you, but first of all, I bought this bag just over a year ago. I bought this from

Gucci ships internationally and you don’t have additional charges on top of it, which is great they deal with all of that. So I think that’s very easy, like a very easy process to do, and I paid one thousand five hundred and nineteen euros for it. Gucci has done several price increases on this bag, but as of today, it is one thousand six hundred and ninety euros. I would still buy it for this price, but I’m not sure if they are going to keep raising the price or not, but the resale value of these isn’t amazing.

Gucci Marmont Bag in different Sizes

So if you care about Gucci Marmont Bag Small or Medium, you might want to look at getting it pre-loved, just as a tip. So the size of this Gucci Bag is small. The sizing is a bit confusing. You have the small which is my Gucci Bag size and then you have the mini, which it looks the same, but it’s just a little bit smaller and then you have the supermini, which just has one like chain and it’s very, very small. And then you have obviously a medium and a large which is the slices up. I’ll start with the things I really like about this bag before going into like more negative aspects because I want to start on a positive note.

So what really sold me on this bag is the color this nude color is the hype is real. It’S such a good nude, it’s beautiful! It’S stunning. I think it’s called antique to gross antique rose, something like that. It’s a very, very good color, and I don’t know if I’m obsessed with this color.I can never let this Gucci Marmont Bag go just for the color alone. I think it’s amazing and I love how the bag is so kind of versatile. I wear this with dresses and I wear it with jeans. It’S very like you can dress it up or down. It has been like really cool and interesting chevron, quilting or stitching, which I know some people don’t like whatever. Then this bag is not for you, okay, and it also has the heart at the back here, the very controversial heart. I know some people really really hate this hard. I don’t mind it either way. It’S like. I don’t need it, they could have left it, but I really don’t care it’s at the back.

But for sure the look of this bag is what sold me. I do love a flat bag and the color and the logo are just so beautiful in this antique kind of aged hardware. I think if this was very shiny hardware, it looks shinier now because I have such strong lights here, but I think if it was a naturally a very shiny logo, it could be too much because it is so large and kind of in-your-face. I just really love this bag. I think it’s so pretty to look at it.

I have it like in my shelf behind me so that whenever I walk past there I can look at it and I’m like oh it’s gorgeous so you’re on. I still think this is really really beautiful. Another thing, I think, is amazing about this Gucci Marmont Bag is that it’s a very, very light bag. You know everyone has to consider that, but if you have issues with your shoulder or just in general if you notice a heavy bag, this one would be so so nice.

I think a part of it is because the lining in this Gucci Crossbody is a microfiber and it’s not suede. Some people would be really pissed that a bag they pay that much for wasn’t full leather, I quite enjoy it. I don’t need the inside to be suede, I really don’t. I put a bag liner in there anyways. The second thing is that the chain is definitely it’s not like super light. It doesn’t feel like plastic, it’s not as cheap feeling, but it’s not this heavy like an uncomfortable chain even in summer. When I wear this bye, sleeveless top, it’s so comfortable, even stuffed full all my things in it. This Gucci Shoulder Bag doesn’t hurt my shoulder. The chain is super skinny, so it doesn’t dig in and it’s not heavy its overall just a super comfortable bag to wear. I typically wear it doubled up on my shoulder.

Gucci Marmont Bag Pros – advantages

This Gucci Handbag fits comfortably under my arm. The comfort level is really really high on this Gucci Bag, and it’s just especially because it’s very soft it just feels great against the body and it’s just a very, very soft kind of squishy bag, and I think it’s the leather to me feels very, very luxurious. It’S one of my favorite leathers, because it is so soft, and it has this like semi sheen to it, and I think it’s just really beautiful. One thing to note, though, is that, as with any kind of very soft bag, it can tend to lose shape much quicker. I typically counteract this by putting a bag liner into my Gucci Handbags, which I have done with this one, and then I stuff it with paper. When I don’t, it’s been totally fine.

Another thing I really love about this Gucci Bag is the closure. A lot of Crossbody Bags tend to have this like snap, like button snap magnetic closure, and then, when you try to open it, you have to pull on the leather and it just hurts my heart, because every time I do it, I’m like I’m gonna break it. It’S gonna rip and oh I hate it. So this one is kind of opened with a button underneath. When I wear it, I lie the finger under and push that little. It’S not pulling on any leather whatsoever, it’s very easy to open, but it’s also not very easy for it, thieves to kind of like pull it try it open because that’s not gonna work. You have to push the thing under and I really like that and I mentioned the chain, but I want to say that I think it’s so so nice.

In addition to being very comfortable, I do love a Shoulder Bag where you can kind of double it up or you can wear it like this, like one single. My camera is not showing enough, but essentially just wearing it with one like single strap instead, so you can Long on the shoulder or you can wear a Gucci Crossbody, it just gives you so much more freedom in what you can do and how you can wear the bag. So, as promised, I will talk about some of the more negative things about this bag and I think it’s really important that you consider your lifestyle and how you will wear this bag and just where you will wear it before getting it because it’s not for everyone. For every lifestyle, I guess – and I’ve kind of already mentioned this – Gucci Bag is really soft and kind of squishy, and that makes it very comfortable to wear – and I think the leather is so so luxurious and it’s so beautiful to look at. But this is not like a very hard-wearing bag. Definitely, if it had grain leather and a bit more structure and would just survive a lot more, but it wouldn’t have this, like luxurious finish, at least the finish that I really love you do kind of have to baby it a little bit, and I think this really comes down to how you like to treat your bags.

If you’re very careful, it won’t be an issue, I don’t tend to shy away from this Gucci Marmont Bag, because I have to babysit it. So it’s nothing that dramatic. You just have to consider that the leather is much softer, so it will scratch easier. It will dent easier. It’S just you have to consider it also if you prefer to wear your Crossbody Bags always, I would probably avoid this bag and I would get the camera bag instead, because this bag if you wear it crossbody a lot.

Gucci Marmont Bag Cons – disadvantages

This part, like the top of this Gucci Marmont Bag, can tend to get a bit pointy. I have to squeeze mine a lot to get there because I haven’t worn it a lot as Gucci Crossbody. It’s not my preferred way of wearing a bag, but if that is primarily how you wear your Gucci Bags, I would just get the camera bag instead. So you don’t end up with about that’s really pointy, maybe you don’t mind a pointy bag, I would. It would drive me crazy if you wonder what these look like when they are used because they can get a bit ratty looking if they are abused, just go and look at them as the peel of markers.

You can see that they have dents and they’re misshapen, because people don’t take care of them and if you, if you know that you’re kind of hard on your bags, maybe get a different bag. I don’t want to scare you away from here because I have had no issues with it being misshapen or anything like that. It’S just I know some people have complained of it. If you are the kind of person who you walk in your front door and you just throw your bag somewhere and your jacket some other way – and this is probably not the right for you – but if you’re naturally inclined to just take care of your bags. A little bit and be a bit more mindful, I don’t judge you have to find something that works for your life and don’t like being trapped by your things.

That’S really really bad, but just be mindful of whether Gucci Marmont Bag actually suits your lifestyle or not. That would be my tip and I would just recommend that you store it the right way. So one time I stored it on top of its chain, so it was kind of like I don’t know if you can see that sitting like that on the shelf. This shelf was right here and then when I came to pick it up the next day it had the indentations in the leather underneath from the chain they went out. You can kind of massage them out or they just went out on their own.

But I imagine if you do that, a lot or with a lot of weight on the bag, those dents will be permanent because the leather is so soft. So when I store it, I just put it like this, and I have paper inside of it and I also have a bag liner, and then I store the chain on the back like that and not underneath it. I just put it this way, just in case, it will get any dents from the chain. I want it on the back and not the front. That’S just I haven’t had any issues where there I just wanted to mention it.

Another thing that people have complained about when it comes to this Gucci Marmont Bag. All you haven’t had that issue, but it’s kind of the opening right here is a little bit large and I can’t imagine anyone being concerned that they are going to have people pickpocket them through that little hole. You must have a very, very small hand. Anyways totally lost my train of thought there, but a complaint as I understand it is that things can kind of fall out like your lip gloss or something can get through the hole. It’S never happened to me, but I can see how it would theoretically be very feasible for smaller items to get through that hole.

I will say that I have worn my Gucci Marmont Bag a decent amount. It’S not been an everyday bag. Some weeks, I’ve worn it once a week, there are four days a week, but it’s been worn a fair amount and for me, it’s held up really well, but I have been kind of care and mindful of where I’m putting it down. If I’m walking next to a brick wall, I have just my brain on, so I don’t like scraping my bag along with the bricks, just sensible things like that, and when I store it, I stuff it with paper and, as I mentioned just with the chain out of The way and then I lay the dust bag over or I put it inside the dust bag and that’s pretty much all I do. I don’t take too much care of it.

I will say I also spray my Gucci Marmont Bag with carbon Pro, which I have somewhere here. One second, sorry, so this one carbon Pro and you can buy it among other places, on Amazon, and like dedicated bag care website. This one is really good. I’ve used this one on pretty much all of my bags and I haven’t had any color transfer whatsoever, which I think is really good, because I wasn’t worried when I bought this lighter-colored bag. I wear a lot of all-black outfits and black jeans and I couldn’t stop doing that just for a buy because it looks so good against black.

So I kept doing that and, as you can see in the back, there is no color transfer of this Gucci Designer Bag. I do spray it with carbon pro, as I mentioned every couple of months. I guess, depending on how much I wear the bag.  and sometimes I use a leather cleaner, just to clean the bag and also to condition the leather, so it doesn’t dry out. That’S pretty much all I do. I don’t keep it too high-maintenance just be mindful.

I think the biggest difference in how this bag holds up is how you wear it, and I typically wear it like this doubled up on the shoulder. That’S just what I find the most comfortable and convenient for me. It’S right there, I’m very short I’ll put in some mug shots as well. So you can see I am 161 centimeters or five three tall and the bag if it’s like if I’m wearing it down on my hip. Sometimes it just feels too far away like it’s too close to the ground.

I don’t know I’m being dramatic. I don’t know what the whole thing is. I prefer it on my shoulder. I don’t wear it a lot as a Crossbody Bag. I know that if you do wear it a little crossbody it can get a bit pointy again.

XXX As I mentioned, I have the bag liner because without it the bottom is so soft that it can kind of like, especially if you have things in it kind of start to sag down. But as you can see here, it’s not sagging at all and it’s just staying the way it’s supposed to and I’ve worn this bag in rain and sun and snow and pretty much any kind of weather. I just dry it off. The carbon program makes it really easy. This is starting to sound like an ad for carbon Pro. It’S not unrepaid. I bought every single spray bottle of bought with my own money. I just think it’s really good moving on and for me, it’s held up really. Well, I don’t see any kind of wearable. Leather is perfect.

In my Gucci Marmont Bag, there have been no issues with the glazing, it hasn’t. Cracked anywhere there has been no chipping or tarnishing of the hardware anywhere. It’S just pretty much been perfect, not even underneath it’s I have to say I do use it. I mentioned this and pretty much all of my bag reviews. I use this kind of like bag hook. It rolls up to a circle and then out like that, so you can put your bag like that, which is really really convenient when you’re at a restaurant or anything like that, just because you don’t want to put this bag on the floor. So it’s been used to the point where I think I can say it’s very high quality and it holds up well, but I will continue to see how it holds up when I use it more and more okay. So I’m going to show you what fits into this Gucci Bag. For me, it’s a really really good size. First I’ll just put my phone in here.

I can’t really imagine any kind of phone that won’t fit into this Gucci Marmont Bag. I think you have other issues if it doesn’t so we’re just going to say any phone, it’s going to go into this bag, and then I have my key holder kind of thing and this one has two folds in it and a ton of keys. I don’t even know how many so it’s bulkier than most as you can see, so you can see it fits in and then also I use my cardholder. This bag would definitely fit a wallet. I just personally don’t like to switch between cardholder and wallet just because I do wear a lot of small Designer Bags, so I just prefer to keep my cardholder mostly, and I don’t have that many cards.

That’S like my essentials whenever I go out so, for me, this Gucci Marmont Bag is kind of spacious. I do wear always a lip balm in addition to it, but that’s pretty much it and, as you can see, there is a lot of space left, so we’re going to fill it up with someone like my beauty, essentials and one of them is yes going to be sunscreen. If you know me, you know that I take sunscreen very seriously, so alright, I’m putting that in there and I’m putting in a powder compact need that when I apply so much sunscreen, otherwise I look like a freaking and a lip balm. This is the YSL liquid, color balm, it’s so good, it’s so nice so that one in there and then lipstick. I typically have to reapply during the day, and hopefully, you can see. We have now filled this bag with a few things, but there is still like.

Quite a lot of room left I’ll put it in some Sunglasses as well. To be honest, you could probably fit these sunglasses in this bag with a case as well trying to show you without having all the things fly out. Okay, so there you can see my ring line as well. So, as you can see, it’s not even like poking up from this, you can hopefully see that there is a lot of room left, I’m just going to close this, so you can see it’s not overly! Stuffed at all, it’s not sagging at the bottom.

Here it stays completely flat. I think a lot of that also has to do with the fact that I have a bag liner in it again. I would really recommend that you do get one if you have this bag, so if it’s all the essentials and some extra bits, depending on what your essentials are obviously, but I think it’s a very, very good size, but I forgot to mention it also. Has this like pocket in the back here? If you can see that here I just have the papers in there.

I probably shouldn’t I use that pocket, but I guess you can so at the end here. I really want to say that a year on from purchasing this Gucci Marmont Bag, I still really really loved it, and I went a long time. I probably went a year before I bought this because so many people told me it’s too trendy you’re gonna hate it in like a month. It’S not gonna last. But I am so happy.

I bought this Gucci Marmont Bag. The only thing I don’t like, if that I didn’t buy it sooner, I really loved it as much today, as I did when I first got here and I would purchase it again in a heartbeat. I think it’s such a beautiful Gucci Bag. That is very versatile and very comfortable to wear, and it goes for so many different occasions, so I really really wouldn’t be without this designer bag. I think it’s so so beautiful.

That being said, I know Gucci Marmont Bag isn’t for everyone. You do kind of have to like the large logo and a flat bag and the kind of soft leather, and, as I mentioned, you should really consider your lifestyle and especially, if you only like to wear Crossbody Bags. Okay, that’s it for this review.

Video Source: Sandra Skaar Youtube Channel

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