COACH Willow Bucket Bag Review 2021. Buy HOT Item?

COACH Willow Bucket Bag Review 2021. HOT Item Analyzed

COACH Willow Bucket Bag, honest Review 2021. HOT Item Analyzed thoroughly. Hello, welcome back yeah we’re here we’re at the Coach. So, in this video today, I’m going to talk about the Coach Willow Bucket Bag Review, which is a Shoulder Bag also. So before I get into the Willow Bucket Bag, I’m just gonna show you we’re also getting one new color for the Willow Shoulder Bag. It’S a color block with the main color being the rouge yeah. So this ruche color – and we don’t see this in a lot of our collection of Designer Bags. So this is a refresh and something new for SS21 uh the same color.

They did a mini, pillow tabby. So quite nice to see this color coming into the collection pieces, so the color block you have the rouge with the this is kind of like ginger, color and match with brass hardware, and you get a little bit of like this peach color um on The hangtag and the inside is oxblood, so quite a colorful combination. This kind of reminds me of our made-to-order rogue because you actually see this color in the made-to-order rogue initially. So if you’re thinking about doing a meteor rogue, you can also – maybe hopefully this color block can also inspire you. You can now we do have the ginger color uh handle.

So as you can see, it might be a nice combination with the rouge as well in Coach Willow Bucket Bag. So this is the new color for the Coach Shoulder Bag and we introduced it in a previous live video that is kind of like a new replacement for our very popular Coach Charlie Bucket Bag for the larger size. So details just kind of quickly goes through the exterior. We do have feet on the bottom. It comes with two removable straps, the shorter length, which is very nice.

This Coach Willow Bucket Bag also comes with the padding, and then we do also have the long Crossbody Bags strap. One thing to note is that they make it a little bit wider, which I think the previous Coach Charlie Bucket Bag is the thinner strap. But a lot of people seem to prefer the wider option, so they also kind of make this refresh as well. There are also the turn-lock details here, as you can see: the sea logo enclosed uh, different from the Charlie Bucket Bag, where you have a turn lock on both the front and the back. So there’s not really like a front and a back. It’S you know.

Unless you look at the inside, where the pocket is uh, but for windows shorter, it’s more, you don’t see a turn-lock at the back of the bag, which is on the front here. And the same kind of double compartment with the metals zipper compartment to divide It up the interior um, the second compartment uh, the closure is magnetic so and the front closure is uh with turn lock. So that’s kind of like the key difference between the silhouette and the Charlie Bucket. There is also the media pocket on the inside and the zipper compartment you open up, give you more space uh the lining on the zipper compartment is nylon and the rest of the interior of the bag is lined with a cross green leather. So the cross-grain finish is more stretch resistant, so overall the spec, the outside you have the purple the inside. You have cross-grain, so a very practical and versatile piece.

Moving on to the main topic today, so we’re going to show you the Coach Willow Bucket Bag | Shoulder Bag. We have right now in a store three colorways, so these two are the leather options, so we have a chalk and beach wood option in the purple leather, and then we have all black options and purple leather as well. Actually, there’s a lot of a little bit of color blocking on the hangtag. The hangtag is instead of black is oxblood which uh matched the lining with the interior of the back, but overall the strap and the body are all in black color. So we will take a look at these and then we, of course, will have to have a quarter canvas the signature c options with the leather trim.

Okay, so these are the three colorway options we have in the store in a Coach Willow Bucket Bag. Let me just do a quick, side-by-side comparison of the Shoulder Bag and the Coach Willow bucket Bag. Okay, the quick size comparison side by side, I think, just a little bit wider with the shorter back uh height-wise. It’S the difference is not as much but I think, width-wise. The Shoulder Gag is definitely wider than the Coach Willow Bucket Bag.

Coach Willow Bucket Bag really has a similar, more similar proportion as the small, Coach Charlie Bucket Bag. Okay, so it’s very upright. We do have the same thing. We do have feet on the bottom um. We do have two straps the shorter length uh strap with uh padding.

I really like this little detail is very thoughtful and also just kind of elevated, the overall bag is a little bit and the crossbody strap is instead of the skinny strap. They also adapt the wider option for the cross body, uh proportionally. Of course, this is slightly narrower than the big one but proportional-wise. I think it’s about the same scale um.

So both the shorter strap and the cross-body strap are adjustable, and you can adjust it accordingly. If you need to have an extra hole punched in, we can also do that in the store for you. One thing I want to remind you guys is this little loop here: uh when you open up the bag, just be careful, because sometimes we do have this come off quite easily and you don’t want to lose this piece because this is where you can kind of. If you have it a little bit longer here, uh that will secure the extra flap okay, so just be aware of that, I think I’ve seen this uh come off on like the tabby crossbody so and let’s just be careful of that little detail for exterior Wise, a lot of the construction details are the same pretty much exactly the same as they are on the shoulder bag. Really, this is just like a more compact form, than the interior, the same as the front.

In Coach Willow Bucket Bag you have the turn-lock with the seat and the back is just a magnetic closure. As you can see on the inside, there is no turn lock on the back. That’S one thing: that’s different from the Coach Charlie Bucket Bag same as the shorter bag. You also have the media pocket on the inside. The lining inside is also cross-grain, so the toughest leather.

Finish that we have. You do have one zipper compartment, um, that’s lined with nylon, but the color is also oxflush, so overall, a very unified color scheme for the bag with the color block. This is the chalk and beach wood, okay and the inside is a light saddle color, not sure. If you can see it clearly and a little bit of oxblood, so there is there’s more color combination on the color block. The hardware is uh in brass okay, so this is uh on the strap, both the short and the long strap are uh Beachwood color.

This is a nice summer or the warmer season choice. If you like brighter color for the white, you definitely have to be more diligent in maintaining it. So if you ever get stained like a dye transfer on the leather, just clean it right away, and then it should be okay, signature c option on the bottom: you do have the feet with leather trim, and yeah. The hangtag is also in leather, so you can monogram this with your initials and coach motif. The straps are in leather as well.

Okay, the inside lining is also in cross-screen and the zipper compartment is this feels, I think, it’s still nylon yeah. Okay, here’s the little detail. This is one of my favorite detail on the bag. I just kind of closed it in instead of leaving it open like this.

So a lot of like construction details same as the padding on the shoulder bag, just kind of create, like a very thoughtfulness um around the design and construction of the back. So I kind of elevate the overall silhouette of the bed. So, for this new floor set, you will see a lot of new colors and also smaller size options for the existing family that we already have on the floor so for Coach Willow Bucket Bag and for Tabby Pillow we’re also getting some new colorway for the beat backs. So we’re going to be introducing them slowly in each video, so you can look it up for your reference once again.

Video Source: Yawei Youtube Channel