GUCCI BELT Styles and Sizes Analyzed

GUCCI BELT Styles and Sizes Analyzed Thoroughly

Gucci Belt, Sizes, and Styles analyzed. Hey guys, welcome back. So if you guys are regulars or if you are into Gucci Belt, you probably remember I did a video quite a while ago, about the Gucci Belts. I talked about my Gucci Belt, here she is, and I talked about different ways I like to style it and kind of gave a review about wearing it too. I get so many questions on Instagram every single day asking me if a Gucci Belt is worth the money? And if yes, which one should I buy? So I wanted to make this video a little step further to talk about the Designer Gucci Belt, a little bit more.

I’ve had this Gucci Belt for maybe two years. Now I will show you different ways to style it, but also do a little comparison, because I find that I get a lot of messages from people asking me, which size should I go for? So I wanted to also talk about The Smaller Gucci Belt today – and I also wanted to talk about the Brown Gucci Belt today. So if you are in the market to get a Gucci Belt, sit down and get comfortable, I’m hopefully gonna tell you if it’s worth the money, how I think it’s the best style, and which one you should buy? So my first belt is this one. This is the four-centimeter Gucci Belt, and this tends to be the one that everyone goes for. So it’s kind of the middle one you’ve got small one which will go on to in a few minutes and then you’ve got one, that’s absolutely huge, which is about 700 pounds like this big everything.

I personally like this one, because if you are someone that’s into branding, obviously you’ve got a big GG logo. I think it looks really good with any plain black outfit, so I tend to wear this with black jeans and a black roll neck and think this Gucci Belt looks so classy because it just adds that warmth with the gold and also adds that designer touch. I can never remember what size they gave me. They told me that they gave me the smaller size, but what I would say is don’t worry too much, because any Gucci Store will just add in some holes because these sell out so so so quickly. I just kind of went and got to size and then they added the holes in.

That’S another question I get in terms of the quality of Designer Belts. I don’t really keep something dust back or anything and it’s amazing. The quality is still perfect and I actually think they get better with time anyway, like I say, I just think it’s really easy to wear. It goes with everything, and this is kind of like the Hero Gucci Belt. I think, if you’re going to get a Gucci Belt personally, this is the one you should go for because it’s not too big and it’s not too small.

So onto this one, which I ordered to show you as a comparison. This is the two-centimeter Gucci Belt. I know a lot of people wear this around the waist. It’S nice because it’s thin and actually, whilst someone like me years ago, got this one because I’m like yeah, it’s big and it says Gucci on and everyone has this one. I think this is a really sophisticated bow and it’s a lot cheaper as well.

So, as I say, everything will be linked below, so you can click on the actual one. So I know it’s quite difficult to figure out which is which now I’ve seen girls wearing this wear that black jeans and it’s so understated. It’S just such a lovely piece and just adds a really nice little touch of designer without being too in-your-face. I personally love this. Don’T you can get too much Gucci in your face, but I think the bigger one probably is like way too big, but I think this is perfect, but then this Gucci Belt is just like super classy.

So actually, if you maybe don’t want to spend the money on this one, this is great and I’ve not really seen that many people with this one as well. So it’s a bit more unique than what I really have wanted for ages, but it’s being sold out, which is why I’ve not ordered it is this Designer Belt in brown, so I saw a really nice picture. Some were wearing this one and brown weird a white shirt on. I think it makes a perfect summer belt because I don’t really wear black apart from in winter. I find it in summer, my Gucci Belt, my black one, doesn’t go with as much of my stuff. So I thought this color would go with everything right now. I can’t actually get my hands on this color in this size, so I got this color to show you, so I can show you how I would style it. I just think this goes really nicely with blue jeans and I think it goes really nicely with a white shirt. Really nice say around a white dress, it’s just more summer, such spring friendly, but then obviously you’ve got the black belt. That really does just kind of go with everything.

It goes white it’s just in summer. I prefer to wear different colors, so I think that this personally goes better, but I think there’s a reason why everyone buys this. It really is a staple piece in terms of these belts for quality. They look pretty much exactly the same. What I would say is so these ones the back of them is rougher. Where is this one? The back of it is smoother, comes with this, so you can kind of close it together. It’S just I mean how much can you say about this Leather Belt? You could knock someone out with this. I know I said this in my last video, but you really could you couldn’t with this one?

This Gucci Belt Women is very light in comparison, so yeah obviously gets in more feel money, but it’s totally down to your style choice when you order a Gucci Belt. It comes in a little box like this, and I always order from the Gucci Website. I’ve never actually bought Gucci Belts from anywhere other than their Gucci website because I find it so so so good for returns. I had to return stuff before, I had an issue once where I got two belts and they were so good at collecting it from me, and I like they all come packaged. I just don’t really like returning stuff to designer stores, but I don’t mind doing it online and I just find you can still get a gift wrap. You still get amazing service on the phone. I spoke to get you on the phone so many times, and the service is seriously amazing, so yeah this is a little box and I would advise if you are traveling. I travel a lot, keep your belt in the little dust bag just to keep.

I tend to break a lot of things how’s mine tarnished. No, it just needs a little rub. A little polish fits absolutely fine in terms of cost per wear. I always say this to people with Fashion designer items. Cost per wear: this is basically free because I’ve worn it so many times, and I think it just makes a normal outfit look really nice.

So, even though you might think 320 pounds, which is how much this Gucci Belt did cost, is really expensive. I’ve definitely worn out this belt over 300 times, I would say in the last two years, so that means it was basically a pamper wow this one. Obviously, you can justify a little bit more because it’s a bit cheaper, but you may as well save the actual hundred pounds and get this one. If this is the one you’re really wanting, what I tend to do with things is so, for example, I wanted a Burberry trench and every single month I went and bought different trench coats from different places by the time I’ve done that every season. Actually, I could have just bought the Burberry trench, so if it is this one that you have your eye on, maybe just save up and wait for it.

So now, let’s stay what some of these Gucci Belts up, so you can see how I personally would be wearing them. So first things first, I thought I would share it with a jumper dress. The reason I actually like the thin one is that it’s so good as a waist belt, whereas I wouldn’t really say the other Gucci belt is a waist belt unless you put loads more holes in it. But I will show you an example, just looks really nice with any kind of jump address, which is obviously perfect for the winter months.

So this is obviously this one and then I will show you this Gucci Belt in brown. So you can see the color difference as well and just like that she’s in the brown one. So I just wanted to show you this, because I actually love the color of this one and, as I said they do this in a thicker one as well. So if you can get your hands on it go for it. I’ve also seen quite a lot of people, I think it’s pronounced the Gucci Torsion Belt. I think I could be wrong. I did order that one as well I’ll pop a picture here. It’S really nice,  it’s a bit more embellished. I would say it’s like their new one.

I did get an email saying it’s not available until 2019, so they’ve refunded me. I think that also looks nice if the jumper dresses back on to this one. I think the color is just so nice. I think it’s a really versatile color, so if you maybe want to be a bit different or maybe you already have a Black Gucci Belt and you’re wondering which to invest in next? I think this is a really versatile, lovely color and I think the thinness worked really Well, I like the thinness of it, so I don’t actually have the holes cut in this belt to make it into a waist belt. But, like I say you could go to any Gucci Store and get those popped in.

But this is what this one would look like as a waist Gucci belt. I know so many people like to wear chunky ones. I think it just adds a bit to an outfit. I love jumper dresses, comment below and let me know if you do too and I just think a nice chunky, Gucci belt looks so good with a Jawa dress. I actually like them all comment below you throw the thin one. You prefer this one. I don’t know. I think this it’s really nice. I think they all are nice. So this is definitely my go-to outfit. My Gucci belts actually a tad too big for any to get another hole popped in as you can see, it sits like that. I mean when I eat it’s. Fine, a Mrs. Pirelli, so I just love wearing like an all-black outfit, a roll neck, a black jumper with my black jeans. I think it’s such a nice streamlined. Would that be the word? Look and this adds some warmth to it. This is honestly the perfect day. Let the perfect meeting, let the perfect night out. Look. It just goes with everything.

It also looks really nice with a black bodysuit and these jeans I’ll link below they’re just Topshop ones that go with everything, but I don’t think you can be just black jeans, a black top, and the nice Gucci Belt. And, as you can see, it doesn’t look too Big for GG, I actually think it’s not too in-your-face. I mean if you want to be like the Gucci game, you can, but I personally just like the size of it, so I just want it to pop the thin one on to show you a comparison point. Just so, you can see what the thick one looks like in comparison to the thin one, so I think this looks really classy. I actually really like how small it looks. I like the big one.

I, like the small one, gotta get both. You have no idea how many amazing boyfriends email me asking me: should they get a thin one or the thick one, and that was actually the idea behind this video. So if you’re, one of those boyfriends feel free to ask, but hopefully, this answers your questions. Like I, have a boyfriend who buys me Gucci belts but yeah, so I actually think this is just really classy and looks really nice and it isn’t a belt that I would have gone for before. I always wanted the really big one.

You know big Gucci, but actually, as soon as I saw someone on Instagram, me being enabled by Instagram wearing a little one. I just thought that is really classic. So I don’t know guys. I mean I personally love my big one and I think it’s timeless. If I could only buy one I’d go for the big one, but I just think this is classy.

So maybe if you don’t want to spend that much money and you want to go for something a little more understated – I think this Gucci Belt is also very nice. So I really wanted to show you the brown belt with some blue denim. So I think this would look amazing with the blue denim jeans. Hopefully, this shows you a little skirt, the skirt, and I wanted to show you it with a shirt because obviously, this would look great with a black roll neck as you’ve already seen. But I think it’s nice to just smarten up a denim skirt with a Gucci belt.

I actually love the brown and, like I said I wanted this one in a thicker size, but it’s sold out, hopefully by the time this video goes live. It will be back in stock, so I’ll link that below, but I just think it looks really nice thing the color works for summer I mean, obviously you can write for winter to pop some knee-high boots on with that, but I just think it looks really with The white and with the blue – and I would personally be in a brown belt with blue over black. I don’t know what you guys think. Well, that’s my personal opinion, so I just wanted to show you what one of the thicker bigger Gucci belts would look like with the denim skirt. This is a reason why I haven’t actually bought the really big ones.

It’S more like this. I think it would look a bit too overwhelming on me, but you know what guys go hard or go home if you want to get to it, go for it, but as I say, I actually think this looks a lot back to in brown, with the blue Denim, but I really want this Gucci belt in the brown. But hopefully, you can see that I just need to think about it. Also, that’s nice would a denim skirt and just in case you wanted to see how the black plot with the blue, denim thanks.

Video Source: EM Sheldon Youtube Channel