Luxury Wallets. Hello guys and welcome back to my channel or welcome if you’re new here I hope you guys are having a very great week so far. If you clicked on this video, then you most likely have been wondering if you should buy Luxury Wallets or the more Affordable Wallets option. Either from Louis Vuitton or Michael Kors? or if you should splurge a little bit more on your favorite designer wallet that you’ve been eyeing for a very very long time. And I’m here to hopefully help you with this decision that you are about to make so, let’s get into the video okay. So let me show you guys the wallet that I have now versus the wallet that I had a couple of years ago. So this is my wallet now, and this is the Victorine Wallet from Louis Vuitton, and these are the Luxury Wallets that I had right before.

I bought this one, and these are both Michael Kors Wallets one is Mercer Multi-function Wallet, and after trying both of these out and not just these. But I also had some really really cheap, like Urban Outfitters Wallets before I got there, so I can definitely give my honest opinion on all of these Luxury Wallets. So let me just start off by telling you guys what led up to my decision in switching from these Michael Kors Wallets to this Louis Vuitton Wallet, so I purchased both of these guys back in about maybe 2016 2017, and it was right when I started working. My actual, like a grown-up job – and I thought since I started my first grown-up job – I wanted a nicer Luxury Wallet who would carry around all my stuff and because I wanted to feel a little bit more grown-up. So I did my research and I actually picked this one Michael Kors Wallet up first, because it was a pretty good size and it was during the time where I carried around a little bit more cash.

But I wanted something with a lot of pockets and I wanted something that looked very sleek. This was one of my first grown-up purchases and I was very, very proud of it because I worked for it myself and I purchased it and it was over a hundred dollars at the time. I believe so. I was very proud of this wallet and then I decided to get a second one Michael Kors Wallet right afterward. Because I realized when I used to go out, I used to like to carry around small purses because obviously, you don’t want to bring a big purse to the bar or to anything like that, so I needed a smaller wallet than this one to carry around all my stuff and that’s when I picked this one up, so this one is perfect for smaller bags. It fits into everything now the problem that I came across when I was using both of these Michael Kors Wallets is number one.

When I was switching between my two Michael Kors Luxury Wallets, I would forget certain things in this wallet that I needed to transfer over to this wallet, and I would just completely forget about it or I would forget that this wallet is in one of my smaller Luxury Wallets. And then I would Pick up my bigger Michael Kors Wallet to go to work and this smaller wallet would have nothing transferred over to that. So I wanted a Luxury Wallet that was more all in one. So, a couple of years later, I decided to do a little bit more research and actually found a Women’s Wallet that did the job of both of these in one. So that’s why I picked this Louis Vuitton Wallet up. Now when I say a few years later, I mean like a few years later, so I bought this one, like I said, like 2016.  So I purchased this one out of Louis Vuitton Luxury Wallets around 2019 because it was a couple of years later. I started making a little bit more money and I wanted to treat myself to something nice.

So why not start off with an Affordable Luxury Wallet now. If you have the same mindset that I have, then this Louis Vuitton Wallet is definitely going to be right for you. Because sometimes we just want to treat ourselves and treating yourself doesn’t necessarily mean spending a lot of money on a Designer Wallet. Treating yourself can mean going from Urban Outfitters 20 Wallet to a 100 and something dollar wallet just like this one. It just depends on your level of how comfortable you are spending money and how much you can spend so to me. I wanted to treat myself and I bought my first designer item out of a big choice of Luxury Wallets, which was this wallet from Louis Vuitton. so like I said I wanted something that did the job of both of these wallets in one, and this one was absolutely perfect for me. So when you open it up, of course, it looks like a little envelope because it’s envelope style and when you open it up, it has literally everything. So it has a compartment for all of your bills.

It has all of these card slots and then it also has a little compartment right here for your change, just everything that I wanted and that I needed in a very compact wallet. It’S so small. It fits into every single one of my bags and I don’t have to transfer anything from one wallet to another Luxury Wallets and forget certain things, so it actually became the most perfect switch for me. So how do I feel about switching from these Michael Kors Luxury Wallets to this Louis Vuitton Luxury Wallet? Well, let me compare these for you, so, let’s start off with my very first wallet purchase, so which was the Michael Kors Mercer Multi-function Wallet.

This Michael Kors Mercer Multi-function Wallet is a hundred and eighteen dollars, comes in about six different colors, is what I saw online um, but I got the black with the gold hardware. It’s leather all around the outside, on the wristlet, and on the inside, except the very inside right here actually has polyester lining. The lining is actually also RFID blocking. It has six different card slots and it has an id slot right here.

These Mercer Luxury Wallets have a coin compartment right here and then it has a section right here where you can put your phone, because this is actually supposed to be multi-functional, so you’re supposed to be able to put your phone in here, but I’ve never used that for my phone. I’ve used this Michael Kors wallet for cash because my phone has always been too big to fit into this wallet, so I use that compartment for cash now. My second wallet, so this is the Michael Kors Mercer Small Coin Purse and this one was 58 dollars. So, literally, almost half the price of the bigger one. This one is also made up of leather all around, except the inside of it is also polyester lined. It has two different compartments right here for cards, and then it has an id slot.

This Mercer Small Coin Purse also has one random pocket right here and then, like I just showed you it has this compartment for change or for receiving or for whatever else you need, and it also comes with a little key holder. So you can put your keys on here and then, whenever you need them, you just pull them out and be good to go. This one is five inches wide and comes in about seven different colors, I believe is what I saw online and it also has RFID lining so that nobody can steal your card information.

Next, let’s get into the Victorine Wallet one from the Louis Vuitton Luxury Wallets line. So this one is 570, and I know it’s like four or five times the price of the wallets that I had before. So I got the victory wallet and all-over monogram with the brown interior and the gold hardware. So this one is actually canvas all around and the inside is cowhide leather like I said it’s an envelope style, it is about 4.7 inches wide. So when looking at these side by side, these two are actually almost the same exact size. So when I what I was looking for with sizing with a new wallet, I found in this one because it’s literally the same exact size and it carries as much as this wallet does right here.

That’s amazing! So when it comes to wear and tear, which is definitely going to be an important factor when it comes to choosing the Luxury Wallets that you guys want, let me go through it. So, like I said I had these wallets for maybe around three years, and this is all of the wear and tear that these actually had. So the leather is perfectly fine on this one I have like no scratches at all on the leather. There is also no damage on the inside no wear and tear. It was actually it actually held up very very well, so I was so happy about that. But I will say when it comes to the gold hardware, there was a lot of discoloration so like I’ll, come up very close to you guys, so you guys can see but like in the little zipper section.

From these Michael Kors Luxury Wallets, the gold is actually turning silver and there are a lot of scratches all over it right here where the wristlet is turning silver as well, especially where there’s a lot of rubbing on the hardware. The gold color comes right off because it’s gold-coated or it’s just painted to look gold, but it rubs off right away and it turns silver there’s a lot of scratches all over it as well. When it comes to the logo, you can’t really see it too much, because the logo is pretty small, but it’s also starting to turn a little bit silver on certain letters, but overall this one held up a lot better than this one. So when it comes to this Wallet, you can definitely see a lot more scratching on the leather on the outside and I believe it probably has to do more with the color difference. So this one, you can see a lot more like scratching all over the leather.

All over especially on this side of the Wallet, because this is where a lot of like a lot of the action was when it comes to taking out and putting in your cards. This one has a lot more and then the same thing with the gold hardware. It’s scratched up. It’s turning silver and the color is just completely coming off something that’s happening to this one. That did not happen to the other one is that since I don’t know if it’s, because this one is smaller, but the corners of this wallet are actually kind of creasing and it’s not looking good, and then the same thing with the logo.

It’S starting to get discolored as well, which is something that I am not really a fan of. I love small leather goods that have gold hardware, so the fact that it’s rubbing off – I just did not like that. Besides that, everything else was perfectly fine that the inside looks fine, so this one definitely held up a lot better than this one. For some reason now I’ve had this Louis Vuitton Wallet for a little bit over a year. The only wear and tear that this one has so far are that in this little button right here, it got scratched up right away literally the first few months that I actually used this wallet.

It started getting scratched up on the button, but it has no other problems whatsoever. I can show you guys: there is literally no scratching on the inside. The canvas is perfectly fine, it looks almost brand new. It looks almost exactly how it looked a year ago when I bought it, except for the little scratching on the button. So should you spend less and pick up a more affordable wallet option to hold your money, or should you splurge on the Luxury Wallets that you’ve been eyeing for such a long time?

Was the Louis Vuitton Wallet worth it? For me, it was worth it for me because this is something that I’ve been eyeing for a very very long time, and it’s something that I saved up my money for so I feel a lot better being able to purchase it because I know I worked for It I know it’s my own money and I know how hard I worked in order to get all the things that I’ve been getting so as a treat. I made myself very proud when I purchased this, I feel like in the long run. This will definitely hold up for so many more years to come without having too many problems with like scratching or discoloration, or anything like that. The canvas the inside lining is going to be perfectly fine in the years to come, and it holds every single thing that I need and one it’s literally the perfect wallet that I’ve been looking for for a very long time.

This was a great starter Michael Kors Wallet, and so was this other one. But, as I said, there are too many problems that I started to notice after a while when it comes to the scratching and the colors, and then the gold hardware starting to rub off. But it comes with the price tag that you pay if you’re not looking for all that, and you just want something – that’s going to hold your money and you want something that might last then go ahead and spend less. I would recommend getting one of these in black. Instead of choosing one of the brighter colors, definitely sit down and think about it, no matter what purchase you make just make sure that it is the best for you, and I hope that I was able to help you guys with your decision-making.

Video Source: Aglimpseofgold Youtube Channel