Michael Kors Bags Collection – My own 7 Picks 2 Buy!

Michael Kors Bags Review. Welcome back to my channel. Today’S video is going to be a Designer Handbags collection video and, more specifically, a Michael Kors Bags collection. I absolutely love Luxury Bags, especially Michael Kors Bags. I love almost everything about them, except for sometimes the price. Because of this, I don’t really have many high-end designer items, but I do have a lot of low-end designer items. For example, Michael Kors Bags, when I say low-end designer by no means do I mean that they are any worse than other Luxury Designer Bags. They are just priced lower and even that is still a lot of money. This brings me to my next point actually, and that is that I didn’t buy any of these Michael Kors Bags at retail price.

I bought all of these Michael Kors Bags secondhand and I will insert the listings for each bag right here when we get to them that will include which app I bought it from and how much the Designer Bag costs me. Also as a last side note, this video is by no means meant to be about bragging. I just love to watch these kinds of videos myself and when I was in the market for buying my Michael Kors Bags, having a video with a bunch of different color options for the Michael Kors Bags would have been very helpful. So hopefully this feeling will help some of you if you are looking to buy Designer Bags. Anyway with all that said, let’s get into the video.

Michael Kors Bags – Jet Set Handbags

I’m gonna start off with the first bag I ever bought. This is one of the Michael Kors Jet Set Handbags / Bags, in color black and the size is small. I believe I bought this Michael Kors Bag on Poshmark and yeah it was my first love. So I’m gonna show you guys what the inside looks like. So, of course, here on the front we have the Michael Kors monogram, as well as the little Michael Kors tag and the thing inside we’ve got a compartment right here. That kind of floats in the middle of the back here, is unzipped and it’s got a pocket on one side and, of course, the main compartment on both sides, as well as two little pockets here on the side. Another compartment on this side that you can unzip and store stuff in and a key. This bag served me well and it’ll always have a place in my heart.

Michael Kors Jet Set Tote Bag

So staying along with the same sort of theme, my next bag is also black, but this one is the Michael Kors Jet Set Tote Bag in the size medium. This Michael Kors Bag,  I absolutely love. It is one of my everyday go-to Michael Kors Bags because it can fit anything I need in it. And black goes with almost everything. On the inside, there’s one big compartment, as well as a side pocket right here, just like the other one. Two additional side pockets as well As a key fob and two more pockets down here, which are currently holding some sunglasses of mine. Also before I forget to mention it, I bought this bag on Mercari. I personally feel like each purchase was quite the deal, especially when the Michael Kors Bags are in such a good condition. This Designer Bag is one of my favorite MK Bags.

It serves me well in school. You can actually fit a 13-inch MacBook Pro in these Michael Kors Bags. If you haven’t seen my what’s in my bag video, I actually fill one of these bags all the way to the top, with everything that I needed for school, and it was just amazing. I can fit so much.

Michael Kors Jet Set Tote Luggage

So my next Michael Kors Bag is Michael Kors Jet Set Tote Luggage in size medium and in the brown color. I bought this Michael Kors Handbag on Poshmark, and I am in love with it. I feel like the shade luggage is the perfect Brown for fall. It goes with all of the outfits that I wear during autumn and the wintertime, and it’s also just a really beautiful color in general, if you’re more into browns, instead of blacks, most of the bags I’m gonna be showing you are actually this same exact Style just in different colors, I do have a few other Designer Handbags as well, so stay tuned for those.

But the reason why I bought so many bags like this is that I wanted Michael Kors Bags of different colors to go with different times of the year in different outfits, different vibes. If you know what I mean, I stuffed the size for most of my bags because, again, while I was in school, this size worked perfectly for me and I also think that this size works perfectly for someone of my height and it doesn’t look too big or Too small. So I love that about it too. Also, I did show you the inside of the black one, and this one is identical because they’re all the same style Michael Kors Bags, but I’ll just show you. Anyway, it has one middle compartment, one zip-up compartment, two side pockets, a key fob, and two more side pockets on this side. So yeah, this bad boy can fit a lot.

Michael Kors Jet Set Tote – Dark Dune

So my next bag is the Michael Kors Jet Set Tote – Dark Dune size medium in the color dune, and when I was shopping for shades, this one was really hard to gauge. It’S got an almost grayish color, but also tan color. It’S like this really weird mix of the two, but I love it. Dune is like the perfect neutral, but just dart. So if you’re looking for a dark, grey, dark kind of Tanny moody, shade um dune is the one for you. Also here’s the clip of it. In the sunlight, just you guys can get a better look at that color, and just like all the other Michael Kors Bags, the inside has the same setup. It’S the main compartment a zippered, two pockets and two pockets with a key fob, and I forgot to mention this with all the other Michael Kors Bags, but you have two outside pockets as well. I just never use them, so I forgot to mention them, but they are there. If you need them so again, this is the Michael Kors Jet Set Bag in the shade dune, and I got this on Poshmark.

Michael Kors Jet Set Tote Ballet

So moving on to one of my favorite Michael Kors Bags, this is the Michael Kors Jet Set Tote Ballet size medium in the color of ballet. I was looking for this exact bag for probably about four months on all the second-hand sites. For some reason, it’s a harder one to find, but I’m absolutely in love with this Michael Kors Bag. The color is a perfect sort of pale, pinky nude, just it’s everything and I feel so beautiful in it. It’S so girly, it’s so extra, so classy, this to me is like the perfect pink Handbag. It is definitely pink, but it’s so subtle that it doesn’t scream pink.

What I love about this series of Michael Kors Bags is that you’ve got the same exact inside with the main compartment, zip-up two pockets, two pockets, and key fob. This is actually the Michael Kors Handbag that I did my what’s in my bag video on. It’s another one of my daily go-to bags because it’s so beautiful. So if you guys haven’t checked out that video yet goes on ahead and do that, if you would like, you’ll really get a great idea of how this thing can hold and you just get to stare at it longer, which I would do because I am in love with this thing anyway. let’s move on, even though I don’t want to. Oh, also a quick side note.

I also have the matching wallet which I bought separately. This definitely has signs of use on it, but you can see it has the Michael Kors right here as well as some really nice gold detailing along the edges, and the inside looks like this, so you have five slots to put in cards or IDs one side pocket right here, as well as a pocket right here and a little zip-up area to keep coins. That is the wallet and I believe it has its own name and I’ll insert that below because I don’t know it right now. But I got this on my card, and it is also in the shade of ballet.

Michael Kors Medium Oyster Selma Bag

So my next Michael Kors Bags choice is very similar in terms of color but very different in terms of style. It is the Michael Kors Medium Oyster Selma Bag size medium in the color oyster. On camera, you probably won’t be able to tell the difference, but I’ll grab the other one and hold them up side by side for you. And also I got this on Macari for a hundred and twenty dollars. Okay, so here is the oyster, and here is ballet. I don’t know if you guys can see a big difference, but oyster is definitely more tan. It does not have any pink in it, but it is a very beautiful nude, pastel II, sort of just champagne shade that I love. If I bring them closer, maybe you guys will be able to see how ballet is definitely pinker and the oyster is definitely nuder. So the features of a Selma bag are obviously the Michael Kors Bags upfront.

It doesn’t have the extra MK tag like all the other bags have, but it does come with an extra strap. So you can choose to carry this bag over your shoulder with the strap or let the strap hang and carry it with these two handles. I personally love having this option. I usually carry it with the handles just in the hook of my arm, and it looks so cute. I got this style to have more of an evening-out type of bag, rather than a tote to carry all my things in. I wanted something a little bit smaller a little bit more of a chic.

If you will yeah, I don’t know I just lent this one. Also, this longer strap is detachable, so you have the option to hook it onto these loops or take it off, which is a really nice feature of this bag moving on through the inside. So the zipper is right here. It extends further out, so you can open it really wide and then just tuck that part in. If you don’t want it showing so inside, you have one main compartment, a key fob per usual. And then on one side, you have got a zipper compartment and then, on the other, you’ve got two smaller compartments. So this Selma bag is definitely smaller than the totes, but it can hold a fair amount and it’s super cute.

Michael Kors Quilted Hannah Bag

So if you’re interested, this is what it looks like – the next Michael Kors Bag is the last bag in my collection. And it’s the most different-looking bag in my collection – and that is the Michael Kors Quilted Hannah Bag. I got this Designer Bag on Macari, which was such a steal. The woman was so nice to me. It was during the holidays last year and she gave it to me for lower as a little holiday gift. So I really appreciated that this Michael Kors Quilted Hannah Bag measures about 9 inches in length 6 inches in height and 3 inches in width.

It’S very squished right now because I have nothing in it. And it’s one of those very malleable bags, so it can really flatten down. If you need it to, it can definitely hold more than it looks like it can. To open it you just twist the front right here. It says Michael Kors on top, which is a very nice little touch. You open it to the inside, which has one main compartment, as well as a zippered pocket on one side and just one normal pocket on the other side, I actually bought this Michael Kors Bag because I love Chanel, but I definitely can’t afford anything like it at this time in my life.

So I figured that this Michael Kors Quilted Hannah Bag would be a really cute alternative for it because it’s quilted and it has gold accents. It even has a chain strap, which is very Chanel type, and I love it and keeping in mind comfort. They also added a little fabric part on top, so that a chain doesn’t dig into your shoulder. It sits very comfortably actually. Also if you don’t want just one long strap, there is a piece of fabric here on the back where if you pull it, it laces the chain through and it becomes a shorter style, strap. Which I find very nice for swinging over your shoulder, whereas the long one I think is better if you’re going to wear it, as  Crossbody Bags. Here’s a quick clip of it with some stuff in it. I threw some things inside just so you guys could see how it fills out. Also, I forgot to mention that on the back, there is an additional pocket as well anyway. This bag is the last of my Michael Kors Bags Collection, those I had to show you guys.

I am sorry it was all neutral colors. I tend to veer in that direction, but in the future, I would love to add some more actual colors to my collection, but for now, this is all I have in MK Bags, MK Purses, Michael Kors Tote, Michael Kors Crossbody, Michael Kors Handbags.

In the future, there will be more videos about Gucci Bags, YSL Handbags, Chanel Bags, Gucci Backpack, Gucci Bookbag, Gucci Purses.

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