Backpack Gucci, Ophidia Bookbag Amazing Review 2021

Backpack Gucci, Ophidia Bookbag detailed Amazing Review 2021

Backpack Gucci, Gucci Bookbag, Review. Welcome back to my channel. So the video that I’m bringing to you guys today is a what’s in my bag video for Backpack Gucci Ophidia Bag. I have a Backpack Gucci, and that Gucci Bag will be in my video. So,  the Gucci Backpack that I have is the Gucci Ophidia Backpack small. I really love this Gucci Backpack. I am not really much of a Gucci Purse Women kind of girl, especially because I’m a mom, so Gucci Backpacks / Gucci Book Bag just do the job way better. Backpacks hold more, of course. So first, I’m going to show you guys what’s in the small pocket here. I carry my apple watch, in my backpack because most of the time I forget that I even have this. 

In my Backpack Gucci / Gucci Book Bag, I also carry my Airpod pros, so I literally at this point, cannot leave the house without my Airpod pros, because as a businesswoman, an entrepreneur, a mother – I need these. These are like my everyday go-to, so these are there. Also, what I have is my kylie skin lip moisturizer. This has got to be the best moisturizer for my lips,  that I have found by far. It’s like so moisturizing throughout the day and throughout the night, that’s very important.

So what else I have in my Backpack Gucci is my little card holder – and I have my id, all my credit cards – all that in there you cannot go without this. The reason why I have it in this smaller pocket of my Backpack Gucci / Gucci Bookbag is that it’s way more accessible compared to unzipping the whole Gucci Bag, which I have more stuff in here. I don’t want to have to scramble around to find my wallet, so I keep it in the smaller little pocket. Actually, there’s nothing else in that pocket. So once we open up the bigger one, there’s actually a lot more stuff in here. There are two little front pockets and okay, it’s gonna fall.

So what I’m going to do is actually put this Backpack Gucci / Gucci Book Bag down a bit because there’s too much stuff and it can’t stay up. Also, I can’t go anywhere without my contact lens case, as you know we can’t go without this. Just in the case also, my re-wetting drops even funnier. I carry a backup pair of contact lenses because I have had those times where my contacts will be way too dry and it’ll literally rip like right in my eye. I don’t know how that even happens, but it’s happened before to me, where I’d have to Just throw them out. So it’s very important because I don’t want to be blind just out of nowhere.

What I have in this little zippy pocket of my Backpack Gucci / Gucci Book Bag. So, I still have like the little papers that came from Gucci, because I don’t know when might I need them. So why take them out. This right here is like, I don’t even know what it’s called. But it’s for my apartment, I’m supposed to stick it on my windshield and it will open up my parking garage. So that’s pretty much all that was in this little zippy pocket. This is actually the little Purse that I carry in my Backpack Gucci. Like I was telling you guys just a few minutes ago, I carry my Wallet. Well, my little cardholder is separate from my actual little Bag because it needs to be handy. So I’m going to show you guys what’s more inside my Backpack Gucci. I just have a bunch of my other credit cards. 

It’s not like, I get any PR packages or anything but my p.o box keys. What else is in here? Oh yeah, I have a lip gloss in here from Blue Gloss. If you guys saw my review on the popular youtube lip gloss brands. This one is one of my favorites, it’s Blue Gloss. You can follow this brand on Instagram. She’s amazing. I’ve tried many of her products. She just did a whole rebranding, and it’s awesome. I love to see small businesses that are serious about their business because there are so many small businesses that are not. You know serious about their business, so I’m definitely excited for her to see where she goes because she’s gonna go far. So that’s pretty much all that’s in my little baggie, that’s inside my Backpack Gucci.

The reason why I love this Backpack Gucci so much is because it’s way more convenient. It just holds way more than a purse ever could. So I carry my deodorant because you got to, just in case, especially like I don’t know. I honestly never really have to use it, but there have been a few times where I forget to put deodorant on, I was in a rush and I’d just be thanking God that I brought this in my Backpack Gucci. And,  can’t forget that hand sanitizer. So this cute little thing actually came from the dollar tree, but I put germix sanitizer inside from my big bottle. You know these past months that they’ve been recalling a lot of sanitizers and I think that the dollar tree sanitizer was one of them so anyway, let me move on. I have Aubrey’s face mask in here my Backpack Gucci.

We have my face mask so I actually have multiple different designed face masks in here. I also carry a pair of gloves inside my Backpack Gucci. So if I end up using pair of gloves I’ll just replace it because I don’t want to just have a whole bunch of gloves in my Backpack Gucci or whatever so. Also, I cannot forget the Clorox disinfecting wipes put in my Backpack Gucci. I personally like to wipe everything that I get from fast-food restaurants. I know it may not make that much of a difference, but it makes me feel better. So I just wipe off my cups and stuff like that.

And then, the wet ones, pretty much are for the same purpose. I use these for my hands, just in case I’m out of hand sanitizer. I am forgetting that little sanitizer and then last, but definitely not least, I have these Cottonelle wipes. Because I used to carry literally the big pack of baby wipes in my Backpack Gucci for my daughter. Because if she ends up using the restroom at anyone’s house, they just don’t be having wipes at their house and she literally never uses a public restroom. I just carry her potty seat in my trunk. We just utilized that. If you are a parent that is on the go. So I do have those wipes for one more on the go for her, so I don’t have to carry that big bag of baby wipes. So pretty much guys, that’s everything that was in my Backpack Gucci, a little 360 at the back.

I also have a pen in here, which I don’t feel is that important to show, but you always have to have a pen. Because I never like, just in general. I never liked using the pens that everybody touches, at the bank or anywhere. So I carry my own pen but yeah guys, um. I don’t know what do you guys expect to be in a Backpack Gucci, maybe just the necessities! 

Video Source: Jasmine Forbes Youtube Channel