Gucci Backpack Purse – Hot Gucci Bookbag Review

Gucci Backpack Purse – Hot Gucci Bookbag Detailed Review

What’S in my mini Gucci Backpack Purse? Lately, I have been watching a lot of Gucci Backpack for Women videos. I know some of you guys love watching Gucci Bags and Gucci Bookbag videos too. I just want to tell you this to hopefully give you ideas and inspiration on what you can put in your mini Gucci Bag? We are always eager to find, Whether it can be in a Gucci Crossbody Bag or a Gucci Backpack Purse, or even a school Gucci Book Bag. You should also watch our videos on Gucci Book Bag, Gucci Mens Backpack, Gucci Crossbody, and Gucci Backpack Black.

I don’t know whatever you want. This mini Gucci Backpack Purse here was a gift from my parents to commemorate like 1 million subscriber milestone, which is a pretty big achievement to me, and right when we walked into Gucci. I immediately fell in love with these Gucci Backpacks because of the gold fees. If you didn’t know, gold fees are one of Gucci’s. Iconic logos.

I’ll show you what they symbolize so that I don’t have to explain it right here and these that were together, as a team, we’re your team too since you helped me reach this amazing milestone. So whenever I see in this Gucci Backpack Purse, I like to think that each and every one of these bullet B’s is one of you. I know there isn’t a million though, but I like to think there’s a million oh, and these were on the back. I did a vlog about me getting this backpack and an unboxing with my little sister, since she got a backpack I’ll link you to both of those videos in the description down below. If you haven’t already checked it out.

So without further ado, let’s get started with this Gucci Backpack Purse here, which is the DS Supreme Gucci Backpack. There are two compartments, the main one, and the front one. I’m gonna show you when I keep in the front one first, I love how it’s roomy usually front pockets in this mini Gucci Backpack Purse for Women. Is it that big? But I love that it has a lot of room. So the first thing I keep in here is obviously my phone. I usually have my phone on hand, but whenever I need to be hands-free, I just put it in here in my Gucci Backpack Purse. A lot of you asked me if I got a new phone. Yes, I did because, in my last phone video, we did the phone-related video. The phone keys I have on right now is from Claire’s. I love that all of my phone cases still fit my phone because I was kind of worried that it might be too big or too small, but it’s perfect. It has the gold hearts since like I said, I love gold and I have this crystal Premium pop socket: that’s in gold too. And I keep it in here for easy access and it’s easy to access to me, all right. You’re, probably thinking oh well, someone can steal your phone. No, they can’t because I would feel them trying to open my Gucci Backpack Purse, and I can hear the opening of the zipper like, listen. Did you hear that it will also be difficult for them to try and steal it?

Since I move a lot so they’ll be like yeah, stop moving, I’m trying to open your Gucci Backpack Purse / Gucci Bookbag and see your phone? So don’t worry guys, then I have my air pods. I recently got these and they are amazing and way more convenient than the traditional earbuds. They have to plug into your phone and untangle it, and it’s handled so annoyingly. This one here is just like connects to your phone, and I have this little cover on it to prevent it from scratching. So here it is, it’s Wireless. I think you guys already knew that and what’s cool about the little home for it, it charges the air pods. So you don’t have to worry about plugging it, but when the home is like the battery’s low there’s a little opening so that you can charge it. Definitely recommend it best. 

You guys definitely need to get one of your own. It is getting down below and I carry these with me because during the day my t-zone area starts to get oily and I’m not so sure why so, whatever it is. I just open this Gucci Backpack Purse up and look at these plotting sheets. So here is the sponge applicator. You see, and it’s thanks to the blotting sheets, which is so cool, so once you’re done blotting your face it like sets all the oil, and when you’re done you just like peel it off dispose of it.

You put it back in and it just cleans onto another Vlade sheet, which is super cool. I like how things are mere to use a lot whenever I’m applying or reapplying like lip gloss or whatever. I can just bring this out and look at myself. While I’m putting it on, definitely recommend this so again I’ll link you to it in the description down below and that’s what I keep in the front here now. I’m gonna show you what I keep in the main compartments of my Gucci Backpack Purse, and this is where I keep most of my stuff. The first item that I have here is my blog camera, because, wherever I go especially on road trips for like special events, I like to vlog.

Definitely need to have this with me in my Gucci Backpack Purse. And for my blog camera, I have an extra battery just in case the one in there dies. So let me take that out real quick. Oh, I have a memory card, just in case, I don’t have any more storage. So always going to make sure that these two are with me at all times, whenever I’m vlogging. And then, I have a pen and a notebook, this notebook here is from my merch store. I’m so sorry that it’s taking forever, but I want everything to be good for you guys. This is just a sample and the reason why I bring a notebook is just in case I have like a video idea that happens to pop up in my head. I just jot it down, so I don’t forget – and this pen here is from mommy lady designs, she’s, amazing. I’m, not so sure she still carries these, but their diamond pens really pretty and this one is gold, see how it coordinates. It’S very aesthetically pleasing.

I also have hand sanitizer. It kills germs and it’s way more convenient than a liquid hand Sanitizer because all you need to do is a bridge, you don’t have to worry about putting too much on your hand, and I can even use this around gizmos since it’s pet friendly. Oh, these here are my species. I always bring toys with me in case. I get bored. These two are my favorites. This one here is the pristine doughnut. I love all the fishing Squishies. This one I just bring along with me because I love the colors. This one is a Hello Kitty donut I like it because of the pastel colors too, and the hearts. I would hang this on the zipper of my Gucci Backpack Purse like at the front or something. But I don’t want to because my sister likes playing with my Squishies and my brother, a whole yank it.

I don’t want it to rip my Gucci Backpack Purse, so I just keep it in here so that it’s safe. I also have my makeup bag. You’re, probably wondering why I need to bring makeup with me. Well, this is just essentials and stuff. I need to freshen up. It’s not like thinking about older people, carrying like foundation or concealer, I’m moving use, foundation, and concealer. This is basically like my makeup routine mineral powder, that’s good for my skin blushing and occasionally eye shadow with mascara, but that really happens so in here. I have lotion because my skin gets dry all the time. My favorite lip balm right now is from drunk elephant. It has clean ingredients because girl nothing goes on this face and lets. It has clean ingredients. All this fits in my mini Gucci Backpack Purse.

Here is my tony moly lip gloss, because I love it so much and I like how it has a red tint to it. So whatever I need a little more color to my lips, this will do the trick, a perfume guy from Tony moly 2 and it smells amazing. Another lip balm is from lip smacker and it’s a panda so cute. This is a compact form Tony moly and it’s their translucent powder because whenever my face gets shiny, I just use this and it has an SPF of 25 pa3 plus because you’re gonna need all the sun protection that you can get back here. I like Benetint because I let the Benetint if you didn’t know so if it gives you a really nice and natural blush, and you can use on your lips too this let’s go that I have is from see I’m pretty.

I am talking about what fits in my Gucci Backpack Purse. This is my favorite shade. It’S called a pink pact. It’S amazing! Oh, some hair ties because whenever I eat, I need to tie my hair and I brought extras because you never know when your friends might need one, especially your mom and your sister, and I definitely recommend you bring a clear bag to put all of your essentials inside your Gucci Purse. Because, if you just put it directly in your Gucci Backpack Purse, you’re gonna have to dig through whatever you like need, and it just gets messy.

Putting this stuff in the Gucci Backpack Purse is not convenient. So again, I recommend the use of a clear bag. Okay, let’s see what else we have in here next step is to place it inside this Gucci Backpack. I have aisle toys because you never know when your breath is stinky this one’s my favorite flavor because it’s strawberry and it tastes amazing. I have my charger and this is actually a fidget spinner case. My fidget spinors are in a different case, so I just use this to store my charger because you never know when your phone’s about to die. This also charges my ear pods. Then I have my wallet because a girl’s gotta, bring some money right and this one here is the gold fees, it’s obviously coordinating with my Black Gucci Backpack, and I love this so much. I am literally obsessed. Sorry, I didn’t do an unboxing this came later and I don’t need a big girl Gucci Backpack Purse.

This Gucci Backpack Purse is the perfect size for me. Let me show you the inside. There is a little slot, in old slots for all of your gift cards and like credit cards. So I’m too young to have credit cards. I just use it to store my gift cards boy, there’s actually one that kind of looks like a credit card. It has some MasterCard logo and the devil logo. So whenever I bring this out of my Gucci Backpack Purse, I feel like an adult. Let me just put this back real quick and I have Claire’s gift card right here. Close this one of my favorite stores, but the most favorite gift card in here is this one that I got for Christmas. Thank You auntie for giving me this and it’s from Bug’s an oval. I love how there is a unicorn and like a princess reading together it has a pretty good amount, so I should go to Barnes & Noble soon and get some more books and also a Gucci Book Bag.

Oh yeah, my student ID cards right here, I’m not going to show you that, because it has personal information um. Oh, I have in my Gucci Backpack Purse a $ 2.00 bill that my dad gave me. He told me to keep it in here because it brings good luck or something. But it’s pretty cool because this is like I don’t know, I’ve never seen a $ 2 bill until my dad gave this to me. I just keep it into this little slot in my Gucci Backpack Purse right here and let me just put it back. And this zippered compartment right here is where I keep all of my coins, as you can see, because it’s good to have some change on the side. There’S an area in Gucci Backpack Purse to keep all of your bills, and this is hard-earned money that I have received from doing chores. So whenever my mom isn’t around to pay for things, I just pay for them.

Next, I have my emergency essentials kit to put inside my Gucci Backpack Purse. I know I mentioned that you should have a clear bag for your essentials, but this is your emergency essentials. You gonna be taking this to the bathroom with you, so you’re gonna want it to be discreet, and this is from Ipsy. My mom has a tub it’s tea bags, so I just took one from her. I love this one so much I like that it has gold right here, so it coordinates with my Gucci Backpack Purse. This kind of feels like Liberia, even though it isn’t so, and then I have flossing here, because whenever you’re eating, obviously you’re gonna get stuff stuck in between your teeth, this is handy.

And then I have q-tips. I love these because they’re like wrapped individually, it keeps it clean. This is from mini-set by the way mini, so it was like a Japanese store, and whenever I go down south since they don’t have a mini where I live, I always make sure that I go to that store to pick up some more of these And I have a facial cloth from mini, so I love how like you just put water on it and then expand it’s like so cool and you can just use it to freshen up or like wipe your face down. Oh, I also have these mini. Make a fly of stick to them in here they’re from Neutrogena, and in case you don’t want to bring like the big pack they’re smaller ones. Then I have selling kids because you never know when you need to like so strap back on or whatever. This comes in handy and I got inside the hotel. Actually, most hotels should have like a mini sewing kit, so I decided to just put it in here. Then I have alcohol wipes to wipe my phone down. My Gucci Backpack Purse still has room.

I have some bandages in my Gucci Backpack Purse because I paper cut myself all the time, I’m very clumsy too. So whenever I scraped my knee or something this comes in handy too, this is what everything looks like here inside the Gucci Backpack Purse. Oh, I didn’t mention the feminine products. Okay, so all of us girls are gonna have to deal with this someday. If you’re wondering no, I haven’t gotten my period yet, but it will come soon. So it’s good to have this on hand. I have feminine wipes and then these pads well actually, this one’s a panty liner and I like how these two, they’re organic. They’re clean, there’s no bleach in them, so always make sure that you have the good stuff. The last I have in here in my Gucci Backpack Purse is potpourri, not Beaupre proofread, and it knows nothing use this before you go number two, but I use this before. I enter a restroom because no public restroom has ever smelled pleasant.

So literally like right before I walk in and like and oh my gosh, your girl’s gotta protect your nose from smelling something stinky and I love how it’s small and compact too so like I can just put it in my pocket and no notice. Okay, that is everything inside this Gucci Backpack Purse. Oh yeah, there’s a pocket right here in this Backpack Gucci. I don’t really keep anything in there, except for the certificate and booklet. Whatever came with the Gucci Backpack Purse.

Video Source: Jessalyn Grace Youtube Channel