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Jansport Backpack Superbreak Review, Buy Now!

Jansport Backpack, Superbreak, and others Backpacks Review. Guys, Daniel here from Rushfaster, and today we’re checking out three well-built Jansport Backpack that is perfect for going back to school. So these are three of the classic JanSport Backpack silhouettes and they’ve been making these bags for so long. They back them up with a lifetime warranty. So, let’s check them out now, starting with the Jansport Superbreak, which is this little guy over here. This is the Jansport Backpack Superbreak.

Jansport Backpack Superbreak

This is really affordable, and this Jansport Backpack comes in at a recommended retail price of $ 49. Firstly, have a look at it on the exterior. This is made with a 600d polyester fabric. It’S got a really good quality, zips, really good quality finishings. It’S got that classic JanSport Backpack look which has been around since I think about 1967. So it has been around for a long time. It’S quite cool! Look! It’S quite a simple look, a very classic look on the front here. We’Ve got this little organizer pocket.

So let’s open that Jansport Backpack, I don’t know if you can see it is a little bit of an organization panel inside this pocket. So a neat little pocket on the front there. Of course, we’ve got the blue James bought braining, that’s been around for so long. Let’S check out the other sides of this Jansport Backpack just on the sides, nothing like a drink bottle over or anything like that on this Backpack. On the back of this bag, we have a padded middle section just here it covers about two-thirds of the backpack, and then we’ve got these straight cut.

Padded backpack straps here with a bit of a journal logo on there as well on the top. We’Ve just got this grab handle here, which is nice and easy if you want to pick up the bag, real, quickly moving on to the inside of the Jansport Backpack Superbreak, so it really smooth zippers, high-quality YKK zips and we’re going to be the padding in here. So let me just cool and then this is the interior of the Jansport Backpack. You can see here, it’s just one big section with no internal organization – and you can see it here. This is the line back system that I was telling you about which covers about two-thirds of the bag, but yeah.

Apart from that, it’s pretty much just one big open compartment there in the Jansport Backpack and, as you can see here, it compresses down to not much at all. So this is a really good Jansport Backpack for entry-level or for a younger student, smaller person, and something like that – and this is a really good, backpack nice and simply nice and cheap. So this is a 25-liter pack and it’s actually the number one bestseller in the Jansport Backpack range. Because of that, it comes in a lot of different colors. I think, on Rushfaster, we have maybe 20-30 colors and patterns in this bag, so you can definitely check that out. Jansport Backpack Super Break is a number one bestseller and for good reason. So now, let’s move on to the next pack.

Jansport Big Student Backpack

This is the Jansport Big Student Backpack. It’S a $ 79 pack in Australia and it’s a significantly bigger pack than the super break at 34 liters, which is 9 liters bigger than the Jansport Backpack. The Jansport Big Student Backpack is made out of the same material as the super break. It is a 600d polyester fabric, let’s check out the bag on the front. We’Ve got a few extra compartments here. We’Ve got this front gusseted compartment here just to stash things real quick. Then we also behind that. Have this pocket down here and you can see here – we’ve got quite a bit more organization capacity in this panel.

We’Ve got a little key clip here, a back pocket here. We’Ve got some pen pockets as well and then a place to put your mobile phone. So, quite a comprehensive organization panel in the front there we got this little pocket up here goes down to about this far down the bag, so you can also put a bit of stuff in there really, quick. The big difference between this bag and the Jansport Backpack Superbreak is, we actually have two compartments you see this back compartment? I never got this middle compartment and then we’ve got the front which I’ve just been through so again real sturdy, YKK zips on these bags. This is the front compartment.

Jansport Big Student Backpack is big enough to put in like an a4 folder or something like that. It’S about an inch deep, but nothing else going on, and that’s just that compartment there in the front. Maybe you could put a laptop in there if you wanted to, or maybe some books or a folder or something this is the main compartment here and as you can see, it’s just one big compartment similar to the Jansport Backpack, much bigger, definitely much bigger. You could put three or four textbooks in here pretty easily and a lunchbox and something like that quite a lot more space inside there, but no organization, no laptop slave or anything in that just so. You know just checking out the side here.

Actually, we’re going to drink a bottle, holder here, which is really good. It’S good to take a drink bottle to school and you’ve got that side section to put it in nothing on this side. Then on the back of this Jansport Bag, the difference is between the Jansport Backpack, which had a straight-cut, shoulder strap. This has got a curved shoulder, strap here, which is a little bit more ergonomic and quite nice. Apart from that, it’s a very similar, strap to the super brake got these little tension grips here to expand its panel. Here it’s a fully padded back panel, whereas the super breaker is just 2/3 of the back. And, of course, we’ve got the grab handle up here if you need to grab your bag so guys that is the big student backpack now under the next one.

Jansport Right Pack Backpack

The next bag is Jansport Right Pack Backpack, and this is coming in at $ 99, so $ 20, more than the Jansport Big Student Backpack, and for good reason too. This backpack is made out of Cordura, which is a more durable fabric. Not that the 600d polyester is a problem, but this is Cordura and it is 915 d. So it’s the thickness of the material there’s quite a lot thicker, it’s a lot more heavy-duty. It also has this suede leather, so the suede leather bottom is definitely good for durability. I mean these are the bags you can get thrown around it’s gonna go on all sorts of services, and this leather bottom is much more durable. It’S gonna last a lot longer, so that’s why you pay a little bit more in this backpack.

Let’S check out the Jansport Right Pack Backpack. This is a very popular Jansport Bag as well and again in that classic Jansport silhouette a bit like this Jansport Backpack. Obviously, just a little bit bigger and a little bit more heavy-duty, this is a 31-liter bag. So, what’s that about 6 liters bigger than the Jansport Backpack and about 3 liters smaller than the Big Student Backpack?

But Jansport Right Pack Backpack is a really good standard, backpack size, with a very classic look and very durable Jansport has been making these Jansport Bags for so long, and people have been reporting that they’re still using this Jansport Bag 15-20 years after they bought it. So you can see actually online a lot of people talking about these bags and how long they last. So it’s really good if you can afford it’s a good idea to go up to the right path, but let’s check out the Jansport Right Pack backpack, starting with the front pocket here. So we’ve just got this little front pocket here with no organization, so just a little stash pocket put something in quickly in this front pocket we’ve got another organizer section a little bit more basic than what you see on the big student backpack still with that key clip. As well, so that’s good, you feel a bit of stuff in here.

You need easy access to nothing on the sides. Just plain and simple: no drink bottle holder. You can see here it’s part of the original range and on the back, we have the same straight padded, shoulder straps that we had on the Jansport Backpack Superbreak, and then we have a fully padded back panel system here, also a little bit of gentle branding, which is Nice and these tension straps here pretty durable, grab, handle as well on the top. There looks like it’s signed in really really well and then, let’s check out on the inside, so on this, we’ve got a fairly light, smooth YKK, zip, which is great. This is the interior of the Jansport Right Pack, so on this Jansport Bag, we’ve got one big section, but right at the back here we’ve got a laptop section here as well.

So let me just grab my laptop. This is a 15-inch laptop. That’S it fitting a 15 inch MacBook Pro quite easily plenty of space there. If your laptops are a little bit bigger or a little bit thicker the plenty of space there so guys that is the Jansport Right Pack Backpack, it’s a bag that I’ve used myself personally, and I really like it now, also guys with any of these backpacks. It’S also good to grab some accessory organizers here.

We’Ve got a couple from the JanSport range. I just want to take you to really quickly. So this is the basic accessory pouch here, as the name suggests, it’s very basic, just one little zippered section here and you can use that to hold cables, batteries, mice, etc. Then we go up to the pixel pouch, which is a little bit more in-depth got a few more options here. You can open it right up, have a look. We’Ve got a little padded section here then a little mesh pocket here, a few little organizer pockets. You can put some cables and stuff in that. Then you can put some other stuff on top here. Close it up. Things would be quite nicely organized.

You also got a little back zippered section here as well. Then you can get all the cables your mouse, your pens stuff like that all in here, and throw that in your this Jansport Bag got easy access to all of that stuff. So these little bacon straps, you can put the cables and stuff in there that’s kind of cool and there was got a little mesh section in here well to put other things like SD cards. Whatever then roll it up like a burrito and there you’ve got your Little burrito full of all of your tech gear so guys any of these accessory pouches are going to be a really great add-on to your carry kit and help keep things a lot more orderly in your Jansport Bag. So definitely check these out when you’re taking the backpacks out but guys, in summary, let’s pull up these Jansport Bags and just talk about what bag is for what person, and so I definitely say if you’re, a smaller guy or girl you’re looking for a backpack, definitely go The Jansport Backpack because it’s a nice small bag, if you’re on a budget as well, there’s nothing wrong with a Superbreak. It’s a really good Jansport Bag. It’S their number one bestseller, and it comes in so many different colors. So you can really get the color or pattern that works with your outfit.

If you need something a little bit bigger a little bit more complicated, it’s got an extra organization in it then go to the Jansport Big Student Backpack. But guys if you’re after something super durable, that’s gonna last 10, 20 years then check out the Jansport Right Pack Backpack. This is a bag that I’ve used myself. I love it. It’S ninety-nine in Australia at the moment it used to be one hundred and nine ninety-five.

So it’s come down in price by $ 10, which makes it a really good value. It’S a classic style and definitely something that I really enjoy using it’s a backpack that I’ve had for many many years. It’S always served me well, but hey. I seem to be a little bit biased towards the Jansport Right Pack, but to be honest guys, all three of Jansport Backpack are really really good and they’re for different people. As I said before, if you’re a smaller guy go for the Jansport Superbreak Backpack or if you’re on a budget for a Jansport Superbreak Backpack, fifty bucks you’ve got an iconic style.

It looks almost like a Jansport Right Pack. If you need to organize things a little bit more and you need the space 34 liters to go to the beach student, and if you want something, super durable, definitely check out the right pack and guys remember all these Jansport Bags come with a lifetime warranty from Jansport. So they stand by the products that they make, and that means you’re getting really high-quality Jansport backpack guys, if you like any of these backpacks, they definitely check the links on Rushfaster, come to find out where you can buy these in your country. These are three great backpacks from a well-known bag manufacturer at Jansport Backpack. As I said before, this is the number one bestseller in a really strong range of backpacks, so check out the links below to find out where you can buy these Jansport Bags in your country. Other bags are Black Jansport Backpack, Jansport Backpack Mini.

JanSport is an American brand of Backpacks and college students’ apparel. Jansport is currently held by VF Corporation, one of the globe’s largest garments companies. JanSport is the globe’s biggest Backpack manufacturer. JanSport and The North Face, additionally owned by VF Corporation sell approximately half of all small backpacks sold in the United States.

Jansport main products are Black Jansport Backpack, Jansport Main Campus Backpack, Superbreak Plus, Right Pack, Double Break, Hatchet Backpack, Right Pack Premium, Agave Backpack, Suede Campus, Field Pack, West Break, Gnarly GnapSack, West Break Poly, Half Pint Mini Backpack, Driver 8 Backpack, Skin N Hike, Far Out 55, Good Vibes Gear Hauler 45, Mesh Pack Backpack, Odyssey Backpack. Other bags include  Larmier Crossbody. Large Accessory Pouch, Fifth Avenue Fenny Pack, Waisted Fenny Pack, Medium Accessory Pouch, Way Out Plus WaistPack, Bar Bag, Quick Shop Bag, Cinch Caddy Bag

During the year 2022, Jansport Backpack will be adding new trending designs and colors to their Bags and Backpack lines.

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