GUCCI BACKPACK – Gucci Bookbag Honest Review

GUCCI BACKPACK – Gucci Bookbag Honest Detailed Review

Gucci BackpackGucci Bookbag, Review. Hey everybody welcome to another episode of a five-minute Friday. Today we will be talking about a Gucci Backpack. I have been loving this little Gucci Backpack Women so much. It does come in two different sizes and I went for the smallest size, I’ll link this exact one. I know that this Designer Gucci Backpack is available in a few different places and I’ve even seen it where you can save a little bit of money, so I’ll link some options down below for you guys. But I love this Gucci Backpack Purse. It’S super practical.

Let’S go ahead and get started. Okay, so I’ve made room for this little Gucci Bag, and I say little but honestly, looks can be deceiving a pretty small little backpack. This Gucci Backpack / Bookbag is super comfortable. The straps are really comfortable, but they’re, not super poufy like the limit on one. That is partly why I decided to go with this one. The straps of this Gucci Backpack Women are adjustable which is really nice, and then you have one little hook here that you can grab onto really quickly. So you have two main compartments, and this is the smaller one. But it’s again surprisingly deceiving with what you can fit inside the Gucci Backpack, so I actually have my iPhone. This is the iPhone 11 Pro, not the big size, just the regular size, and it has a case as you can see. I love this I’ll link the case and this little strap here down below.

For you guys, I get a lot of questions about these two next up. I have my six springs key holder. You obviously cannot go anywhere without this. It just has all of my keys and everything in that, and then the last thing that I keep in here is my cardholder. So this has a credit card debit card, an ID right, smack-dab in the middle it’s perfect, and that is what fits in this pocket of my Gucci Backpack.

I will say I sometimes throw receipts and things like that really quickly in here they will fit in there, no problem with those things, but I just like the fact that these three things can fit in there really nice and be super comfortable. Next up is the main compartment of this Gucci Bag and you can see it is pretty filled up. We do have some zipper compartments in here that I really don’t use, but I’ll show you those anyway. So first up, I do have this little bitty card folder. I actually picked this one up, because I wanted a place to put like gift cards and punch cards and things like that. So that’s what this Gucci Backpack Women is one’s for, and I like that it has a different print than my usual SL G’s. So I’ll link this down for you guys.

Next inside this Gucci Backpack is my full-size zippy wallet, Louie Vuitton Wallet, full-size, zippy wallet. This is the older model. It just has fewer credit card slots, but I love this wallet. I would really really recommend this Louie Vuitton Wallet in general. It’S just a really good wallet. It fits a ton, so no need to go into that and then also have my Sunglasses case in here as well. So you can see this is this one? I’ve had for quite a bit, I’m going to show you the sunglasses that I have in here right now. These are brand new. I just got them and I love them. They are so chic. I love them so much they’re, just a great everyday pair of sunglasses. I guess the last thing in there you can see is my poetry at 19.

So I’ve talked about this. A ton I’m not gonna go over what’s inside, but it is basically my Gucci Backpack Purse junk drawer and that is filled up to the brim. It’S super packed with a lot of different things, band-aids, hand sanitizer lotion, all kinds of things wet wipes stuff, like that. It’S all in there and then here is the interior part of the Gucci Backpack. You can see.

You’Ve got one zippered pocket back there in the back. I actually really like these zippers they’re, like the plastic zippers. All of the Gucci paperwork is still in there just because I don’t just don’t use that zipper. I just don’t and then on this side it actually has two card slots, so you could put your money. You could put cards in there if you need them to, but let me go ahead and fill this Gucci Bag back up.

Just you can see how everything is kind of fills it up. So there’s the toiletry 19 in there that obviously takes up a bunch of space. It’s a pretty big pouch, full-sized zippy wallet, sunglass case, and then, of course, my little cardholder. As you can see, there is still more room in there. If you wanted to throw in you know whatever it is anything else that you need there.

Definitely, you definitely could put more in there in these Gucci Bags on Sale. That’S just the amount of stuff that I carry and then, as far as this goes, you’ve got your cardholder there, your six-ring key holder there plenty of room, and then your phone there and you can see a bug but a little bit more room. So if I wanted to put a lip gloss in here or like I said, receipts or something like that, there is definitely more room in there for more stuff, but I love this little Gucci Backpack, it’s so convenient. I love that it’s the coated canvas you don’t have to worry about it at all. You could just wipe it down with the wipes.

All of this Gucci Bag has treated leather. The zippers are that plastic. This backing is kind of like a mesh kind of almost like an athletic sort of material. I guess I’m not sure what you would call that, but again super wipeable. I have actually gotten stuff on this before I just grabbed a little water wipe all I’ll put down the wipes that I use down below the back is, obviously you can see.

You’Re not gonna have to worry about anything, there’s no feet or anything. It’S a super comfortable Leather Backpack, so that is it you guys that are quick what’s in my bag, for this Gucci Backpack. like I said it is the smaller size, but it fits everything that I could possibly need and more everything, as you saw, is full size, full size, toiletry bag, full-size wallet. Everything is in here and I have a little bit of room for more. It’S just such a great Gucci Bag, and if you are on the fence about this one or you’re wanting to get a Designer Backpack, this was is personally one of my favorites on the market.

I also have the Louie Vuitton most three, which let me grab that really so here is the most to read backpack. This is the GM size and, I would say, they’re comparable in regards to them being super casual more like athletic style bags. Since this one has you know, the cloth straps, this one is definitely bigger, but I will say this one is way easier to get in and out of, if you’re deciding between the two, I would probably go for this one. You do have to worry about the Vachetta when it comes to the Louis Vuitton one, but both are really really great backpacks, but that is it, you guys. Hope you guys enjoyed this luxury-style Video. I will see you guys in my next videos on Gucci Backpack Men, MK Bags, Gucci Bookbag. Talk to you soon.

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