TELFAR BAG The Best Selection 2021

TELFAR BAG The Best Selection 2021 Comparison

Hi, welcome back to my channel. It’S your girl, Shalynn and in today’s video, I am bringing you a Telfar Bag unboxing video. In this video, I’m going to be unboxing a new Designer Telfar Bag that I picked up and I’m also going to be sharing it with you guys. For all of the other Telfar Bag that I have in my collection, we’re also going to do a compare and contrast between the size, small, medium, and baby. The best part of all, I’m going to tell you guys exactly how I’ve gotten every tail flower bag that I want. Your girl feels like she got the secret sauce.

Okay, I’ve passed this Telfar Bag knowledge along to a lot of my friends. And everybody that I know has been able to get it until far once I tell them this information, so I figured girl. Let me put my babies on because they tell far back. Everybody needs one you’re, not that girl. If you don’t get one okay, I’m sorry, sorry to let you know: okay, but before we go ahead and jump into today’s video.

Here is the Telfar Bag box, so basically this Shopping Bag comes in this brown cardboard box, nothing too crazy. It doesn’t have any labeling on it, which I appreciate because people like to steal okay. Now I did cut this Telfar Bag Box open because I wanted to look inside and make sure that I had the right color bag. Because I needed to make sure everything was okay, but I haven’t had any issues with Telfar Bag Designer.

I will tell you guys that Telfar Bag has a pretty quick shipping. I don’t remember anything too crazy. Now the one thing that I will tell you guys is the first Telfar Bag I got, I had to sign for and they did not leave it. So that was a little bit of a hassle because I wasn’t home and FedEx was working my nerves, okay. But the second two they just left at my door. So I don’t know if you have to sign for this bag or don’t.

I don’t know I’ve had experience with both, but let me go ahead and tell you guys when I did order this Telfar Bag. So it looks like I placed the order for the Telfar Bag on the 17th of March. That means this bag had been in this box for a month. Oh, Shalynn, get it together, get it together, and then it looks like the Telfar Bag was actually delivered. Oh, girl, I said FedEx, it was UPS.

Okay, I’m sorry FedEx,  my goodness this UPS period. Okay, it was delivered on March 19th. Damn is that right! Oh, that’s, crazy! Okay, that shipping is fast, so I ordered it on the 15th. It was delivered on the 19th, so really really fast shipping on this one.

Typically, I think my Telfar Bag takes anywhere from three to five days, so nothing too crazy. Let’S go ahead and open her up. So when you receive your Telfar Bag, it’s going to come packaged like this. It comes in a duster bag and then it also comes in like a plastic tall, far back, which I like. I think that’s really nice – that they have their branding. Also on the plastic part as well makes it feel really really Luxury Bag.

I know a lot of Luxury Bags brands, who don’t do that, so it’s nice to see that Telfar Bag does that. So I picked this Telfar Bag up in the size medium and it is in the color cream. I really really wanted this Telfar Bag. You guys know I am a neutral girl, so I feel like I needed all of the Telfar Bags like neutral tones. And so once you take it out of the bag, oh my gosh he’s so beautiful you guys.

I love this Telfar Bag, okay. It’S almost that little step, I love this Shopping Bag. I think this is a perfect spring bag like I just love this bag, it’s so simple and I feel like it’s a bag that goes with everything. One thing I really really love about Telfar Bag is that they do not have any hardware, so you don’t have to worry about your jewelry clashing.

I know a lot of people don’t care about that, but sometimes it bothers me. I just feel like my outfit doesn’t go. If i have silver hardware and I’m wearing gold jewelry. So I really really appreciate that this Telfar Bag, the leather on it, is so so soft as well. So it comes with this sort of like paper around the straps. Oh sorry about her, I do not recommend picking up Telfar Bag from secondhand sellers.

I was very against that. I want to support the Bag designer, so I decided to purchase this Telfar Bag specifically from the designer Telfar which is black-owned? If you guys did not know that so yeah, I wanted to make sure that I purchased directly from the Telfar Bag website. So these are the straps. You can wear it like this or you can wear it as a Leather Crossbody Bag or you can wear it with just the handles as Designer Handbags.

I’m gonna be honest. I alternate between the two Telfar Bags. It just depends on my outfit, also depends on what I’m doing like If I’m out shopping, then I prefer to just drape it cross-body. Now one thing I will say about this Telfar Bag when it comes to the straps, the straps are not adjustable. So now, if you are short like me, this bag is going to hang a little bit lower on you when you drape it on your shoulder or when you drape it across your body. So ideally I don’t like carrying it like that. I don’t think it’s super flattering. However, in some instances it is practical, but I still really love this Telfar Bag.

I think this Telfar Bag is so freaking spacious on the inside as well as you guys can see, it doesn’t have many compartments. You literally just have this one zipper compartment right here where you can keep stuff in. Typically, I keep stuff that I constantly reach for in that pocket, like my cardholder or my phone, but I really love this Telfar Bag. This Telfar Bag is so freaking cute. It also comes with a little Telfar tag attached to it as well, but I love the simplicity of this Telfar Bag. Every time I wear myself this bag, I get complimented, so I really really love this and honestly, you guys. I think this is my favorite color.

Yet like out of all the Telfar Bag I have, I definitely think this is a favorite. So I am going to treat her well and take care of her. She is so freaking cute you guys know this Telfar Bag does carry a lot. But I did want to let you guys know one thing I thought about this Designer Bag. I thought it was a lot wider than what it was. So I didn’t want to show you guys it from the side. Just so you guys can see it’s kind of slim from this side. It expands wide, but it’s not intended to have that shape. So I hope that makes sense um just so you guys can see it from the side because I never saw it from this side profile. So I had no idea that it wasn’t as wide of a Telfar Bag, but that doesn’t bother me it’s almost more. It gives me briefcase vibes if that makes sense.

Laptops fit perfectly in this Telfar Bag. I have a MacBook pro. I think I have a 13 or 15 inch, but anyways. It fits perfectly inside this designer bag, which is so freaking nice. I love carrying this Telfar Bag. As like an everyday bag, not this color, I’m gonna show you guys the other color that I carry every day back. I just think this is a perfect size, I’m able to fit everything that I need daily in this.

So let’s sit her here. Oh, girl, she doesn’t sit by herself so now that we have that back there. I want to share with you guys the other Telfar Bags in my Designer Bags collection. One thing that really shocks me about Telfar Bag the most, I think, is its small size. I thought the small size would be a lot bigger um than when I actually got it.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s quite a spacious Luxury Bag, but it is a lot smaller than I thought. So I wanted to show you guys the small Telfar Bag in comparison to the medium. This also comes in a duster. I love keeping my dustbag, so I can keep my Designer Bags protected. I actually wore this Telfar Bag for the first time recently and oh, I love her. She’s, really really nice for brunch, like because you know when you’re going to brunch or like the club, you don’t really need much look at the size difference between the two, as you Guys can see, the small is um, definitely a lot smaller than the medium.

Honestly, I’m not telling far. You know what I’m saying: I’m not him, but I would have called this a mini and I almost wish they had a bag in between this and the medium but yeah. I think this Telfar Bag is really cute again. The straps are a little bit longer, however, with this one, because it is a smaller bag. I find that it doesn’t bother me the way it looks as much when it’s used as a Crossbody Bag.

I think it actually hits at quite a nice and cute length. You don’t want the straps to show you can just tuck them on the inside and just carry the bag like this. I absolutely love this chocolate brown color. I was so pressed to get this. You guys! I remember how excited I was when I finally got my hands on this Telfar Bag. I think it was around Christmas, so I guess it was kind of like Christmas gifts, myself, girl, I’m always buying myself stuff and trying to say it’s a gift for this okay. But I really really love these Telfar Bags. Look at how simple look at how cute again, like I told you guys. I love that these Telfar Bags do not have any prominent hardware, so I’m able to wear them with both gold and silver jewelry.

And the next bag that I have is also another medium shopper Telfar Bag. Now, this is my go-to everyday Designer Bag. When I say this Telfar Bag has been through some things since I’ve gotten her like I’ve worn her every single day. Unless I’m going somewhere specific, where I’m trying to match my Designer Bag with my outfit, then this is the bag that you are going to see me with. And girl, she actually still has all my stuff in it right now, and that is my black medium tail far shopper. As you guys can see, she does have some wear and tear on her. I don’t know if you guys can see that I really love this Telfar Bag. It’s so nice every day. I keep tons, you guys.

This is embarrassing. My purse is so junky right now, but I have so much stuff in here and I can literally carry so much like. Sometimes I have like three water bottles in here girl. It’S insane, this Telfar Bag gets heavy, okay, but she is still so cute. I wear this designer Telfar Bag all of the time.

I love the versatility of this Designer Bag. I love that when it gets too heavy, I can wear it as a Crossbody Bag, or I can carry it like this. I just think this is such a convenient Luxury Bag. If it’s literally everything that I need on a daily basis, so I just am really in love with this Telfar Bag.  I’m obsessed with it, but this is definitely my everyday go-to Designer Bag and then this bag is gonna be like special occasions. This Luxury Bag is gonna be a special occasion, so this is the bag.

You guys are gonna catch me in on the daily. That’S why she’s a little bit more worn a little bit more beat up, but, as you guys can see, even though I wear this Telfar Bag every day, I think it’s still in really really good condition. It does have a little bit of scuffing like I showed you guys, but that’s kind of for me just being like throwing my background. You know I’m saying getting crazy with it, but it still looks like a really nice shape as well. So you guys can see it still has its shape. It’S still really nice. I don’t know if I’m gonna pick up any more colors of them. I honestly just feel, like I kind of have every color that I would want if I’m being honest um, but I really really love this bag. You guys uh, please Telfar Bag.

Typically. For me, I find that Telfar Bag usually drops their Designer Bags like a minute or two or three late: okay, they’re, typically not right on the dots. But just in case they get on the dot, you need to be on there and what I do is I’m constantly refreshing the page, I refresh the page until I see that the Telfar Bag no longer says – sold out okay or coming soon, so once you’re able to see that you finally have your Luxury Bag, you put it in your cart and you just hit checkout. You cannot take time to think okay because, at the time that you’re taking to think, that one show bag already got in her cart and is ready to hit check out. So you have to know what you want ahead of time.

So that is why I really recommend signing up for the account that’s gonna let you have the time to determine if you really want that Telfar Bag and then when it comes time to check out you just know that hey, I need to check out now. One thing I want you guys to know too is creating an account is gonna make the check out even faster, because you’re able to put in your address and put everything in also what I would recommend is also having your credit card information saved to your phone or laptop. So that way it’s already generated in there.

All you have to do is hit check out when I’m getting a Telfar Bag, I’m not putting in any information, I’m just confirming my purchase and hitting accept payment or whatever continue payment, whatever the button says. So those are my recommendations. I know they are super simple, but you guys when I tell you I know so many people who haven’t been able to get Telfar Bags, and when I tell them what I did they’re able to get them. So please, if you want to Telfar back trust me, this is the way to get it. Okay, trust me y’all.

I have gotten every Telfar Bag that I want, as you guys can see. There are no other colors that I’ve wanted recently, but if there was, I’d be able to get her okay and I’ve also helped a lot of my friends get them as well, but I hope you guys enjoyed this video. I hope you guys get Telfar Bag because, obviously, if you’re watching this video, I’m assuming you want one. You know what I’m saying, so I hope all of you get your tail flower bags. Actually, I don’t hope, I know y’all gonna get your Telfar Bag.

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