Best Designer Belts, Gucci Belt, and Louis Vuitton Review

Designer Belts, best Gucci Belt. Hi guys, welcome back to my channel. I’m going to be doing a video all about Designer Belts. I have three different Branded Designer Belts, Gucci Belts, Louis Vuitton Belts, and Hermes Belts. So, there are really not that many YouTube videos out there about Designer Belts and I get questions about them all the time. So I may be going over all of the details of Belt specifications, the pricing, the sizing and we’ll be trying them on for you as well. So you can see what they look like, but before we get into that as always, if you are new here, then I would love for you to consider subscribing to my Channel at the bottom for future videos.

Designer Belts from top Brands

Okay, so belt, let’s get into Designer Belts from top Brands. Let me just show you the three that I have and then I will go over each one individually in a lot of detail. So the first belt that I have is my Gucci Belts and, as you can see, it is brown with the green and red cotton canvas the next. All I have is my Hermes Belts and it is reversible, it is black on this side and the classic orange on this side, and it does have the gold H bubble. Finally, the last belt I have in it is my most recent purchase is my Louis Vuitton Belts Monogrammed Canvas, and shout out to Lola LZ, because it is pre-loved and I did get it from her.

Gucci Belt Green Red Marmont with GG Logo

So I’m going to start with my Gucci Belt Green Red Marmont. I do have the Marmont GGs and the gold hardware is kind of like the antique brass hardware and I did get it with the brown leather here and it does have the canvas or the cotton canvas, red and green Gucci colors, and I did pick this particular Combination for a reason which I will get into in one minute, but as far as pricing and details, this is 395 dollars and you can get it on my Gucci website.

I will link everything all these Designer Belts, that I am going to talk about. So it is three hundred and ninety-five dollars and it does have a width of 1.5 inches. So you do have to really take into consideration the width when you’re buying because it will change the price. So Gucci does also have a 0.5-inch belt, which is a lot thinner belt, and that price is a lot cheaper. So when you’re going to order to make sure you’re looking at the right size. So I would say it’s a 1.5-inch width. It is definitely the most popular right now, not the other one is bad, but you know I do think this is kind of more What’s in style right now. You could also get an all-leather version rather than this cotton canvas, so the all other ones do have different prices. The all-black leather is actually 390 dollars. So it’s actually five dollars cheaper than this one and then there’s the all brown leather, and that is actually 420 dollars. 

So that’s why these Gucci Belts are actually 395 dollars. So it’s actually a little bit more than the all-black leather. As far as sizing is concerned, I think that’s 80 mm a really good size for me. I can wear it around my waist really well and I can wear it around my hips really well, so it does seem like a good size, and I can kind of size it up and down according to my outfit, so the reason I chose this particular combination Is that I did want a brown belt, but I love how there is some color to this, so I can wear it different ways. So if I just want the brown portion showing, I can kind of tuck my shirt in a certain way, so that just the brown is showing and not the colors.

But if I do want to kind of spice up my outfit and show off some colors show up with the classic Gucci Belts colors, then I can tuck my shirt in a little bit more and I can reveal this. So I think this is a really nice kind of like the versatile piece and it can. You can really kind of transform your outfits in different ways it’s the particular Gucci Belts. You can definitely see it all over Instagram, but the thing is like some of the other belts I’ve mentioned in the past, just because they’re all over Instagram doesn’t mean they’re all over the place in real life. So I see this on Instagram tons, but I really don’t see it that much walking around like in real life like a shopping center, the mall, or wherever I really love wearing this. 

So here is my brown Gucci Belt and, as I mentioned, if you just want to see the brown leather, you can cut your shirt in just at the very center and kind of leave. The rest of the shirt hangs out and it looks like a regular brown belt and it looks super nice. So I wear it like this all the time, but if I really want to kind of show off the Gucci colors here, I can cut my shirt in a little bit more and you can really see the Gucci red and green colors, which I love. So I love doing this and, as you can see, it does obviously change the outfit up a lot more. So here’s what the belt looks like all the way around when you want to show off the colors.

Hermes Belts Reversible

The next I’m going to talk about is my Hermes Belts Reversible, and it’s actually a lot of information to go over about this one. Just because there are a lot of combinations and just a lot of things to consider when you’re picking this particular kind. So let me just start off with the pricing and sizing and everything again. This is a size 80, the same size as my other belt, and it does seem to work really well for me. As far as width is concerned, this is actually 32 millimeters wide and Hermes does have some other options as well. Hermes Belts have 13, 24, 32, which is what I have, and 42 mm. So you do have to kind of take that into consideration when you are choosing the belt and obviously the prices will be different, but regarding price, it is done a little bit differently because you buy the actual belt and the belt buckle separately.

So the total price for both of these things is 815 dollars. So it’s definitely my most expensive piece. However, it is reversible. So technically is two different Designer Belts within one I mean I don’t know if that’s really justifiable, it probably isn’t, but at least it justifies that in my head. So, as far as the Hermes Belt is concerned, I did want the black and the classic Hermes orange, because I knew that I was going to be getting the brown Gucci Belt, so this gives me a lot of different options with my Designer Belts.

You know it’s just a lot of different colors that I can choose from the actual Hermes Belt itself, cost four hundred and eighty-five dollars, and then this is a buckle, cost three hundred and thirty dollars. So in total, it was eight hundred and fifteen dollars. Regarding the buckle, I did get the shiny gold buckle, but there are tons of options and different buckles altogether a different design so again look on the website to see what they have but there’s brush silver there is brushed gold there’s like hammered metal. So there’s just a lot of combinations. So obviously you know this is reversible, but that if I ever get tired of the gold buckle that I can change it out, I can actually buy like a silver one and put it on here or maybe not even want the H anymore, and I could get A different design because I have all kinds of designs and then interchange, that on a year, so this is just removable.

You just take it off like that and then slide out the buckle. So it is completely removable. And then that is how you do change out, which color you want. So you just slide on the buckle here and then push in the belt and then now it is on the orange side. So again, this is a very, very, very pricey belt. I mean it is Hermes Belt, so that kind of makes sense, but it is nice that in the future I can kind of change things in and out as my style changes. So that is definitely something to take into consideration. One other thing that I do want to mention about the Hermes Belts, it seems like online, a lot of sizes and finishes and options are sold out. 

It does seem like a lot of the stores and has more options there than online so just kind of an FYI about that. Okay, so here is my Hermes bill and it is on these black side, so this kind of is, you know, just a classic. Look, it goes with so many outfits like I said you can dress it up, you can dress it down, and yeah. I feel really really confident wearing a belt. I absolutely love it. So let me show you what it looks like on the orange side. So here is the orange side. Again, I really really really like it. I think it’s just a really nice pop of color. I especially love it in the spring in summer. I did wear it a little bit in the winter, but I’m definitely finding myself wearing it more in you know, warmer months,

Louis Vuitton Belts in Monogram Canvas

so the last belt I have is my Louis Vuitton Belts in Monogram Canvas. So again shout out to Lala LZ, hello thank you so much for selling this belt to me. So it is pretty love and it is a lot different than my other two belts, and I did do that for a reason. So the width of this particular Louis Vuitton Belt is a width of 25 mm. We have a ton, does have other widths, the other ones will be 30 millimeters and 40 millimeters.

I think 30 mm Louis Vuitton Belts are the very most popular one, and that is what you see most often, but I did love that this was 25 mm because it’s not as chunky and it’s kind of more of an understated belt compared to my other one. So that is why I did jump on this when she posted it over time. It does have other letters and other canvases. So again I will link everything down below, but this is the monogram canvas. If you were to buy this brand new from the store, it would be three hundred and eighty-five dollars now.

Obviously, if you get a bigger width, then the price does go up and then the leather prices are actually a lot more expensive. A lot of people love the leather one because it’s actually reversible kind of like the Hermes Belt, and it is black on one side and a nice brown on the other side and that actually retails for $ 700. As far as sizing is concerned, this is actually a size 75. So it’s not an 80 like my other two, but actually like that, because it’s a lot shorter. So I love to kind of cinch this around my waist like around dresses, and it actually does still go around my hips as well like so wear it with jeans.

But again this Louis Vuitton Belt is just a lot more of an understated belt and it’s not nearly as chunky as my other one Louse Vuitton Belt does have other buckle options, but they are not interchangeable like the Hermes Belt. So, basically, you cannot have to choose which buckle you want, and then that’s the belt you’re going to get and as you can see, it’s definitely a lot thinner here. It’S not nearly as chunky, so it’s just really kind of like a more understated belt. I mean it’s still a little bit flashy because it’s my baton and that’s the monogram canvas, but it’s still not nearly as in-your-face as some of the other Designer Belts. I think it looks especially good with kind of like a dressier silky shirt. I loved wearing it like that, especially for work or something, but you can still dress this up or dress it down, and I do really like it. So here’s what it looks like completely.

Okay, so are you ready for my favorite and my ultimate recommendation? So drumroll it would be the Gucci Belt. I absolutely love this one. This is the one that I’m just grabbing like on a daily basis. I love it, I’m always reaching for it, I’m so happy. I have it and I love it in a lot of the other leathers as well. I just every time I see it or I see someone wearing it even on Instagram or occasionally in real life. I just love it.

I think it just makes every outfit like 10 times better, so I think the price is definitely the best for what you get like. I said this is 395 dollars, the all-black leather one is actually cheaper, and then the all-brown leather one is a little bit more expensive, but even more options than that they just have so many different types and styles that you can choose from. So if I had to choose one, I definitely recommend starting with this one now.

My second recommendation is definitely my Hermes Belt and I understand that it is the very most expensive and crazy one, and I completely understand why a lot of people would never. In a million years want to pay 800 for a belt, I totally get that, but I do absolutely love mine. I think it is very very classy. You can always wear this with a casual outfit or a really dressy outfit, and it’s Hermes looks like the elite brand. Basically, when I wear this, I just feel really really confident and I absolutely love how it is reversible and interchangeable. Hopefully, I still love this for a long time, but let’s be real, I go in and out of silver and gold and a lot of different tones. I think in Styles change.

You can actually, you know, replace this with something else, so I think it’s kind of like a little investment and style change. You can kind of change what you like and I definitely love my Louis Vuitton Belt. However, I just don’t like matchy-matchy, I find I don’t grab it as much, because I have a lot of Louis Vuitton bags that are monogram canvas, so I just don’t want to be wearing. You know this belt and my bag. I just feel like that. Again, that is just too matchy-matchy, but I still love the belt and I still do grab it. It just does kind of like change which that I’m choosing for that day. So here is my collection altogether and, as you can see, I do think there is a really nice variety to them. I love how I have a black belt.

I have a brown belt and I also have this brown just a little bit darker and that also when I really want a pop of color, I can use this Hermes Orange. So I love that and then obviously, depending on how I cut in my shirt, I can kind of expose the really bright colors of this red and green. So I really hope this video was helpful to you guys if you have any questions about anything like the details, the sizing anything at all.

Video Source: Shea Whitney Youtube Video