6 Prada Bags Worth Good Investment

6 Prada Bags Worth Good Investment Review

Prada Bags, 6 of those Designer Handbags that are worth the investment! Welcome to Luxfy, we will talk about fashion travel and, basically, all the best things life has to offer. Welcome to our video listing the six Luxury Prada Bags that are worth a good investment.  Prada is an Italian Luxury Fashion House that was founded in 1913 by Mario Prada, it specializes in Leather Designer Handbags, travel accessories, shoes, ready-to-wear, perfumes, and other accessories. The first Prada store was opened in 1913 in the prestigious Galeria Vittorio Manuela. Second in Milan, where he sold precious Designer Handbags, trunks, and travel accessories.

Prada Handbags, clothes, and other Fashion Accessories are described as classic. Their Prada Handbags are some of the most famous and amazing Designer Bags in the world, but there are so many options. So, it’s easy to get confused about which Prada Bags are worth the investment here on this list. I will show you some amazing Prada Bags that will never go out of style and will hold their value through the years. Prada Bags are so iconic.

They even have been relaunching some classic styles Prada Bags. That goes to show how timeless they really are. At the end of the video, we have a bonus fact that may surprise you so without further ado, here are the six Prada Bags that are worth the good return investment. If you are new here, welcome, please subscribe and follow us at Luxfy. Let us start with number six.

Prada Tote Bags – Raffia and Terry

The Prada Raffia Tote Bags have definitely been the hottest Prada Bags of the summer, but I am sure, we’ll continue to see it in the upcoming seasons. This Prada Bag is laid back style with the practicality of the tote makes this Prada Bag a great addition to any Designer Handbags collection. It is sold for 1450 dollars, but if the Prada Raffia Tote Bag is not really your style or if you think it is too summery, then Prada Bags have multiple other totes you can choose from.

How about this Prada Terry Tote Bag for winter. Furry Prada Bags will be very much in style, this fall/winter.  This Prada Bag is sold for 1470 dollars. But if you want a more classic style, there is also this nylon one for one thousand two hundred and fifty dollars, this one. You can be sure it is a good investment since it will never go out of style number.

Prada Re-Edition 2005 Re-Nylon Bags

At number five I have Prada Re-Edition 2005 Re-Nylon Bags. I know you have been seeing a lot of this Prada Bag, but its classic minimalistic style will definitely be a staple in your wardrobe. This nylon Designer Handbag was originally conceptualized in 1979, then relaunched in 1985, but the real success of this Prada Bag is due to the 90s and early 2000s style. Prada recently released two new editions of the vintage nylon midi Prada Bag, the 2000 and 2005.

Both Prada Bags are constructed from a combination of Saffiano leather plus nylon. You can also opt for the Prada Shoulder Bag. This Prada Bag is one of the less expensive Prada Bags. You will ever find the Prada re-edition 2000 is sold on Prada’s website for 895 dollars and the Prada re-edition 2005, with a shoulder strap it sold for 1,390 dollars. If you love the early 2000’s revival happening right now, you will love this Prada Bag, and you can also be sure that, due to the minimalistic look of this Designer Bag, the Prada Edition will be with you for a very long time. And Prada has also been launching versions Of this Prada Re-Edition Bag in Raffia, Terry, and Saffiano leather.

Prada Signaux Bag

In case you don’t like the nylon then, number four is Prada Signaux Bag. This Prada Bag was presented in various materials and colors at the Prada fall winter 2021 show. So it is safe to say you will be seeing a lot of this Prada Bag in the upcoming seasons. This Prada Signaux Bag embodies perfectly the Prada style. It is modern, but classic at the same time, minimalistic and eccentric. Basically, everything you want in a Prada Bag to be. This soft napa leather, designer Prada Shoulder Bag has sleek minimalistic lines, contemporary display and also reverse stitch construction.

A study of the Prada triangle logo inspired geometric details and specific interpretations of the Prada logo. The iconic shape is displayed in the white flap of this Prada Bag. An adjustable ladder handle lets the Prada Bag be worn in several different ways. This Prada Signaux Bag is sold for two thousand and eight hundred dollars. If you are enjoying this video so far, please subscribe to my channel, so I can continue to bring you the best content about fashion and luxury living numbers.

Prada Nylon Backpack Bag

At number three is Prada Nylon Backpack. The Prada Nylon Backpack Bag is a part of Prada history. In 1984, Prada paraded into a more modern aesthetic and released a Prada Backpack made of a nylon material used for military tents. It was durable, waterproof, and beautiful, and it was a massive hit. Prada became known for a cool, refined elegance in direct contrast to the glitter-laden sex-heavy 80s. The first success of the style was the iconic black nylon Prada Backpack. In fact, this Prada Bag was such a hit that, because of it Miuccia Prada was named one of the 30 most powerful women in Europe. According to the Wall Street Journal in the 1980s, the Prada Nylon Backpack will never ever go out of style. This Prada Backpack has been in the market for almost 40 years. If that isn’t a timeless style, then I don’t know what is?  Green nylon Medium Prada Backpack is sold for one thousand five hundred and fifty dollars.

Prada Cleo Bag

My number two Prada Bag is Prada Cleo Bag, with sophisticated allure, an iconic luxury design of the Prada brand from the 1990s, with sleek curved lines and also emphasized by particular construction which is rounded on the bottom and sides give This hobo bag, a soft light, look burst. Leather, a modern and versatile material that is distinctive in Prada collections is ideal for creating always new combinations and contrasts. The Prada Cleo Bag now comes in a mini size, with a shoulder strap and also with a flap, not to mention the multiple colors patterns and materials. This Prada Cleo Bag is sold for two thousand four hundred dollars. These Prada Bags will be safer investment in your wardrobe. This Prada Bag is a chic, cool and beautiful bag that you will love for many years.

Prada Galleria Bag

And my number one is Prada Galleria Bag. Few things are more classic than the Prada Galleria Bag rooted in tradition, as this Prada Bag is more than just a bag, it’S an icon. Though this Prada Bag was originally introduced in 2007, the history of the bag dates back to Prada’s humble beginnings. The Prada Galleria Bag gets its name from the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, which is where Mario Prada opened his first store in Milan in 1913. A hallmark of Prada’s 21st-century identity, the design was first offered in Saffiano leather, a scratch, and water-resistant calfskin, a material patented by Mario Prada and still a hallmark of Prada Fashion House. Today, reminiscent of the framed shapes and medicine style bags popular in the mid-century, the Prada Galleria Bag, references classic styles of the past and exemplifies Prada’s century-old excellence in the manufacture of leather goods. This Prada Bag represents everything that Prada’s DNA is rooted in.

The Prada Galleria Bag comes in four sizes. The mini is sold for two thousand three hundred and fifty dollars, while the large one is sold for three thousand and one dollars. This is definitely an investment piece. You will be wearing it for many years to come. Let us know in the comments below which one was your favorite comment below which brands you would like to know more about, and for sticking with me this far here is some bonus information. The Saffiano Leather is a classic Prada Leather.

It was Mario Prada who invented the story. Material Saffiano is a textured leather, which makes it extremely resistant to scratches the texture, isn’t a natural characteristic of the leather but is made by machinery. Saffiano stands out because of its cross-hatched structure, which forms the diagonal print. The stiff leather is usually made from calfskin with wax on top, on which the structure is pressed. The leather is treated by a machine that is heated up to 70 degrees celsius.

After the leather is pressed for 10 to 15 seconds, it’s treated with the wax finish and then pressed to create the signature cross-hatched texture because of the wax finish. This leather is very durable and will remain virtually scratch and crack-free, even with heavy wear. Your Saffiano tote will always hold its shape.

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