GUCCI DIONYSUS REVIEW – 4 What can Fit in!


GUCCI DIONYSUS REVIEW – 4 What can Fit in the Bag!

Gucci Dionysus Review. Hi guys, welcome back to my channel. Today’s Gucci Bags video is all about how to pack a wallet on a chain or a walk. So here is my Gucci Dionysus wallet chain, and this Gucci Bag Women is in the Gucci balloons print in the pink color. Obviously, and when I did at my recent Crossbody Bags comparison video, so many of you commented that you wanted to see what actually fits inside this and how many holes and everything. Because it is a little bit different than the Chanel Bag – Walk Bags and some of the other Walks on the market because it’s accordion-style versus just one compartment. So, if you wanted to do this video to show you guys and all everything that it fits in this Gucci Dionysus Bag, I have so much laid out here and I do think it does hold a lot more than the average wallet on chain. So if you do happen to be new here then welcome my name’s Shea and I would love if you to consider subscribing by hitting that red button down below.

Gucci Dionysus Crossbody Bag

If we put out 2 to 3 videos every single week, so quickly just about the Gucci Dionysus Bag as I said, then I won’t spend too much time on this Gucci Dionysus, but it is in the Gucci blooms print and there is this beautiful tiger head spur and silver hardware With a silver chain as well, I love love love it. I feel like this particular Gucci Dionysus Crossbody Bag just feels so incredibly well-made. It obviously is pretty pricey. It does cost one thousand three hundred and fifty dollars brand-new. I did get a brand new from at the Gucci store in Las Vegas when we were on a little trip and it was really fun anyway.

Yes, this Gucci Dionysus is in silver hardware, which I love. And then this emblem I’ve said this before too.  I’m sorry, sometimes I feel like I’m repeating myself, but I’m sure there are new people watching this video, but I really like how dirty this spur head is. I guess feels or this emblem, because it really makes a snap closure very easy to push in like, I feel like a lot of the other walks on the market. They are, almost all snap closures. And when I text them out like when I’m in the store, so many of them seem very very hard to close, like very difficult. You have to line it up perfectly and then have to. You know, really make sure it’s in there and it just seems kind of difficult.

But when I tried this Gucci Dionysus Bag on, I was just sold so quickly on how easy it is to close this particular one. So anyway, when you open it up, this Crossbody Bag does have an accordion style, which is really interesting, and I think that is kind of what allows it to hold more. Essentially, this Gucci Dionysus has 16 card swaps and there’s one zipper compartment here and then there’s three total flux and like all together. Sometimes I wonder if it would have been better that they actually removed this one.

I think KW Shops to shout out to her. She mentioned that in her video as well. Remember watching that a long time ago and kind of agreeing with her when I actually did get the Gucci Dionysus, if they would have removed this particular compartment, and so had it be like an accordion style. I think that would have made it just a little bit easier, but I still don’t really mind it. I really liked how, when you open this Gucci Bags for Women, you can kind of just immediately see everything laid out perfectly and there’s a little bit more space than.

Like I said the average walk, so when you’re tearing a wallet on a chain, I think there are five categories of things that people need with them at all times. So these are what I think are the essential things that should always be fit into a wallet on chain, and that would be your phone, your ID a form of payment, the cap, your cash, credit cards, coins, your keys, and then also like lip gloss. In my case, it would be lip gloss, chapstick, and floss, and some people might not pick slots. They might take like a compact mirror or something like that, but some form of like a cosmetic item or something so if more would fit in there.

That’S great, but those are the things that I think are kind of essential and then you know the other items to put in my Gucci Dionysus Bag are kind of bonus, so I am gonna go ahead and start with my phone now. This one is an iPhone 7. It’S a regular iPhone 7, but this is my husband’s phone and it’s two-plus, and a lot of you asked me if it does fit the plus, and it definitely does so. For this example, I’m just going to use this because it’s the bigger of the two and I’ll just prove that it does hold a lot more than I think the average roll on change. So I’m going to go ahead and stick this in the middle compartment.

So in my Gucci Dionysus here it fits perfectly right in there and then I always have my ID, which I should have been more prepared to use fade scars, but here’s my ID. It’s like my actual driver’s license, so I’m going to flip it around this way. Okay, so here are my cards as you can see, I have cards on this side, and I said I usually never use the full sixteen card amount. That’S just a lot of parts for me and I don’t take out all of my cards from my regular Wallet. I usually just do my IV, my health benefits card, and then some credit cards. I do usually separate them to credit cards or usually on this side, and then my identification is on that side and there’s not really a real point to.

That is just to kind of separate the two. So, let’s move on to money, which would be the other form of payment. I also do have coins already in my Gucci Dionysus Bag here. You can’t really see them very well, but they are in there and then I have some cash right here. So there are two different places you could put them so there is this place right in the very front.

I think it fits very well right there, but then there’s also this compartment right here and it’s kind of like a hidden slot and so a lot of times. I actually do like to just slide my money in there and that’s more to kind of like make sure that does not fall. Sometimes when the Gucci Dionysus is open. The accordion does kind of like fly open, but it does display everything very well and it does seem a lot more secure back here. And then also, I don’t know that anyone would steal anything, but it’s not as accessible as just you know, laying right in the middle of the bed.

So here’s where things get not tricky, but I just have different options of what I do. There are the keys now keys are essential. I have my victory key holder, but then I also have my key fob as well, which normally my key fob would be in the sixth ring key holder. So, in a pinch, I usually do this put it in right there and it fits just fine, but I also sometimes do you like to take my agenda PM and believe it or not, this fits in here very very well.

However, if I do bring my agenda, then this doesn’t fit so well in my this Gucci Crossbody and I do usually take my key fob out and just put it in there, but I’m you guys can see this slide in perfectly right. There, like it, fits so well, let’s see what else do I always take? I always take my lipstick. Like I mentioned, I’m just a huge sloth person like if I go somewhere to eat, I just needed. I need to floss so anyway that Timmy fits all of the essentials like I have an iPhone plus in there.

I have my keys, my ID my cash flip-flops floss, and my agenda p.m. So that is a lot very easily just closing a bunch of snaps right shut yeah. I think this Gucci Dionysus looks really good and when you look at the side, I really don’t think it looks bad like it’s still. You know it’s definitely a little bit bigger than it was before, but it’s nothing crazy at all, and yeah so to me this fits so much um, I’m really happy with it. I will really be really honest, though I don’t take the agenda p.m. that much, I still do and it still fits – and I think is amazing. So for the most part I do think I just throw in my sixteen key holders a lot more.

That’S just, it’s just a lot easier than taking out my key fob and everything like that. So when I take out the identity em, I feel like the side will be completely normal now, but my situation holder is in there. So again I think it’s it’s so much and you could definitely fit a little bit more as well as it kind of depends on what you’re comfortable with as far as the size because you know you could fit too much. This Gucci bag does start to get me wonky, but a little bit. Another thing to mention is this chain strap here is removable, so a lot of well on chains, don’t have a removable strap, and this one does so it’s another reason why I really like it. Because if you take off the straps or Whatever then, this can just be a really nice collection, you can just carry it like on.

You know when you’re going out for dinner or something like that or to a wedding or whatever it’s just a nice little option and it’s kind of like a two-in-one feature, but it kind of is because you know you can wear this Gucci Crossbody in a different way. One other thing about this particular chain is, I do think it’s more on the longer side which I personally like, I am 5 foot 5. I think it hangs on me perfectly a lot of well on chains, not a lot, but some of them are more on the shorter side so, depending on your height, that could be really bad or it could be really good, and I feel like this particular Gucci bag Is a nice chain length that I think works very well a lot of different heights, so I was really glad again. I tried this on. This Gucci Dionysus Bag seemed to fit me perfectly, so I am very average.

I’m five foot five so definitely link this Gucci bag. For you guys to check out if you’re interested, what’s great about this particular Gucci Dionysus Bag is it comes in so many different styles and I mean styles as far as like? If you don’t like this gloom sprint, you don’t have to have it in the balloons print, it can be just all beige and they have other ones that have an accent color. They have ones in like velvety material. They have, you know all kinds of different styles out there.

If you don’t like this particular one – and I feel like that – was really great on there, their part to design different versions. Because not everyone is going to like this Gucci Bags for Women and it is kind of loud. It is probably like the loudest Designer Bag that I own, but I do really like how I don’t know it’s not iconic, but it kind of is. This is one of the very first prints that the new style director put out when he came on board,  pretty much transforming the brand. So it’s they’ve done it in so many different other areas like shoes and different other types of Luxury Bags and clothing and Everything and it’s really – it becomes a kind of like a staple piece in their collection. So I really was happy to kind of have this Gucci Dionysus Bag in my collection. I love it.

I think this kind of Gucci Bags is gorgeous so anyway. I hope this was helpful to you guys and how to pack a wallet on chain and, more specifically, this version of it. Thank you guys so much for watching, and I will see you very soon in another video.

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