The WORST Designer Bags Money Will Buy You

The WORST Designer Bags Money Will Buy You – a Review

Hey everyone, it’s been a while, since I did one of these best and worst Designer Bags videos. And when I’ve done them in the past, I’ve actually had quite a few of you saying that they’re helpful. The reason is that, with a lot of this stuff, It’S not really until you own it and you live with it that you figure out some of the downsides. Whether it’s excessive wear and tear, or whether the items are just difficult to close irritating to use. These are just my thoughts. You might own these Designer Bags and feel completely differently about them, but this is what I’ve experienced.

Bottega Jodie Designer Bags

The first Designer Bag is this, which doesn’t look very nice there, does it? it’s quite a nice Handbag, but It looks a bit weird. This is the Bottega Jodie Bag, which I feel is a really popular bag right now. You can actually get this in the larger size, and that’s what I’m going to say this bag for daily use is even for evening use this bag, these Bottega Jodie Designer Bags are the most annoying Designer Bag to work with. Let me show you why. Filling your stuff in it spills out if I put some stuff in it. So I’ve got a phone, a cardholder, there’s already a lipstick in here, but when you start putting your stuff in fits quite a Decent amount, I will say – someone actually told me this. One of you told me that the closure is annoying. So can you see in order to close the bag, the zips kind of tucked in there here? We go here, and then you have to get to properly close?

If you have to flip the bag and put it there, so now it’s closed that in the daytime. Forget it even in the evening. So I wore this out a couple of weeks ago. I love the look of the bag. I think it looks really cool. I don’t know if you can see it in this picture, but it’s actually just open, and whenever I use it, I don’t bother closing it because it’s so annoying and opening it is not easy either, because where the zip is.

The next bag is one that I love To hate honestly, this bag is the most annoying. Can any of you guess what it is? Probably it’s, the Boy Chanel Handbag, and I feel like the reason why I talk about this. A lot is because it’s one that’s really popular and it’s one that I bought off the back of it being popular and it looks really cool, but actually, it’s the most frustrating Designer Bag Bag to own. And I have not used this Chanel Bag in five years. It sits on the shelf and I haven’t used it in that long things that are annoying about it.

First of all, its design and its sharp corners mean that it wears so quickly. Forgot to mention as well in addition to this hopefully that’s showing in addition to the wear on the corners. The gold has started to rub off around the edge of this and it’s gone a bit silver tone around the edge and that that happened really quickly. That’S the scratch. I was telling you about that. I did early on when I bought this bag. I remember there’s a scratch on it, actually, which I remember seeing really early on when I was using it, and it was like. Oh, my god, how have I done that to my Chanel Bag and it’s just because of the way the corners are designed. They just wear so easily. The other really annoying thing about them.

There are three annoying things: wear and tear. The other annoying thing which I can’t stand is: if you look how squashed in it is here, that’s something that cannot be helped because when you are wearing it on your shoulder, you know how you do That your elbow is naturally slightly squeezing the back that can’t be helped. Unless you hold it like this, and that’s not why we about we buy Designer Bags is that we buy them to be able to use so because you’re doing that you squeeze in the bag, it gets a saggy bottom and no one wants a saggy bottom. Furthermore, the third thing that’s annoying is the chain handle because it knots itself up, but the thing that I can’t stand about it the most. Can you see two, these two bobbly bits when you are wearing this Designer Bag as a Crossbody Purse and it’s around your neck? I’m going to take my hair out to demonstrate this, but when your hair is down when you have your hair down, I don’t want to do this to myself, because it’s painful it’s already done it. Can you see my hair is now wrapped in that? That is very annoying and very painful when you’re at the checkout and there are people behind you and they want you to hurry up and move on. This is why I really think that you would find this Designer Bag annoying.

The next is a Designer Bag that I’m I love and I would never ever sell this bag, and I am glad that I bought it. But it is the mini size, lady deal for an evening or if you don’t carry too much around with you, this bag’s fine, but as a day bag, it’s quite irritating, particularly when the bag is new, see it’s doing it now when the bag is new, you Have to really work to get that to go back in when you’re out in the day, if you’re in and out of your bag, let’s say you’ve gone shopping or something or you want to just be able to quickly grab your phone. I end up not using that i end up putting my stuff and it all spills out the top it’s all like. Where is my phone, so this is what happens? I don’t even have this isn’t even a large-sized phone. This is the iPhone 10 or 11 or something – and it’s not the plus size, it’s fine with my a little fold-up Samsung, but this is what happens on an evening. I can live with that. I don’t mind the bag’s really cute.

I don’t really care, but in the daytime, I find that quite annoying and then the final most annoying. This is the most annoying bag in the world and I’m not exaggerating when I say that it’s frustrating and it’s actually noisy. When you get close, it sounds like a plastic carrier Bag. This is um a bag from Stella McCartney forget what it’s called. You can get it in a few different sizes and it’s annoying for multiple reasons. First of all, it’s noisy. Secondly, it’s overly saggy. I don’t know whether you can see that, but when I use it, I feel that it kind of loses its shape totally. The other annoying thing about it is when you actually try and get in and out of it. The chain bit is so heavy even on both sides.

Actually, it’s so heavy that it really does fall open, and I really find that when I get to check out some stuff, it doesn’t that the lining also collapses on itself, and it becomes really really annoying to find your stuff and get your wallet out. For example, generally speaking, I find this to me be the most irritating bag that I own. I haven’t actually used this since 2016. I actually have more annoying bags than that to show you, but I didn’t want this video to be all doom and gloom. So now I’m going to move on to some of what I find to be the best most practical and the easiest to use in the daytime.

I have got these two both are Bucket Bag. Depends on whether you like bucket bags or not as they’re, not for everyone. But I really – i wouldn’t use them for an evening, but I like them for in the day because they’re easy to get in and out of. This one is Prada Bucket Bag. And I really think that with the Chanel Reissue Bag, I’ve always said that I feel that’s a trend bag and I don’t think it’s gonna stay around, whereas the good thing with the bucket bag is even if Chanel and Prada don’t make these two anymore. The bucket bag is a classic enough shape that it just sort of works. This is also quite well priced when I bought it. It was around seven or eight hundred pounds, I’m not sure what it is now, I’m assuming that it’s under a thousand because it should be for what it is.

It’S really nice, but you know what I mean about these bags at the moment. All of these Designer Bags are hitting a price where I wouldn’t pay the money for them. Personally, I feel that what you’re getting for the price is not quality and it’s just not worth it, and everything across the board has got so expensive. This is a fantastic bag that I use loads. I bought this uh in 2020. It was 2 600 pounds which, as Chanel goes, is not a lot. It is a lot, but you know their stuff’s like five-six thousand pounds now. So as that goes it was, you know, it was a pretty good price. It has a non-removable chain, but the chain is perfect if you want to wear it as a Crossbody Bag. For me, this Designer Bag sits at the perfect height, but the security aspect of it.

I rarely do the bag up just to do the bag up. You just um pull the sort of chain thing here, but I don’t even bother doing it because from a security point of view, when you’re using it, the chain pulls it in slightly and you can get in and out of it gets your stuff in and out. There’S no flap to bother you, but you feel secure. Now have a look at bucket bags in general, because what you tend to find is because they’re a simpler design from all of the brands. They tend to be cheaper, but you can often get a really decent sized one like big size, one and it’s cheaper than something that’s more intricate with flaps or zips on top of it.

This is the most practical bag for the day, Alma BB Designer Bag. You are not gonna believe this. Let me show you this designer bag. Are you someone who likes to carry a bottle of water with you? I am always thirsty, and if i take out this, i have an empty bottle here. It fits in look fits in at the bottom of the bag, no problem. And can you see how much room you still have to put your stuff in after putting the water in? I find it doesn’t limit the amount of stuff that I can put in it, and also Sometimes, when you put water in a bag, let’s say like this: it stretches and distorts the shape of the bag. This doesn’t because it’s just a perfect fit.

Then two final Designer Handbags that are perfect. If you like, the Lady Dior Handbag and you were thinking, I was going to get the mini size, maybe because it’s cheaper or just because you like it but you’re thinking. I can see now how that bag might be quite annoying great on an evening. But if I want to use it during the day, I might find that annoying during the evenings. I really recommend the medium size. This is another Luxury Bag that easily will fit your bottle of water. This is why this is always a bag that I end up taking out. Can you see no problem, at all, it fits in perfectly, and there’s even room. This also comes with a crossbody strap that doesn’t really work crossbody, it’s not long enough for that, but it does work perfectly on the shoulder. This is a Lady Dior Handbag in the medium size, the most out of all of the Designer Bags that I’ve got because they are so practical. They look so classy and so classic, and I just really love them.

Saint Laurent Camera Bag

Then my good old favorite YSL, the Saint Laurent Camera Bag. This color, I love it’s like cream with a tiny bit of gray in it forget the actual name of the color. I will link to this bag below, because did I get a discount on this? I actually bought this it’s kind of weird, but back in August it was our wedding anniversary and what we did and it was so much fun is we went to where we got married and we hired a photographer and we reenacted our wedding photos, not in the Wedding dress. And all of that, because David still fits him like his suit and my dress still fits me, but we thought it would kind of be weird, and so we went dressed in smart clothes, how we dress. Now we reenacted the photos and it was so much fun and I saw this Saint Laurent Camera Bag and I was like it kind of reminds me of a wedding bag. And I was like I’m gonna use it as an excuse to get it my wedding anniversary and when It turned up, it was the perfect color, but anyway, this is a great Designer Bag. You can’t remove the straps, but why would you want, be honest, because there’s no top handle? It’S got an adjustable, strap on the side that works as a Crossbody Bag or a Shoulder Bag.

I love this Saint Laurent Camera Bag across the body, though I love that you’ve got the tassel on the side, which is removable. If you find that annoying guess, what fits your bottle of water as well, let me show you this fits your bottle of water. Look, how much space you’ve still got in that bag as well to fit your stuff um. Are you even seeing how much space there is? This is like a brilliant bag, and you know another thing if you’re thinking well, I don’t want my bottle of water at the bottom of the bag, where I’ve got a rummage for it. Put your stuff in here first and put the water on the top simply.

I paid 1090 for this Saint Laurent Camera Bag (YSL), I think, from memory, there are at the moment. I saw this bag in like a really pale gray at vista village and it was 875 and I saw that last week. So if you are around Vista or if you’re thinking of going, maybe even give the store a cool and say I’m after the um that bag I’m going to link to that video below. Because if you want to see the actual color of it before you phone them up or something goes and watches that video and I took photos, I took covert photos. These are just my opinions and just my findings.

By the way. These are just things that I have observed and experienced with these Designer Bags. Don’t let me necessarily put you off. I would always say that the videos are just a kind of opinion. That’S all they are so if you’re thinking. In the end, you should make your own decision based on your own taste and likings. Oh, I really wanted that bag, but it looks annoying? Go and check it out because it might work for you, the one that I find the most annoying besides.

Video Source: Sophie Shohet Youtube Channel