10 Top YSL BAGS 2022

10 Top YSL BAGS 2022 Review

YSL Bags Review! After hundreds of votes in this video, I’m going to be sharing what are the 10 most popular YSL Bags so make sure you watched till the end to find out what came in at number one? Welcome back to another episode of Mel’s talking hands, and I wanted to do this video up close and personal, because I wanted to show you in detail just what these 10 Top YSL Bags are. Oh, my goodness, it took a while to collate, but I wanted to share the results with you. So, there may be a couple of surprises in the Top 10 YSL Bags and some of you probably would expect so I’m going to start off with what came in at number 10.

Saint Laurent Solferino YSL Bags

So, coming in at number 10 is the Saint Laurent YSL Solferino Shoulder Bag. These YSL Bags were launched approximately a year and a half to two years ago, and you guys know I recently did a what fits in my bag for Solferino YSL Bags. I just wanted to show you up close what this bag looks like. It actually comes in three different sizes, the one I have has the accordion side, which I love, but it also comes in a smaller size and in a slightly longer size, but that only has one compartment. So this Solferino YSL Bag comes in leather, it comes in suede and it is just such a gorgeous Designer Bag.

I’ve been really enjoying using this. So in terms of the clasp, I love this pivoting. Pull it down and then open it up. Don’t worry too much about this. This is the nature of suede. You can just brush it off quickly, that’s just the inside. This YSL Bag does have an adjustable shoulder strap and it’s got two compartments, as you can see here. I will just take this out and absolutely does fit a bigger-sized iPhone. So there is also a back pocket, which I love because it’s super easy to access for your phone, a bigger sized phone, would also fit in the back pocket.

Saint Laurent Uptown Clutch YSL Bags

So number nine is this Saint Laurent Uptown Clutch YSL Bag, and this is the uptown clutch and I’m not surprised that this ranked in the top 10, because this is at such a good price point. Yes, it is pretty thin as you can see, but it definitely does fit all your essentials in there as can see. Open it up, the interior is fabric lined, there are no compartments, but absolutely you can fit your phone in there this clutch has been so popular because it comes in a variety of colors, a variety of fabrics, and materials. It doesn’t have a back pocket. I chose the canvas and leather mix as I always like to add different materials. But if you want the plain version, it comes in plain colors, croc, emboss, colors, gold, hardware, and silver hardware, the options are endless. So if you love a good clutch, this is a good Clutch YSL Bag is one.

Saint Laurent YSL Kate Bag

The next one is Saint Laurent YSL Kate Bag. I actually thought that this may rank a little bit higher because this has been in the YSL Bags Collection for quite a long time now. There are lots of variations of this Kate YSL Bag, the one that has the tassel detail, which I love, but they also have versions that just have the logo. Now, this bag is definitely a dressier designer bag, it’s a great sort of evening bag. Obviously, you can wear it during the day as well.

If I turn the Kate YSL Bag around, there is no back pocket. And if I open the bag up inside and just take all this out, the inside is also fabric lined. But it does have one pocket there and this YSL Kate bag here is the medium. Even though it looks big, it actually doesn’t fit as much as you think, because if you look at the side – see how it goes in. So it’s not like you get the full length of the bag like if you open it up, you can see, see how this comes in.  I actually don’t own this bag, but it is such a popular bag.

Saint Laurent YSL Envelope Bag

Next in line is I’m going to put the Saint Laurent YSL Envelope Bag line. Now there was a mixed bag of descriptions of what you guys liked in the YSL Envelope Bags range, but I’ll start off with the one that’s sort of tri-quilted, so it’s got vertical, quilted and sort of chevron, all mixed in and this YSL Envelope Bag comes in small. It comes in medium and there is even large size. I think the one that most commonly people know from YSL is their classic chevron envelope shape and, as the name suggests, you can see from the front flap that it looks like an envelope. And that comes in the wallet on chain and even the tri-quilted one comes In a wallet on the chain as well, so a huge variety in the envelope range, very, very popular for YSL. Out of all of them, the one that got the most votes was the envelope in the medium size.

Saint Laurent Sac De Jour YSL Bags

Saint Laurent Sac De Jour Bags coming in at number six. This YSL Bag got a lot of votes as well, and I’m not surprised at all by this. This is an iconic Celeron bag and I’m talking about the Saint Laurent Sac De Jour Bags. So this YSL Bag was launched in 2013, it’s been around for ages and this was when Ed Silane was the creative director of YSL. I mean if you look at the silhouette, it’s very classic. It’s got an accordion-style side. So if you like organization, that’s great for that, it’s just a very simple classic tote. It’S structured, which I really like as well, and it comes in various sizes. It comes in I mean the newer size is the nano because of the whole mini bag trend from the last few years.

This Saint Laurent Sac De Jour Bag also comes in the baby, and it comes in the small and obviously, in the men’s range it comes in bigger sizes too. I do like the little details in this bag like there’s a detachable lanyard with a concealed lock. I think that’s always nice. So if you like a structured designer bag, I think this makes a great work bag as well.

Saint Laurent YSL Niki Shoulder Bag

This is a cult classic so coming at number five is another bag, I don’t own, but I have tried before and I actually really like it. It is the Saint Laurent YSL Niki Shoulder Bag, and the YSL Nikki bag definitely has a much more casual vibe. This YSL bag comes in so many different sizes as well. I think there’s like the baby small medium large Nikki. So if you like a slouchier bag, a more relaxed bag, then this bag is great.

So another thing I really like about the YSL Nikki bag is predominantly it comes in this sort of crinkled vintage leather which really suits the whole sort of nature of the bag because it’s supposed to be more casual and slouchy, but it comes in beautiful neutrals. So, besides the crinkled leather, there is braided leather. There is raffia for spring-summer. If you just look at it, there are so many different colors from when I’ve tried it on it just sits, really flush on the body and it’s just very comfortable to wear. There’S a lot of ways that you can wear this YSL bag, so I understand why it made the top five and, in terms of the most popular size out of all the votes, it was the medium Nikki.

Saint Laurent Loulou Puffer Leather Shoulder Bag

Coming in at number four is actually a tie between two styles, so one of them I own and one of them I don’t. Let me show you the one I do own and it is the puffer bag. So this is called the YSL Puffer bag now, originally it was called the Saint Laurent Loulou Puffer Leather Shoulder Bag. Can you just see how squishy and soft it is? This is in lamb, skin? It is just so luxurious. It’S really just like a really big pillow, so the one I have is the medium with the black hardware.

I just think that looks really understated and if you open the bag up, let me just take this out inside, I’m not sure. As you can see it’s all in fabric lining – and there is one zip pocket, so this YSL bag was so popular, it came out in the medium. It also comes out in the small and then the latest offering which I also own, is actually the Mini Puffer Bag. So this one is in denim, I love denim. So again, this puffer YSL Bags range comes in a lot of fabrications because of its popularity it started off with the lambskin as I showed you in the medium, but it comes in denim.

YSL Saint Laurent College Crossbody Bag

Four again, no surprises. I think this is a great YSL Bag to have, and that’s why I own two, so the star that came in equal fourth is the ever-popular YSL Saint Laurent College Crossbody Bag. Now this YSL bag has been around for quite a few years too, and I know a lot of people absolutely love this designer bag – I don’t own it, but it is in the classic chevron design. There is a top handle which I really like about these YSL Bags. And you know it’s not too structured, but it’s not too slouchy either, and I think it fits a lot. It comes in size medium and it comes in the large too. But the medium is a decent size. If I was to get a YSL Saint Laurent College Crossbody Bag, I would probably get the medium. So it comes in the leather and I’ve seen that they’ve started to bring it out in different fabrications as well like suede and even the linen – and this is a good one too. Because it’s got that back pocket, so very easy access for your phone.

Saint Laurent Sunset YSL Bags

So top three now. Number three is actually the Saint Laurent Sunset YSL Bags. If you’re thinking Mel I’ve never seen that before you are right, I haven’t revealed it on my channel. I’ve had it for maybe a month and a bit. I got this particular one from Luisa Varoma as I had some credit to use up, and I just really wanted the sunset, I really like a top handle. I wanted a different color. A lot of my YSL Bags collection is neutral and I love this red. It’S sort of a really nice sort of darker red, but not burgundy, but not too bright, lipstick red either. I also definitely wanted it with the gold hardware to open the bag up.

In Saint Laurent Sunset YSL Bags there is a pocket here and there. It’s all suede-lined as well, which I really love. It’S also got one slip pocket here. Can you see how it goes in like this? So, even though the medium looks like it’s quite big, it doesn’t fit a ton, but definitely all your essentials, this front pocket’s great as well. If you just want to put your phone or a bigger sized phone, I really like that, and it’s just a magnetic closure at the back as well. It does have a back pocket for easy access. 

I guess the main difference between the Sunset YSL Bags and the College YSL Bags is, I would say, the Sunset YSL Bags are a bit more structured. It does have fewer chains than the College YSL Bags as well, but very, very similar and the Sunset again a very popular style comes in the medium. These YSL Bags come in the small, it comes in the wok size, but as voted by you, the medium was the most popular size and I am so glad I got the medium. I think it is a great sized designer Bag, just not too big and not too small.

YSL Saint Laurent Lou Camera Bag

In a second place no surprise again, it is the YSL Saint Laurent Lou Camera Bag. You guys know how much I love this YSL Saint Laurent Lou Camera Bag. It is ingrained leather, though it does come in different fabrications, and this is actually the mini Lou Camera Bag. Can you see it’s sort of similar to Chanel Bag, caviar leather, so very scratch resistant and for those of you that, like the camera shape? This is a great YSL Bag to get. It does have this tassel, which is not adjustable and in terms of the strap there’s you can’t adjust it as well inside this YSL Bag. It is actually all leather lined, which is great because the price point of this bag is really good. I mean YSL Bags have increased their prices lately, but not crazy increase, so this Lou Camera Bag is still a very affordable option. It also comes in the medium size, which is sort of bigger, same sort of camera sort of shape. It’S got the tassel, though I think the tassel is detachable, so there are two options there.

So out of the two options, you guys preferred the Mini Lou Camera Bag. But honestly, you can’t go wrong with a camera style. A camera style will never date. This one does have a little back pocket here and again with the colors it comes in. This is a best seller for YSL when you see them coming in green and blue, and I saw this gorgeous yellow as well on the website. So I love this YSL bag. I recommend it and it’s also at a fabulous price point.  The first one is the YSL Saint Laurent Jamie Bag, and this Jamie bag is again a very classic silhouette. The same sort of uh pivoting closure, like the Solferino – it’s just that this particular one is in jersey, but it does come in other fabrications as well.

I mean this is just a very classic shape chain, so this is quite new to the collection as well. You can tell the quilting is a little bit different. I particularly love it in jersey, but yeah. I do believe it comes in leather as well, and the other one that has an honorable mention is the YSL Cassandra bag. So the Cassandra bag is a top handle bag, though it does come with a shoulder, strap. It does have this sort of same pivoting closure. I really like it. It sort of gives me a few kelly vibes, more structured and again it comes in a couple of different sizes as well and croc-embossed plain. So those two had to give an honorable mention too.

Video Source: Mel in Melbourne Youtube Channel