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Ray Ban Sunglasses for Men

Ray Ban Sunglasses for Men

Explore designer Ray Ban Sunglasses for Men

When you talk about style, wearing a sunglass never goes out of fashion! You may have a wide assortment of sunglasses and we consider Ray Ban Sunglasses as an ultimate and necessary sunshade that complete sunglasses collection for men. Thought style and color is more of a personal preference, but Ray-ban classic and staple frame are often a choice that adds to aesthetic appeal. We’re here to help you not in just buying glasses, but share more of a personal experience of wearing Ray-Ban from the trending Wayfarer to their always shining Aviator.

Ray Ban Sunglasses Wayfarer became popular among celebrities and artists, its thick frame and sleek temple made its impression all over the world. It comes in different colors of frames and glasses, both of the temples are branded with Ray-Ban. Ray-Ban wayfarer were first introduced in 1952, the old tale on wayfarer is popular in eyewear. The rebirth of wayfarer is the piece of creativity and innovation in today’s world that follows a more modern design with style. The iconic design of wayfarer have been changed with smaller frame and a softer eye shape.

Ray Ban Aviator Glasses

When you hear Ray Ban Aviator, you might get the flashback of Tom Cruise from the movie “TopGun”. Aviator was originally introduced in 1936 for pilots taking flights. Aviators replaced the outdated flight goggles, its elegant look, thin frame and lightweight made it popular. The glasses advertised to provide proven protection from UV rays and glare, later it became popular in sports as well. The frame house the glass and provides an elegant look, its rim holds the glass and it’s made of thin temple and a bridge that enhances the look and provide better stability.

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