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Buy Branded Sports Eyewear – Tinted vs Polarized Sunglasses

Buy Branded Sports Eyewear – Tinted vs Polarized Sunglasses

Branded Sports Eyewear, Polarized Sunglasses

Sunglasses are considered as an essential accessory that everybody wears. Apart from what you expect from sunglasses designs, an important application of sunglasses is to offer resistance to bright light and UV rays. Human eyes adapt to different light intensity, however, the time of exposure varies among people. Those who love sports, know the absolute worth of buying branded sunglasses to protect eyesight. Most of us buy sunglasses to fancy appearance on a regular work day or on vacations. For sports enthusiasts, sunglasses are more of performance wear than fashionable or trending eyewear. If performance eyewear is what you’re looking for? You’re at the right place! Allow us to help you with visual facets that our collection constitutes for sports eyewear.

Sports Sunglasses

The inventory at Brands Shoppe consists of wide range of branded sunglasses including the iconic OAKLEY popular in performance eyewear. Although Oakley is widely known brand in performance eyewear, there are popular brands of tinted and polarized sunglasses available. The sunglasses are designed for improved clarity and better visual perception to support performance.  Tinted sunglasses lenses are made with pigment dye, the coating density has significant impact on blocking bright sunlight. Different color offer varying level of clarity in different conditions. Tan or Yellow tint may offer improved clarity while skiing. It blocks specific wavelength of light while grey and black tint may not be suitable for every sport.

Tinted and Polarized Sunglasses

Tinted and polarized sunglasses are often confused with each other and lack clear meaning. Though polarized sunglasses are also tinted, but like tinted sunglasses, they reduce glare. Unlike tinted sunglasses that reduce the intensity of light, polarized sunglasses eliminates glare while provide precision and clarity. Globally, more than 3 million people get affected  per year in eye related disease due to long exposure to sunlight. Therefore, tinted or polarized, both sunglasses are useful for regular wear and performance wear.